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Traffic Elixir Bonus + Traffic Elixir Review (INSIDER)

Traffic Elixir is [ON SALE]!

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In today’s blog post, we’re going to look briefly at Traffic Elixir for an INSIDER review. We’ll soon be posting a detailed demo video so you can see exactly how it works and how simple Traffic Elixir is to use.

This isn’t our typical post, we’re going to feature our Traffic Elixir Bonus so you can stack the value you received from this traffic automation software. It’s the latest of Precious Ngwu, an internet marketer who has been successfully doing affiliate marketing and specializes with traffic generation software development.

First, we’ll briefly look at What is Traffic Elixir in our review:

Traffic Elixir is a new software developed by Precious. He claims that it’s the BEST automated traffic software he’s made so far. (He already has successful traffic softwares previously such as FB Infiltrator, Youtube Inflitrator, and Traffic Mice = This guy knows what he’s talking about when making software for traffic generation. Each of these plugins/software and likely Traffic Elixir as well helped a lot of marketers get automated, real traffic to their websites)

What’s different about Traffic Elixir is Precious specifically designed it so to avoid the concern of algorithm slaps, waiting time from Facebook ads or Youtube account bans. What Traffic Elixir uses is social community like Google +. You have to see how it works in our demo bellow


An INSIDER look at Traffic Elixir:

How’s it like going  behind the scenes? Well, take a look! We’re going to show you Traffic Elixir in our demo video bellow and what we hope it’ll help you is to know how it works.

[Traffic Elixir Demo Video to come]

As you will see, Traffic Elixir is an automated traffic generation software that is very quick to set up and easy to manage without much further work on your part.


Now, Our Traffic Elixir Bonus:

We mentioned earlier in our blog post that this isn’t the typical product post on IMInfoHub. We’ve taken a simplified approach to this because I think you can clearly find out what Traffic Elixir is from their website here already.

No, rather, we want to help provide more value for you by giving you an stacked Traffic Elixir Bonus specifically for you on IMInfoHub!

  1. SEO Ultimate 2014 ($27 Value): Want more traffic? Perhaps you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website or your sales/lead page? We can help with search engine optimization. We’re providing you a copy of SEO Ultimate 2014 as part of our Traffic Elixir bonus package.

Learn the onsite and offsite aspect of search engine optimization to boost your traffic. Included are some ideas to genuinely promote your website online and even do so virally! An updated, and informative guide on SEO.

  1. Social Explosion ($17 Value): This is a short report without any fluff to show you how to use web 2.0 properties like SlideShare to get massive viral attention. We’re talking about 3000 views to your content slides in under 24 hours. You’ll get this delivered to you as part of the Traffic Elixir bonus as well.
  1. 3 PREMIUM WordPress Plugin ($99 Value): This combination of WordPress plugin is intended to help you with your website. Whether you’re a webmaster or a product owner, this Traffic Elixir bonus will help make things easier or more efficient!

(1) – Affiliate Link Cloaker: This Traffic Elixir Bonus is intended to help you increase your click through rate and hence your commissions by hiding affiliate links to make neat, user friendly URLs.

(2) – Clickbank Membership WordPress Plugin: This WordPress plugin provided as part of your bonus for Traffic Elixir allows you to create membership sites easily to start earning passive revenue.

(3) – WordPress flash marketing pages: Our final Traffic Elixir bonus plugin will allow you to use the traffic you get with Traffic Elixir by sending them to captivating flash pages that will help convert browsers to buyers. You can use this to easily create fast flash sales pages, squeeze pages or informational pages.

We hope you enjoy our Traffic Elixir Bonuses. To claim these bonuses simply secure your copy of Traffic Elixir here during their launch discount and send us an email to to claim these extras!

As a closing note, please note that Traffic Elixir is currently on discount as well because of their initial launch special so don’t miss this opportunity to get floods of organic traffic without waiting for ads approval, without search engine slaps, and without Facebook account bans. Traffic Elixir is Precious’s BEST traffic software to date…and he isn’t new to traffic generation.

EasyBayPro – Why you should use EasyBayPro with Ebay Affiliate Program

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EasyBayPro is on [SALE!]

 Alright, so we’re going to take a quick look in this blog post at EasyBayPro and Ebay Affiliate Program. First of all, we have to answer the question:

What is EasyBayPro?

Many of you likely haven’t heard of EasyBayPro and I can’t blame you because it’s a NEWLY released software by WordPress plug-in expert, Chris Gurthie who has been known for his other monetization plug-ins such as EasyAzon.

Chris has been making money using the Ebay Affiliate Program since 2010 and he decided to finally create a plug-in that can help other webmasters and internet marketers easily use Ebay Affiliate Program to increase their website revenue in combination with EasyBayPro.

