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OptimizePress 2.0 Review

This is something slightly different. Within this OptimizePress 2.0 Review, instead of going through the who, what, why we typically do we will provide a video review along with some key outline of what is OptimizePress 2.0.

Optimize Press 2.0 Video Review:

OptimizePress 2 is a brand new sales page generator developed by James Dyson, the creator of the original OptimizePress 1.X. The new version of OptimizePress is not just an upgrade; it is a completely redesigned WordPress plugin with a host of new features. OptimizePress 1.X is a popular sales page generator that allows entrepreneurs to create high quality sales letters, sales funnel templates, landing pages, membership portals, squeeze pages and more with minimal graphic design abilities. It has been a very popular plugin among online entrepreneurs due to its ease of use and wide range of features. The long awaited version 2 is an entirely new solution that offers many new capabilities that the first version does not have.

OptimizePress 2 is expected to be even more popular than the first version due to its groundbreaking features and versatility. The new OptimizePress 2 which launches in late July 2013 includes a point and click interface that allows webmasters to create sales letters easily without having to deal with any shortcode. The new OptimizePress will include a variety of new options to customize your sales funnel templates to look as if a professional graphics designer developed your sales pages. It will also come with an all-new download protector for digital products.

OptimizePress 2 comes with an all new “Live Editor” which allows for many layout customizations:

  • The number of columns (between 1 and 6) can be selected
  • Typography (fonts) can be easily changed with a large number of fonts available
  •  Elements (feature boxes, buttons, video and audio players, opt-in boxes and much more) can be easily added to a page
  • Rows can be easily adjusted and customized with background images and colors
  • And many more features are available with the “Live Editor”

OptimizePress 2 will be at a higher price than the first version, and once OptimizePress 2 has been launched OptimizePress 1.X will be taken off the market. OptimizePress 2 will cost more than the first version due to the fact that it is an entirely new product. In spite of the differences between the versions, those who own OptimizePress 1.X are still eligible for an upgrade to 2 at a reduced price.

There will be multiple pricing options available for OptimizePress 2 including single and multi-site licenses as well as a Club membership which will offer exclusive templates and designs to its members. OptimizePress 2 will be available both as a plugin and theme. For many, the increased price for version 2 is well worth it considering the exciting new options available and ability to create a diverse range of sales funnel templates and sales pages.

[GET] YOUTUBE BULLY 2 – wso of the Day

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[WSO of the Day!] Paul is Making $5,000 Per Month Passive Income w/ These Methods!

Mark Dickenson released Youtube Bully 2 on July 2, 2013 and it’s already making some HUGE waves. Youtube Bully two is the supposed bigger and better version of Youtube Bully which has already been making newbies $5000/Month in passive income. It’s also worth mentioning two days after its launch, Mark snagged a WSO of the Day award with Youtube Bully 2. Youtube Bully is surely what you want to read if you’re looking to make money with youtube.

Now here’s your chance to JUMP on Youtube Bully and jump in on the game for passive youtube profits.:

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Youtube Bully Results


What is Youtube Bully?

It’s a complete internet marketing course teaching you how you can really make money with youtube. There’s no gimmicks here and there’s no theory. These are actual techniques Mark has learnt and applied. He shows you how you can follow what he does and make some good passive revenue ranking youtube videos.

It’ combines proven, known youtube applications with some unique twist to create a very powerful Youtube mone making system.

What’s more encouraging about Youtube Bully 2 is the successful results others have been reporting with the original Youtube Bully. There have been marketers reporting monthly passive income and quick profits:

Youtube Bully 2 Results

Results others are getting from Youtube Bully

Youtube is an excellent source of income because of its stability so far. It is also very search engine friendly. Mark shows you how you can make use of these two factors to rack in some profits for yourself in Youtube Bully 2.


Who is Youtube bully for?

Because Youtube Bully 2 is so much more than a typical make money course it would fit a large array of individuals, marketers and business owners.

Specifically it’ll be very useful for anyone looking to make money with youtube. It’s a good start for individuals looking to start internet marketing and make money online as Youtube Bully is simple to implement and apply successfully (youtube in general).

It would also work very well for anyone looking to drive more profitable traffic to your ecommerce website, their business page, or their facebook fan page. Good traffic J

For this reason here’s a quick list of 5 groups who might find Youtube bully 2 to be most effective for them:

–          New Internet Marketers: I can honestly say this is one of the best course you can take starting up as it is a lot more straight forward to make money with youtube than with most other sources. Mark also makes what he teaches easy for you to implement and follow along.

–          Affiliate Marketers: Increase your traffic stream and your revenue source. You can quickly make more conversions and more affiliate sales using Youtube to drive primed traffic to your affiliate offers.

–          Webmasters & Business owners: Learn how you can drive more traffic to your site in Youtube Bully. Implement what Mark teaches to get more quality traffic to your website community or quality business leads.

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Youtube Bully Picture

Youtube Bully Picture

[GET] EzFlyerGenerator – [Offline] Customizable High-Impact Mobile Marketing Flyers (No Photoshop reqd

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EzFlyerGenerator – [Offline] Customizable High-Impact Mobile Marketing Flyers (No Photoshop reqd)

EzFlyerGenerator is an ideal product for businesses and offline consultants. It allows you to quickly, and easily generate professional, looking, customized flyers (for whatever occasion) within four easy steps.



What is EZ Flyer Generator?

EZ Flyer Generator is Irene’s new product catered for offline businesses and offline consultants. EZ Flyer generator is a flyer generator that requires no photoshop skills or image editing technicalities. Instead it’s a simple process of clicking and replacing text as you need.

