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GET Passive Cash Systems “Passive income, in your PayPal, from Day 1”

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[WARRIOR PROOF] “I was making money within half an hour!” Passive income, in your PayPal, from Day 1

Passive Cash System is a WSO product developed by Josh (AKA WiseWarrior1). It is designed for a super simple system to generate passive income. Probably what’s most important about this (and essential) is the ability to “rinse-and-repeat” = HUGE Potential.


Passive Cash System

Passive Cash System


What is Passive Cash System?

Passive Cash System is a unique approach to CPA marketing. (CPA Marketing means the user DOESN’T have to buy any product, it is cost per action meaning when a sign-up or the action is incurred the commission is credited)

This WSO shows you an affiliate program that Josh uses; the unique speciality of this affiliate program – you can get paid for the work other marketers do. This can produce a continual revenue stream.

In this WSO Josh shows you the ropes Step by Step! Showing you the EXACT STeps you can follow to get some good passive cash with this Passive Cash System.

Who is Passive Cash System for?

Passive Cash System will be excellent for those looking to explore CPA marketing and make money online passively.

This course was created with NEWBIES in mind so if you’re completely new to internet marketing, this is something you want to check out. It’s meant to be really simple to follow and a technique that can get you some dollars clock in under half an hour (as one warrior mentioned)

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Amazon Kickstart V2


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Amazon Kickstart V2

Amazon Kickstart V2

Amazon Kickstart V2 is developed by Chris Jones and launched on June 9, 2013. Find a full view of the course as we answer two questions. Who is Amazon Kickstart V2 for and what is it?

Here is a video by Chris Jones of Amazon Kickstart V2. We have set things to display right at the SERP Example (which is likely the most important factor which set this course aside from most others = Quality traffic)

Here’s the video at 16.34:

What is Amazon Kickstart V2?

Amazon Kickstart V2 rides of the huge success of Amazon Kickstart. Chris Jones latest product takes the widely successful Amazon Kickstart WSO and made it even better adding more fresher information with new modules for making successful Amazon sites!


The course teaches you what you need to know to start a profitable Amazon affiliate site (Amazon affiliate sites are excellent source of income because conversion rates are already very high due to the recognized name of Amazon – higher consumer confidence)

Chris teaches you in his course:

–          Picking the right product to use (Very important with amazon affiliate marketing if you want to make your work really pay off)

–          Building your Amazon affiliate website correctly! Systematic and Complete walk through on starting up your Amazon site…more importantly you can use this to easily outsource the work

Some very important information Chris Jones cover in this course teaches you how to easily obtain high quality content and what to do with Google updates. Additionally with making sales, Chris teaches you how to increase your CTR and convert better.

–          Properly optimize your site for traffic. Learn how to effectively set up your amazon site to be seo-friendly and get quality organic traffic. + ready-made seo friendly theme

–          Find more information on how to convert visitors into sales with sales-copy writing. This is useful for more than Amazon but will specially help your Amazon affiliate results.

–          Useful techniques to get you Social media traffic and rocket your SEO efforts.

These are some highlights you will find in amazon Kickstart V2. In essence Amazon Kickstart V2 is a complete course that will teach you step by step how you can make money using affiliate program by amazon. It also teaches you most of the basics about internet marketing.

Who is Amazon Kickstart V2 for?

This course is ideal for affiliate marketers. The course would also be very useful for Amazon pros who want to make even more cash and get more results for their effort. (the section about outsourcing and copywriting gives some HUGE value here)

–          EMD Website: People who once did Exact Match Domain websites will find this very useful and interesting (another way to monetize their EMD Websites)

–          CPA marketers: CPA marketers will find this course of interest if they want to expand their assets.

–          Make money online group: Learn how to effectively make money online

–          Newbies to IM: If you’re new to internet marketing find out how to get started. This course is all inclusive! Amazon kickstarter V2 not only teaches how to make money with Amazon and creates a complete, copyable process but also teaches the basics of SEO and social media which is grassroots of internet marketing

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Amazon Kickstart V2 Pole

Amazon Kickstart V2 Choice

[GET] SEO Ultimate 2013 – SEOtProsperity SEO Guide

[GET] SEO Ultimate 2013


SEO Ultimate 2013 launched May 31, 2013 and was released June 1, 2013. This complete SEO guide is useful for any offline marketers or business owners who want a complete SEO course.

This product is a creation of SEOtProsperity (a wholesale SEO firm specializing with webmasters and offline consultants)

There has been numerous reviews and feedback about SEO Ultimate 2013:

Review of SEO Ultimate 2013

SEO Ultimate 2013 Review 1

[EXPOSED] SEO Ultimate = Get your Content VIRAL on DEMAND


What is SEO Ultimate 2013?