What this does essentially is allow you to monetize your website by promoting products/auctions on eBay and easily list products by category, keyword, or verticals. It’s intended to be an easy to use monetization plug-in to make things easier like his other Amazon monetization plug-in EasyAzon.

Who is EasyBayPro for?

EasyBayPro is intended largely for current Amazon affiliates who want to find a new way to monetize their site. This is a great plug-in because it helps you quickly add a new revenue stream to your website.

My suspicions are that EasyBayPro will help webmasters make more money because it provides more options for your buyers to get a product promoted. As buyers online tend to shop around, the more affiliate program you can click them through the more likely you are to get credited for the sale. Think of it as having a convenience store or a superstore; if a website reader lands on your store and is only offered Amazon it’s like a convenience store, if you offer both Amazon and Ebay it’s like a superstore where they are more likely to get something from you!

EasyBayPro will also work well for people looking to make money online; an idea would be settting up a niche website monetized with the plug-in. The benefit to this is being able to have the monetization resolved for you so you can more simply set up the website. As it implies, this would also help current webmasters who want a monetization solution or another form of monetization.

Why you should use EasyBayPro with Ebay Affiliate Program:

EasyBayPro is designed to help you more effectively use the Ebay Affiliate program. It helps you to be able to share Ebay products on your website simply using the plug-in and sorting by keywords or a variety of other options.

Why spend time integrating eBay monetization from the eBay affiliate program to each page of your site when you can use the plug-in to help you more simply do so. Saving the time makes it more worth while to utilize the eBay affiliate program above your Amazon monetization website.

Hence EasyBayPro arguably can be instrumental to anyone considering the EBay Affiliate Program. If you don’t integrate eBay to your product niche site you may be losing out on commission though if you handle it manually, you may waste time which = opportunity cost. Hence this plug-in seems to be one that pays itself off!

EasyBay Pro Bonus!

Thank you for reading all the way to the end. As a small thank you, we’re offering you a special EasyBay Pro bonus with your purchase through our link. This makes it all the more valuable.

1)      SEO Ultimate 2014 ($17 Value): Learn the ins and outs of search engine optimization. Search engine traffic is excellent source of traffic for high-converting, quality traffic. It is also very passive for the most part when done right. With your EasyBayPro purchase we’ll be offering you SEO Ultimate 2014 as your bonus which will guide you with some creative offsite promotion and basic onsite optimization

2)      Social Promotion ($20 Value): Social Promotions are an effective and SAFE form of link building which will work well for new sites and old sites. We will help you share your link 10 times on 10 of the top social bookmarking platforms. This is very effective to “prime” your site for more SEO work or get a good boost from it in itself as a EasyBayPro bonus!

Don’t wait on getting EasyBayPro if you think it could help you because the price rises each day. After the launch special which lasts for 7 days, Chris and his team will be raising it by almost 30%. Chris Gurthie plug-ins are typically well maintain and come with further updates so unlike most internet marketing products, you can expect EasyBayPro to really deliver long-term value.

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Or read more detailed EasyBayPro review.

Marketing Mayhem Live 2014 – MML BONUS & Highlights

Marketing Mayhem LIVE VIP Tickets

What is Marketing Mayhem?

Marketing Mayhem is JVZoo’s signature event of the year; it’s acclaimed by several as the “#1 Internet Marketing Event” of the year (or 2014 for that matter!)

The team at MML 2014 have found the secret to hitting an internet marketing conference out of the ball park. Marketing Mayhem live is more than a conference where you sit and hear from some of the movers and shakers in internet marketing; it’s also an opportunity (or rather it a large emphasized) around the networking scenarios.

Marketing Mayhem Live 2014 allows you to rub shoulders with experts in internet marketing to build relationships and network that will excel your business. Hence not only do you learn information that can accelerate your internet marketing business but as most attendees share, “JV deals done there could change your life!”

If this isn’t enough incentive for you to hop on to the Marketing Mayhem 2014 site now and SECURE your tickets then we suggest you check our stellar Marketing Mayhem Live Bonus which basically pays your ticket value over.

In reality, Marketing Mayhem 2014 is MORE than an internet marketing conference, it’s a networking pad where you have the chance to build million-dollar partnerships. (figuratively and quite possibly literally)

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Why Attend Marketing Mayhem Live 2014?

I think the real emphasis on Marketing Mayhem Live is the JV and Network opportunities that can be build both as an affiliate and as a product owner. If you’re in internet marketing, you don’t get many opportunities to meet with many top performers in internet marketing like this.