Customize EZ Flyer Generator

Customize EZ Flyer Generator

It allows users to customize unique flyers to suit their business needs. It’ll come in especially useful if you need a real estate flyer generator.


Who is EZ Flyer Generator for?

Offline Consultants – EZFlyerGenerator can help you prospect for new business or help your clients with their promotional efforts. Drive more business into your coffers or in their doors with well-pleasing flyers designed by yourself! (And don’t need to learn any complicated technical stuff)

SEO Consultants – EZ flyer Generator can be an EZ way to get you more business by using flyers to prospect more businesses.

Offline Businesses – You can save money by being able to easily design flyers for your business events! Perhaps you would like to promote your service/product with flyers?  With this flyer generator you can easily spin out designed flyers in under a minute. literally within four steps!

This will be very useful for real estate businesses looking for real estate flyer generator!

EZ Flyer Generator Sample

EZ Flyer Generator Sample


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EZFlyerGenerator allows anyone to design professional looking flyers in under a minute with simple four steps

[GET] BeyondTheme + WordPress Lead Generation Theme Review

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[NEW LEAD GEN WORDPRESS THEME] BeyondTheme – Quickly Create STUNNING Biz, Rental & Lead Gen Sit

BeyondTheme is a responsive, lead generation wordpress theme developed by Sean Lowery that is built for both speed (simplicity) and quality (options + good design). While it is first and foremost a wordpress lead generation theme, this professional wordpress theme functions more than a lead generation tool; BeyondTheme can easily be customized to a full-scale business theme to fit close to any niche. This aesthecially pleasing theme features excellent layout and web 2.0 style that will impress any internet browser or offline client. Keep reading if you’re looking for successful, proven lead generation ideas.

Beyond Theme

BeyondTheme by Sean Lowery

What is BeyondTheme?

BeyondTheme is a very special lead generation tool. It’s a theme that is extensively customizable with a simple click by click to create a fresh template. This lead generation theme is so unique as it’s suited to fit just about any niche you might have.

Before we get into the customization options it is also important to highlight it’s compatibility features to get you desired response from your viewers (they can’t opt in or sign up if your form isn’t well presented)

– Mobile Compatibility: BeyondTheme is fully mobile compatible to fit most current popular modules of mobile phones. This is important for any wordpress theme especially for a wordpress lead generation theme to ensure your users are able to easily access the lead-gen form. (More users are coming from Mobile phones these days. You can even incorporate the use of QR codes for some creative lead generation ideas)

– Responsive Design: Something very unique about Beyond Theme is their responsive template feature which means your website is displayed in a user friendly nature despite of a wide or small screen. The site will resize and restructure to fit the screen automatically whether this means a small window on a laptop or a tablet.

compatibility BeyondTheme

BeyondTheme is Compatiable with most mobile phones and as a responsive theme also fit most tablets

Now BeyondTheme is also developed for some serious customization options. Here are some key features that will keep your template looking fresh.

Color options: It currently provides 5 pre-set color options to choose from with UNLIMITED COLORING OPTIONS to come. In regards to layout customization you can click add or remove features on your front page.

color BeyondThemes

Current coloring options available for BeyondThemes


Flexible site layout: There are an 5 pre-set options with simple drag-and-drop selection for your site layout. A very effective lead generation idea was to boldly implement the lead gen form on each page of BeyondTheme’s wordpress lead gen theme.

Option1&2 BeyondTheme

Option 1 & 2 for BeyondTheme

Option3&4 BeyondTheme

Option 3 & 4 for BeyondTheme

Option5 BeyondTheme

Option 5 of BeyondTheme

MORE Customizations: This theme can be customized just in any way you can imagine. There is also a simple social implementation which is necessary to maximize your promotional efforts. It also has 7 widgetised areas which allow further customization of where and how you want to set Widgets (ex. google maps, Social buttons, Forms). Beyond that it also allow easy logo implementation with a very professional jquery slider option. Here’s a full list of BeyondTheme features:

Beyond Theme Features

Full features list of BeyondTheme


Beyond Theme Features

Feature list for Beyond Theme template

Who is BeyondTheme for?

BeyondTheme is build primarily to cater towards offline consultants, web designers, web developers, and internet entrepreneurs investing in lead generation or rental site businesses:

Offline Consultants: Impress your clients with professional template that converts. Easily customizable to suit their business needs.

Web Designers: For web designers selling templates to offline clients BeyondTheme makes the job much easier. It removes the need to spend time and money customizing old generic themes with BeyondTheme. No need to build themes on a site by site basis any longer with it’s flexible customization options. (Whether your website is heavily video based, image reliant or content packed, BeyondTheme can easily be customized to display your content)

Rental Site: Lost on lead generation ideas? No need! Beyond Theme professionally designed for lead generation draws in leads with well placed sign-up, lead generation, or opt in box that is EASY to use!

BeyondTheme Applications

BeyondTheme popular applications

Small Businesses: While this theme was build mainly for offline consultants and internet marketers (hence the developer’s rights) it is also very well suited for small business owners who want a useful and flexible wordpress lead generation theme they can set up on their own.


IMInfoHub’s Opinions on Beyond Theme & Sean Lowery.

This is not a section I usually add but we have to comment on Sean Lowery and BeyondTheme. This is not the first time we’ve seen Sean’s work. We’ve also used his past theme for other projects we’ve had and this guy over delivers with his design. Sean Lowery has also develop numerous bundles of lead generation themes and is a man filled with lead generation ideas pertaining to design placement that works!

Sean has a reputation for professional wordpress themes that delivers preferred results. His themes are very stylish and very well planned for the user. Sean Lowery is the Go-To guy for classy WordPress themes. It’s seriously worth grabbing a download link of BeyondTheme.

Click Here to Download BeyondTheme now