SEO Ultimate 2013 exposes POWERFUL, PROVEN SEO Techniques that have withstood numerous Google algo changes (By God’s grace):

– A to Z SEO Course

– Keyword Research systematically:  get keywords that most software miss. Discover numerous profitable keywords, the hard part is choosing which one to use.

– Onsite Optimization (Basics – Tehnical): Learn the basics of onsite optimization and find the best practices to setting up your meta tags. Content optimization essentials (not what most people think)

– Onsite Optimization (Advance – Experience): Find how a simple secret you can use to drop your bounce rate. Increaser user experience and keep your page ranking in the top 10.

– Offsite Promotions: A complete outline of how to create successful offsite campaigns.

– Offsite SECRETS: Discover how you can siphon traffic with High PR links (onpage PR) from established website that Google likes. 100% Whitehat

– Offsite social Promotion SECRETS: Discover the secret network used to maximize your social promotion. Social is now a big aspect of SEO; this basically takes it into 1,2,3 type approach. Simple. Effective, and POWERFUL

– Application and VIRAL: Who doesn’t want traffic and viral take off. Learn how you can get your slides promoted on Slideshare as shown various times in the guide. Get your slides on the front page of under their “hot” section


Who is SEO Ultimate 2013 For?

– SEO Ultimate 2013 is for anyone who wants consistent search engine traffic.

– SEO Ultimate 2013 is ideal for anyone who hates Google slaps

– SEO Ultimate 2013 is PRIMED for Offline marketers: appear as an expert to your clients.

– SEO Ultimate 2013 will HELP webmasters make their site rank better and rake in more PROFITS

– SEO Ultimate 2013 is Useful for any affiliate marketers who uses youtube or organic search traffic.

SEO Ultimate 2013 More Reviews

More reviews of SEO Ultimate 2013

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[GET] Mobile Breaker – PROVEN Mobile Lead Flow System

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[Mobile Breaker $3 This Week Only] Join The Mobile Revolution With A Proven Mobile Lead Flow System

Mobile Breaker is Jack Scanlan’s MUST-GET bundle for any mobile marketer:

– Learn how He landed a $797 client within 1 hour of work

– Finally work SMARTER not HARDER (we’ve heard that before but it’s harder to practice, get the secrets now)

– UNVEIL how to easily get your 1st check

– IMPORTANT = Mobile toolkit with optimized presentations, infographic and newsletter for mobile

Mobile Breaker

Mobile Breaker Jack Scanlan


What is Mobile Breaker?

Mobile breaker is a new training bundle that teaches you how to get on your feet and excel with the profitable mobile marketing field.

You will find a complete bundle with instructional training materials and presentation materials

Who is Mobile Breaker for?

– Anyone in the offline marketing field looking to go mobile or upsell clients

– Anyone who is interested in monetizing on the growing mobile movement

– Internet marketers wanting to learn more about mobile marketing


[GET] Mobile Breaker – PROVEN Mobile Lead Flow System

Get CPA Zenith + CPA Zenith Summary

Click here to GET CPA Zenith – Build Your List & Profit From CPA, This UNHEARD OF Free Traffic Source!

CPA Zenith launched June 2, 2013 and details how Stefan Van Ray profits with CPA email campaigns. It’s a step-by-step tried and tested guide on making money with CPA

Reviews of CPA Zenith

CPA Zenith Reviews



What is CPA Zenith?

CPA Zenith Main

CPA Zenith is a new product by Stefan Van Ray. Stefan Van Ray was a professional actor turned internet marketer. He started CPA Marketing as a complete newbie while maintaining his acting career.

It consist of one 73 page in-depth guide that walks you through setting up a successful CPA List building campaign through Free traffic sources. This is also combined with a 5 set video series.

Description of the CPA Book

Book and Description

CPA Zenith In-Depth Guide: We’re summarizing the guide into three broad sections of what you can expect to learn with CPA Zenith

–          Basics: covering what is CPA, affiliate managers and CPA networks <- important, domain set up and hosting

This is a very important step for beginners or anyone looking to get something step-by-step.

–          Intermediate/Progress:  Choosing the right offers and cloaking your links, setting up squeeze pages, email campaign set up

This is very useful for anyone and teaches/shows you in a very approachable manner to set up all the foundation work without getting overwhelmed with things.

–          Expert/ Advance: Maximizing profit for now and later, driving free traffic, and useful tools to use.

CPA Zenith also then teaches some very useful, meaty content about DRIVING TRAFFIC (which can be useful for numerous objectives), it also emphasizes on how to make profit for today and tomorrow! Follow off with a list of tools that you can use to make your work easier!


If you’re looking for something you can walk through step-by-step, a course that is proven, then go Get CPA Zenith here.