1)      It’s in SUNNY Orlando, Florida! – You can double the Marketing Mayhem Live experience as a Vacation

2)      Masterminding and Networking opportunities with leaders & experts

3)      Specially designed workshops to help your online business

4)      Hear from top key-note speakers

5)      Build relationships and meet 100s of other internet marketers

Adding to this there will be a Marketers Hall of FAME event where they will be inducting five marketers as well as a Marketing Mayhem party with free food, free drinks, and Vanilla Ice. What a great combination.


Who you can meet @ MML 2014:

Here are some of the keynote speakers invited to Marketing Mayhem 2014:

–         Bryan Zimmerman: Direct response marketer

–          Mike Filsaime: I venture to say few internet marketers would be unaware of who Mr.Filsaime is especially with his introduction of butterfly marketing. There’s even a wikipedia page about this.

–          Todd Grosse: Infamous Warrior Forum member who has released some of the most successful products on internet marketing and had a hand with introducing VideoMaker FX.

These are only three of the 9+ keynote speakers out of the 100s of attendees at Marketing Mayhem Live 2014 event!

What others are saying about Marketing Mayhem:

Personally I think it’s best to hear from those who have attended Marketing Mayhem Live to give their opinion. Here are some comments on the Warrior Forum thread:

“This is the best networking event of the year. Do you want to build a relationship with some big boys in online marketing. They will all be there and they will all be accessible to you.”

– Brad Spencer

“The JV Zoo crew always knows how to put on a good show with good speakers, great parties, and the people are awesome. Definitely a “must attend” Gonna be a blast!”

– Rich Will

One thing that really makes MML 2014 different from most conference is the tightly knitted community approach on a large scale. The organizers of Marketing Mayhem Live have understood the value of building relationships and networking more than any speaker can deliver (and they do deliver some HUGE value, probably more than what you may find in most IM eBooks).

Finally, if you still need more reasons to attend Marketing Mayhem 2014, we hope our Marketing Mayhem live Bonus will tip the scales for you because it really is going to be a great experience for many.


Marketing Mayhem Live BONUS:

I truly think Marketing Mayhem is an experience every internet marketer should experience. Simply take a look at what other people are saying:

We want to compel you as much as possible to attend Marketing Mayhem 2014 in Florida which is why IMInfoHub will be offering some Marketing Mayhem 2014 Bonuses which will likely be the BEST you’ll find!

marketing mayhem live bonus

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Here’s a quick reason why we have the BEST Marketing Mayhem Live Bonus:

Get REAL, SOLID Value that will help your business and help your pocket books. We’re offering MORE than eBooks, Video courses, or Webinars. With our MML 2014 Bonus you’re getting services that literally send you sales and revenue – we do the work, you get RESULTs.

With our Marketing Mayhem Live Bonus you’re getting a DONE-FOR-YOU Solution that you may easily by double or triple your ticket price – it sets the ground work so you can build more easily on it. Our work reflect further than sales, we get you more web presence and recognition.


Marketing Mayhem Live Bonus Limitations:

As you can imagine, this is VERY intensive work which includes many hours from the conceptualization to the execution. For this very reason we can only offer this bonus to the FIRST 10 Customers who purchase Marketing Mayhem Live from our affiliate link.  (If you’re seeing this bonus offer then it’s still available)

Finally, we reserve the right to refuse any controversial products/topics for the MML 2014 Bonus offer. You will have the opportunity to re-submit another product for promotion. We’re very strict with refusing any adult or socially unacceptable products/topics.

Instant Offline Presence in Review – More than an Online Flyer Maker!

Watch Instant Offline Presence in action video here.

Instant Offline Presence is [ON SALE]

Instant Offline Presence by Martin Crumlish and YBA Properties is launching today. What do you need to know before getting IOP? Is it really what it’s been made out to be? Does it work or is it compatible? Who will benefit from using Instant Offline Presence. These are all some of the question we hope to address in today’s Instant Offline Presence review. Keep reading to the bottom for our Instant Offline Presence bonus if you think IOP will be beneficial for you (not every product will help the same group of internet marketers, business owners, or companies as you know).

First of all, I recommend you check out the Instant Offline Presence Demo video here.


What Instant Offline Presence can Make

What is Instant Offline Presence?

So, what does Instant Offline Presence do? Real quick, the objective of the tool is to help business owners and internet marketers create professional, presentable, and attractive online AND offline graphics without any graphical or technical skills.

How does Instant Offline Presence do this?

Well, it works as an online interface with easily editable customizable options. You start with choosing a template you want as you would online flyer maker. You can choose from Rack Cards (loyalty stamps), Flyers, Posters, Business cards and a whole host of other options…remember Instant Offline Presence is intended to be more than an offline graphic generator or an online flyer design tool; you can use IOP for creating social media graphics (which anyone will know – social media responds better to graphics than text.)


