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How to Find a niche – A simple checklist to find a niche, that’s Profitable!

How to find a profitable niche Checklist and Roadmap <- Click it out

There are two essential struggles most internet marketers and newbie IMers will face:

1) Finding a profitable niche: How to find a profitable niche is a skill though there are some easy check-list you can follow to skip the learning curve.
2) Shiny Object Syndrome (inability to choose a niche):
The struggle most internet marketing and budding entrepreneurs face today isn’t so much the lack of creativity yet the lack of focus. Too many people fail because they are trying to be the jack of all trades.

In today’s blog post we’ll be sharing how to find a niche:
It may seem basic yet it’s a completely essential with most internet marketing objectives. Most of this blog post is coming from a recent guide by Reed Floren: How to Choose & Research a Profitable Niche Market

Typically finding a niche can be a complicated task though there’s an effective yet simple approach you can use to identify a niche.

First you should clarify What is a niche?
A niche is a segmented portion of a larger market; it is important to find a niche because it allows you to reach that specific segment of individuals easier. Finding a niche helps you:
– Identify your target marketing
– Identify WITH your target market
Be Identified in your Target Market

Great, so you know what’s a niche and you realize choosing a niche keeps you from “Shiny Object Syndrome” though you want to know how to find a profitable niche? Keep reading!

Key-points about how to find a profitable niche
Four simple key-points to help you with how to find a niche:

1) Identify one of four major markets: You want to find a niche within a niche and these markets supply a good platform.

– Health & Fitness
– Business Opportunity (Finance, Forex, Stocks, Make money, Business Ops)
– Dating and Relationships
– Hobby Niches (golfing, dogs, fishing)

Picking one of these four major markets help you find niches within these opportune markets.

2) Find a niche within a niche: Reed suggests finding a sub-niche which will help you better reach your target market and sell your products easier. The bigger the niche the longer it will take to “be a expert” in it.

Here’s an example given in this guide:
– Target Market: Hobby Niches – Dogs
– Niche: How to train Dogs?
– Find a niche within a niche: How to train golden retriever?

3) Market Validation & Competition: One key element if you’re learning how to find a niche is to ensure it has sufficient audience and monetization opportunities. This is where it gets interesting; here are some cool ideas on with market validation if you want to know how to find a profitable niche:

– Competition is good! Do not shy away from competition; if others are investing their time into developing products for a specific niche, it often means there’s a market for that. Don’t shy away from competition; many niches will have other competitors though you can use it to your advantage.
– Use Web 2.0 sites and community driven question answers sites to find product ideas for your niche. Reed went into detail about 27 sites you can use to validate your niche and get running immediately although it’ll be too lengthy to list all the tutorials here (and it comes with videos)
– Maximize your personal experience to figure out what the market wants. Reed shares how you can use what you buy yourself to find out what your market will buy.

Using Reed Floren’s How to Choose & Research a Profitable Niche Market

A lot of the information posted above were snip-bits of the guide we got from Reed Floren. It’s a MUST read if you’re looking to get into niche marketing and looking to learn how to find a profitable niche. We have gone through the worksheet he provided and the simple powerpoint slides.

We’d highly recommend checking out Reed Floren’s road map and checklist on how to find a niche here as well. There’s 27 videos you can follow along to see how you can find a profitable niche… and “be the expert”.

We are very confident that this is something which will help our readers.

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