It is also ideal for those who might not have much time to spare; it can be applied on a part-time basis as well.


CPA Zenith Video Modules: What is in CPA Zenith video Modules?

CPA Zenith Video modules provide a more visual follow through on what is being taught in the course. This is a very smart move by Stefan Van Ray as he walks you through some more technical aspects so you can follow along-side. What is really cool is watching his Free Traffic campaign live on video!


Who is CPA Zenith for?

CPA Zenith is ideal for those looking for financial freedom. Stefan shows you how he is making a Full-Time income with CPA Zenith; so much so that he quit his job to have more flexibility and freedom with how he uses his time.

Due to the extensiveness and basics of this course, CPA Zenith is useful for internet marketer beginners and those completely new to IM, looking to make money with CPA.

–          Affiliate Marketers: Get more ideas on how to expand what you’re doing and learn proven methods to making even more conversions and profits

–          List-Builders: Get paid to build your list! Stefan also covers list-building and how you can build a list while making money with CPA

–          Internet Marketers: Find creative way you can apply product promotion and build a list to increase your efforts

–          Make Money Online: If you’re looking to make money online, CPA Zenith can help you get a head start. Focus on one thing and follow through with it. This course is something that has been proven and used by Stefan. It fits any beginner looking to make money online with CPA.

–          Side-Revenue Seekers: If you’re looking for something that you can do part time and isn’t overly intensive CPA Zenith might be the course you’re looking for. Stefan himself learnt and did this completely from scratch while he was maintaining his acting career.

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GET Fiverr End Zone Download + Summary

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Fiverr End Zone just launched June 7, 2013 by Fergal Downes (AKA footbag_man).

Fiverr End Zone teaches you how to make money with fiverr. It is something very unique where it doesn’t focus on outsourcing your work to fiverr neither does it emphasize on making profit through intensive gigs. Instead it claims to use a completely unique “backend strategy”  to make more substantial (even potentially full-time income) with fiverr legally.

Here is their Sales Page

This is a quick FAQ about Fergal Downes new product:

Fiverr End Zone Frequently asked questions

Fiverr End Zone FAQ

What is Fiverr End Zone?

Fiverr End Zone plans on teaching you how to make money with Fiverr by making use of a “secret” backend strategy.

Many would wonder how you could make a full-time income with Fiverr especially at $5/gig.

Fergal has mentioned having gone through the process and listing it step by step for the reader to duplicate his successful backend strategy. It isn’t outsourcing sales on oDesk.

Fiverr End Zone teaches also how to draw traffic to your Gig so you can accelerate your success but rest assure that it does not simply leave you with labour intensive, repetitive work from your gigs alone.


Who is Fiverr End Zone for?

Fiverr End Zone teaches people and marketers how they can make some substantial returns using fiverr (going beyond selling a Gig)

This guide is good for individuals new to internet marketing and looking for something to follow step by step. It can also teach an experienced marketer a thing of two which they had not thought of previously. It would also be useful for individuals looking to increase revenue stream online.

This guide is ideal if you’re specifically looking to make money with fiverr or if you’re already using Fiverr as a source of hobby-income (and want to make even more). As it also teaches you how to get more gig traffic, it would be ideal for those looking just to get more publicity to their gigs.  Although this will be useful for anyone looking to get some cash-flow online. 

You can Get Fiverr End Zone here


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GET 7 Week Slim Down PLR Mega Pack Download & Summary

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– Available for immediate delivery 24/7, 7 days a week.

The 7 Week Slim Down PLR (Mega Pack) seriously punches and incredible value with numerous opportunities with their extensive product resources.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some things you’ll find in the 7 Week Slim Down PLR:

Module Summary

7 Week Slim Down PLR Module Summary

For a limited time you can get this 7 Week Slim PLR package with a special bonus PLR package through the link here.

What is the 7 Week Slim?
7 Week Slim allows you to monetize on the growing weight loss niche. The weight loss niche is especially hot during the spring to summer seasons with a HUGE demand and hungry buyers it makes this niche a HOT niche both for marketers and affiliates.

With a complete product you can get in on the game easily. Here is a comprehensive and editable eBook on weight loss and losing weight

What is the PLR Mega Pack?
It is a weight loss PLR that can help you get in on the weight loss game. With a PLR package you have “Private Label Rights” meaning you basically act as the product owner WITHOUT having to create your own product.

– You can choose to resell the master resell rights
– You can choose to sell the product as your own
– You can edit it as you wish

It’s a complete package to help you really monetize this inclusive with a sales and promotional banners so it’s basically an all-in-one package to get you READY to make some dough. You can then choose to sell this resell rights in the hot niche so others can do the selling for you.

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