Instant Offline Presence in Action

If you’ve seen our Video Maker FX blog post, you will understand on Instant Offline Presence work! This is a proven system and allows you to create all the customized, promotional graphics you want. The best part? You pay no per usage fees and it’s all designed so anyone can use it without any expensive photoshop software or graphical knowledge.


Who is Behind Instant Offline Presence?

When you’re looking at any internet marketing service or product, who or what name involved is really crucial; this is equally important when considering an Instant Offline Presence review.

There are many “internet marketing guru” that make their money selling one product after another that’s actually ripped off someone else’s idea and then badly re-produced. Typically meaning it was worse than its original and won’t be supported a year down the road. Is this what you can expect with Instant Offline Presence?

Thankfully we’re glad to report NO. Instant Offline Presence follows the Instance Presence brand which is a brand being developed by YMB Properties and partnering with Martin Crumlish for this launch.

The Instant Presence brand is one that has gained a good fan base with it’s high quality software as a service which have helped  many customers increase their value. What’s more important is being familiar with some of YMB Properties terms while looking at Instant Offline Presence, it can be perceived that YMB cares significantly about customers and wishes to push real value for their clients. (they will not recommend or promote any scheming products or low quality graphics)

Martin Crumlish of Instant Offline Presence on the other hand, is no different. Martin has been known within the internet marketing space to bring several innovative and well supported products such as WP Dollar (which many of you may be still familiar with today). He has a reputation to maintain especially within the Warrior Forum as well.

 Click here to secure your copy of

Instant Offline Presence

Instant Offline Presence Features:

An Instant Offline Presence review would not be complete if we didn’t highlight the key features and explain their pros vs. cons for you. So here it is.

–          Instant Offline Presence can help you create (1) business cards, (2) coupons, (3) envelopes, (4) flyer ads, (6) Gift certificates, (7) loyalty cards, (8) Rack cards, (9) thank you cards, (10) tickets.


Instant Offline Presence Graphical Options is more than an Online flyer Maker

–          Select from a wide selection of available templates for each of the ten categories. Professionally designed so to captivate your audience aesthetically

–          Easily editable background, colors, text and graphical styles

–          Add your own image to make your graphic style more unique and personalized

–          Simple Click and Drop editing

–          3D Preview and online flyer maker preview


Previewing your business cards using Instant Offline Presence 3D Feature

–          Download your created graphic either for printing for usage on social media (hint: coupons are a feature on Facebook and Flyers are received better than textual advertisement!)

These are some of the features you may find on Instant Offline Presence. In reality, there are many more features on IOP and even further application. What would you do if you could create fashionable, and practical graphics for your promotion without any designer skills – doing it easily with flexibility the way you want it? That’s essentially what Instant Offline Presence tries to bring across.

Who is Instant Offline Presence for?

As mentioned in the text above, there are many possible applications of Instant Offline Presence. We hope to highlight who may benefit the most from using Instant Offline Presence in our IOP review.

(1)    Business Owners: Undeniably to stay competitive you would usually require a competitive marketing approach. With today highly visualized market, you need attention getting graphics that accomplish its purpose while being attractive to portray your brand. Problem is, these kind of graphics can be costly or using an online flyer maker typically wouldn’t produce the standard of quality you should. Instant Offline Presence is an online graphic software to change that. For a flat-fee you can produce as many marketing campaigns as you want, quite possibly redefining an online flyer design tool.

(2)    Offline Business Consultants: You do the marketing for businesses, you likely find it a hassle to make use of good graphic. This will allow you to create graphics for your clients and impress them without much technical skills and do so quickly using Instant Offline Presence. It’s a great tool that if correctly applied will pay back many times over. One time fee for unlimited use!

(3)    Affiliate Marketers/Internet Marketers: Yes, this will even benefit the affiliate marketing industry. You need to stay competitive and make your ads stand out. IOP can help you create captivating and unique flyers you can either implement online through Facebook or even for mail outs of affiliate promotions (these can work better than you think!).

Conclusion: Instant Offline Presence – More than an Online flyer Maker

That sums up our quick list of who should consider getting Instant Offline Presence. We hope you enjoy our IOP review. If you have any questions please feel free to add a comment bellow. If you would want to contribute your own positive or negative Instant Offline Presence review please do add the review through our feature bellow! We would be glad to hear from you.

Don’t forget to:

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IOP is more than an online flyer maker.

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Instant Offline Presence BONUS:

Lastly, as an extra value being offered. We would like to offer offline consultants and business owners a special bonus from IMInfoHub and SEOtProsperity for those getting Instant Offline Presence.

Search engine traffic is a tested form of targeted traffic you can use to increase sales, leads, and attention. We hope to provide the following Instant Offline Presence bonus:

1) Instant Offline Presence Bonus #1:

Instant Offline Presence Bonus #1 - Offline Madness

Offline Madness will be your first Instant Offline Presence Bonus

2) Instant Offline Presence Bonus #2:

Instant Offline Presence Bonus #2 - Offline Business Strategies.

Your next Instant Offline Presence Bonus will be Offline Business Strategies.

3) Instant Offline Presence Bonus #3:

Instant Offline Presence Bonus #3 - 123 Logo

Your third Instant Offline Presence Bonus will be a SUPER Graphics pack


IOP Surprise Bonus #2

Surprise Bonus #1

IOP Surprise Bonus #2

Surprise Bonus!

In addition to these bonuses being provided you will receive another FIVE FAST ACTION Instant Offline Presence Bonus that will help you. To give you an idea of what these bonuses will be, here are two more of the seven surprise bonuses:

These Instant Offline Presence Bonuses will to anyone who purchase Instant Offline Presence through our link presented here. Your Instant Offline Presence bonus will automatically be included within your download link for Instant Offline Presence.

Thanks for reading our Instant Offline Presence review on IMInfoHub – your source for everything internet marketing.

Bring the Fresh 2014 Review – Look inside BTF & Bring the Fresh Bonus

Watch Bring the Fresh Video Here

Bring the Fresh [Special!]

In today’s blog post, we’re going to take an insider look at Bring the Fresh 2014. I first got Bring the Fresh when it was initially released on the Warrior Forum and jumped on it with the “Full Disclosure” membership.

What this basically means is our account is always activated and we get access to content that basic Bring the Fresh members do not get. The value from this had been tremendous over the years; Bring the Fresh is one of those courses that is frequently updated with money making, fresh information! It truly is fresh.

In this Bring the Fresh 2014 Review, I hope to take a look with you at the latest Bring the Fresh course. I am surprise we haven’t had a product review thread for Bring the Fresh yet since I’ve had the product for such a long time already. What instigated this Bring the Fresh 2014 review was checking out the latest tricks being shared on the website and the forum…this is stuff worth reading.

Let’s get to it…Bring the Fresh 2014

What is Bring the Fresh: Bring the Fresh is a course by Kelly Felix. This isn’t like most other courses, it’s a frequently updated course with the latest tips and tricks with internet marketing.

The Bring the Fresh course is designed to help complete internet marketing newbies build their skills and make money online in a brief amount of time. It includes PROVEN techniques and methods being used (and frequently new methods) along with the training and videos necessary to implement these techniques.

Bring the Fresh is very specialized for making money with Affiliate Marketing and SEO is if you’re interested in either of these fields, this is a great option for you. The course is tailored to more experienced individuals too; they have a vast amount of advance content on the course…stuff I was surprise to learn.


Who is Bring the Fresh For?

Bring the Fresh is best suited for individuals looking to start internet marketing or make money online. It is also a good complement to anyone doing any form of affiliate marketing or SEO. Whether you’re a business owner looking to find the latest SEO trends, learn how to recruit an army of affiliate marketers, or whether you’re someone at your home seeking to make money online and build another stream of revenue…Bring the Fresh 2014 is a proven course to deliver good goods.

Here’s a better outline of who Bring the Fresh may be best suited for:

Make Money Online – Internet Marketer: If you’re new to internet marketing or still looking for proven methods you can stick with to make money online then Bring the Fresh 2014 is an ideal fit for you. We highly recommend the course for it’s approachableness as well as it’s relevance of information…many others have reported good profits using what was found in the Bring the Fresh guide

Affiliate Marketers: Perhaps you’re an affiliate marketer already and still looking at ways you can improve your game. Affiliate marketers can benefit from Bring the Fresh ingenuity with affiliate marketing to increase their volume of sales and affiliate marketing skills. Bring the Fresh 2014 has many interesting content on pre-selling as well as SEO which will help any affiliate marketer make more online.

Search Engine Optimization: If you’re doing search engine optimization, you need to always stay ahead of your game. Bring the Fresh 2014 has some extensive guides on SEO for today; more than I’ve seen on some SEO course in itself. This is a gold mine for those doing SEO if they want to see practical case studies and effective techniques. More than that, SEO isn’t just about getting you ranked on Google but getting the traffic and sales for your websites. So if you’re looking to increase your web traffic and increase your commission or sales, Bring the Fresh is a good option for you in our opinion.

Business Owners & Webmasters: If you’re a business owner or webmaster, the Bring the Fresh 2014 course can help you with tips on SEO as well as improving your user experience. They have some cookie cutter options as well for website set-up which may be good for webmasters. Interestingly, the members’ only forum at Bring the Fresh has loads of helpful information about websites and website optimization since this is the primary method being taught at Bring the Fresh 2014 (setting up niche sites and monetizing those niche sites).

As well if you’re looking to get connected to an active community of internet marketers and build connections this is a great place to do so. Bring the Fresh 2014 forum numerous internet marketers who are making upwards of $20k/month and they are sharing and actively contributing on the forum. Many have used this as a platform to recruit affiliate and forge networks. Surely, this in itself can deliver tremendous value.

Something newer with Bring the Fresh 2014 was the introduction of a segement directly for promoting Regal Assets or precious metals affiliate program. This has been what a lot of members been doing recently and is some very interesting topic being pushed by Bring the Fresh which seems to be paying off for BTF members. If you’re into the Gold or precious metals affiliate system, Bring the Fresh will be especially useful for you.


What do you learn in Bring the Fresh 2014?

To be honest, I can’t possibly list off the amount of things you can learn from Bring the Fresh 2014. There are hours after hours of videos and interview after interview of popular and successful internet marketers sharing how they do some of their secrets.  Beyond that there are quick start guides. With that they have individual sections for SEO and web set-up and pre-selling. The member forum itself is full of new information and active posting.

I would suggest you read our detailed look at Bring the Fresh and then follow along as we share more about the newer content on Bring the Fresh 2014.

As a summary of what you will learn with Bring the Fresh or what you will get out of it however, here’s a quick round up:

–          Basics & Website Development: They start of with a quick start guide as mentioned where you learn how to set up a site and help the new comers get catch up with most of the basic lessons. This includes information about using WordPress for SEO and adding content.

–          Optimization & Pre-Selling: This is important to know so you can turn your traffic into buyers and commission
–          Search Engine Optimization: Bring the Fresh 2014 has some old and new information on SEO that will be helpful to ranking your sites for the affiliate commission
–          Affiliate Marketing: A large portion of this technique has to do with affiliate marketing (and some product creation as well and some list building – it’s quite a bit of an all in one course as mentioned). Although Kelly Felix from bring the Fresh shares his proven affiliate marketing techniques as well as member’s results; where you can see what other BTFers are doing and a little about how they are doing it.
–          Launch Jacking: Lastly, they have also sections about Launch Jacking which is a little like affiliate marketing for another revenue option.

These are simply a few things you will learn from Bring the Fresh which we hope will provide a brief idea of what you may get from the course.

There you have it, if you’re looking for an all-in-one course for internet marketing or to make money online, Bring the Fresh has some of the highest recommendation. It combines a load of actionable information, with a quick start guide and some advance information. Importantly, there’s a private community to support you along!

Click here to Watch the Bring the Fresh Video

Further Information – Bring the Fresh 2014 Forum Secrets:

What the trend has been is a load of information within their members’ only forum where other Bring the Fresh members are sharing their money making secrets online; openly showing you how they are using the information learnt to make money online. This I have found includes A-Z of how they are using free websites, how they are optimizing those websites onsite and how they are promoting it (SEO) off site to make money with affiliate commissions. I am SURPRISED at the information Bring the Fresh members are sharing on the forum. Many also share their success stories though without mentioning HOW within the open thread though if you read through you’ll find they guide you through the process with the following post. I guess that’s the benefit of a private forum; people are more willing to divulge information to a private community they are part of, that being Bring the Fresh in this case.

eFormula Evolution – What you should Know about Eformula

Watch eFormula Evolution Demo HERE

eFormulaEvolution is on [SALE]!

It’s no surprise, you’ve been reading about eFormula Evolution all across internet marketing forums like Warrior Forum, Digital Point, Wicked Fire and the works although is it really worth all that hype?

Does it really help you make money online? Will it work for newbies? How much value will I get as an experienced or intermediate internet marketer?

We’re here to answer some of those questions about eFormula Revolution. We’ll start first with the basics:

What is eFormulaEvolution?

In simple terms eFormula Evolution is a complete A-Z course about making money with eCommerce. It was designed to bring you to copious amounts of revenue in short time by combining some insider Amazon techniques with drop-shipping.

The course is designed by Aiden Booth, Steve Clayton, and Tim Godfrey; all who have extensive experience with dropshipping and internet marketing in general. Tim Godfrey especially has some expert status with eCommerce. That was eFormula, this is eFormulaEvolution…what’s the difference?

Adding to the team for eFormulaEvolution is Ryan and Daniel. These are two experts with white label product sales and experts with Amazon as well. The trio have teamed with these two to produce a complete internet marketing course on eCommerce, enter eFormula Evolution.

What do you get with eFormula Evolution?

eFormulaEvolution isn’t another internet marketing guide, rather it combines a series of webinars, instructional content, as well as software to help you progress as quickly to making revenue online using Amazon! (Daniel specifically have been making in excess of 3 million per year from his Amazon gig)

eFormulaEvolution is designed to work with newbies as well to help them start a business effectively (answers question, will it work for newbies?) It covers sections such as how to start an eCommerce business with their introductory webinar.

While it does it’s service to newbies, eFormulaEvolution wasn’t only designed for those new to internet marketing but those in general who want to make profit online (especially if you have some Amazon experience – for example Amazon Affiliate marketer or if you have some wholesale/dropshipping experience…though really it is intended to work for most markets). They cover some advance insider information about how to make money with Amazon as well to get you the added edge over most others in the market place today.

EformulaEvolution goes into some detailed and indepth information about eCommerce and importantly backs it up with the evidence although more than that, eFormula Evolution was made as a complete course rather than simply an informational course. They have coupled the package with some software to help you implement what was taught. This invaluable software will help you execute an effective eCommerce strategy and save you time.

Another thing to note although is the eFormula Evolution as mentioned wasn’t only designed for newbies but also for the experienced; actually Daniel (one of the new team member) was known for his private group to coach Amazon businesses from 1-2k profit to 10-100k profit per month. This is the same value eFormula Evolution is suppose to deliver – in that it is suppose to help stagnant amazon businesses break a new level in revenue and profit!

eFormula Evolution also largely emphasizes the combination of dropshipping and Amazon collectively for more simplified process of eCommerce (save you time and increase margins)

So, Who is eFormula Evolution for?

We’ve already answered quite a bit about this in our discourse above about eFormulaEvolution although we’ll sum things up here:

(1)    Internet Marketers Newbies & Make Money Online: Internet Marketers and those looking to make money online can benefit from a complete course like eFormula Evolution. Tim, Steve, and Aiden’s course is designed to help you with the complete process from A-Z…something that’s very valuable which shares the same techniques others are making 10k+ with.

(2)    Amazon Affiliates: This course is catered as well to those who are already working with Amazon and perhaps looking for new revenue streams. eFormulaEvolution is a course in itself with the basic information though there are many gems that will be helpful for those more experienced.

(3)    Amazon Business Owners: If you already run your own Amazon store or have an eCommerce business, Kudos! That’s great because more and more people are making transactions online, you already have a start. This being said, eFormula Evolution would then be useful to increase your volume of sales and make more revenue.

EFormulaEvolution was designed to help businesses break from 1-2k/month to 10k-100k/Month. You cannot teach something you are not already doing. Daniel from eFormula Evolution is making 3 Million year from eCommerce and has a thing or two to teach.

Basically eFormulaEvolution is a course designed to help you increase your eCommerce business revenue and profit!

Of course it is important to note as well that this course can also help entrepreneurs and offline business owners hoping to bring their business online for an eCommerce aspect. You’ll be learning from some of the top marketers in the ecommerce field with eFormula Evolution.


So is this really worth all the Hype?

Personally, we ourselves are pretty hyped up about the prospect of eFormulaEvolution. It seems to be a course that really strives to deliver a bang for the buck with realistic information backed with solid proofs.

What really gets us excited is that the course poses to be an A-Z course to help newbies to experts make money online or increase their revenue. It’s compose of webinars, instructional materials, and software.


EFormula Evolution Bonus:

We truly think eFormulaEvolution is offering an incredible value already although to add a further incentive to jump on this opportunity, we’re offering some eFormula Evolution Bonus to the offer:

1)      SEO Ultimate 2014: Search engine optimization is a great form of traffic for service and product businesses. Many businesses such as shopify are realizing the value of SEO traffic because it’s targeted and well primed for a sale! We’re giving you our extensive eBook on SEO to share some ideas of how we do off site promotion and basic onsite promotion tips. The real read is about our off site promotion techniques though.

2)      SEO Press Release: A properly done SEO Press release can mean more web presence for your business or product; it also gets you links from authority and niche related websites which add to your search engine benefits and traffic.

3)      Amazon Page SEO Consultant: We’ll work with you to optimize your Amazon product web page so you can rank easier on Google

4)      Amazon Page Promotion: We’re going to promote your Amazon Product page to get you even more traffic and some search engine traffic. (Conditions apply: The product has to be G-Rated and product name has to be max 3 words).

5)      Social Explosion 2014: Social and SEO are two trends that is going big. We’re going to give you another free guide how we slideshare uniquely

To take advantage of your eFormula Evolution Bonus offer, we suggest you get your copy of eFormulaEvolution through this link and then send an email to to claim your eFormula Evolution Bonus.

Rent A SERP – What you should know

Watch Rent A SERP Video Here

RentASERP is on [SALE]!


What is RentaSERP?

RentASERP is the latest product by Devin Zander and Mario Cimmino. It’s effectively a search engine optimized, lead-capture WordPress theme that allows for easy management and set up of these SILO structured, authority (potential) rental and lead generation websites.

Lead Generation and Rental Websites have long been famed for its effective use as a long-running, passive income websites (much better than traditional EMD). Setting these sites up can deliver multiple revenue sources and much easier to sell to offline businesses than traditional search engine optimization or website development services since you’re already providing the value; this also means you’re able to put a premium on the price you charge! (When you got the RESULTS they’re willing to pay)

Effectively, lead generation sites and rental websites are an effective way to make money online. Till now, there has been loads of lead generation themes (famously, as you know Sean Lowery as some great lead generation themes – sold by niches) although to find one customizable, search engine optimized, and easy to manage/set-up can be a difficult task. This is where Rent a SERP comes in.


Sample site RENTASERP could create

RentaSERP boast to help you with the following:

–          Helps you set up lead optimize call to action: RentASERP WordPress set-up effectively displays a clear call to action to maximize your conversion rate (opt-in/lead). This saves you a lot of time trying to figure things out. You can get straight to driving the traffic and getting the lead sales/rental revenue. Rent a SERP WordPress template Makes things SIMPLE.

–          Makes your website search engine optimize: Rent a SERP uniquely integrates a well balance internal link structure and outbound link structure for better search engine performance. It uses SILO website structure as well. Now you can easily develop and manage your rental site into a local authority niche site with RentASERP. Makes things EFFECTIVE.

–          Easy management and integration of different company pages: RentASERP by Devin Zander runs on WordPress so there’s no learning curve. Everything can easily be managed in the WordPress back-end with easy page by page edit of social profiles, iframe and the works. No technical skills required. RentASERP WordPress theme Makes things EASY.

We’ve taken a look at Rent A SERP and find it’s a VERY unique and useful tool which will likely help MANY internet marketers ramp up their site rental business or make money online with lead generation and rental websites.

RentASERP makes setting up a rental site EASY! There are many things to consider when setting up these kind of sites, especially when you want to make it an authority site. You need to look at your search engine optimization (internal and external), your website structure, and your content pages, your lead capture form…all these are already pre-developed and set up by RentASERP theme which takes a lot of hassle and TIME out of the set-up.

This means you can get to making money with your rental website quicker and easier to save on the learning curve…and the cost associated with it!


Rent a SERP Special features?

Here’s a quick over-view of some features RENTASERP has. We’re not going to cover all although some key RENTASERP features I think is REALLY Cool.

–          SILO Structure: Yes…Rent a SERP uses SILO Structure so you can save time with your internal linking work.

–          IFRAME: RentASERP has quite an interesting feature (a little black-hat which I wouldn’t recommend though it may be useful for some of you) where you can overlay a website page. This means if you want to display your client’s pages while having the search engine benefit of your optimized RentASERP page, you can enter the URL into the back-end IFRAME Field (see image bellow) it will ensure that your client’s page is displayed while in the background you get the value of your search engine optimized page.

–          Youtube and Social Integration: RentASERP allows you to easily integrate social profiles to different pages so you can add the company social profile on each individual page. This is done without any hassle in the back-end page management. (see image bellow)

–          Page Duplication: RentASERP allows quick development of pages by having a pre-set, search engine optimized template you can use to create multiple professional website pages. This allows you to grow your site and your site authority more easily and with less effort which you can invest into promoting your website. These are also pages that are engaging to the user and search engine friendly so it’s two for two!

Click here to Watch RENTASERP in Action.


Who is RentaSERP for?

Business Owners: RENTASERP is an excellent fit for businesses looking to take advantage of search engine traffic for lead generation. It allows business owners to capitalize on multiple search engines with an easy management for non-technies to use! A great website along-side your official business page.

Internet Marketers & Make Money Online: Internet marketers and individuals looking to make money online can use the proven business model of rental sites and lead generation sites to make money online. RENTASERP takes away a lot of guess work and tweaks typically required to set-up these passive income generators. It’s a simple and straight forward way to make money online.

Offline Business Marketers/Consultants: Offline business marketers can use RentASERP as another passive revenue stream. Site rentals are a lucrative business much like real estate rentals without the hassle. Once you set up these rental sites with RentaSERP, you can (1) use these rental sites for their leads as foot in the door of business & then upsell them on your other services (2) use these rental sites for more passive revenue!

Because these are very easy to set up with RentASERP, offline business consultants can easily whip these up and outsource the off-page SEO work. Effectively it’s another way to get more business and another way to find more passive revenue!


MUST READ ways to use RentASERP?

Set up authority Rental Sites:

Authority sites are the way to go with search engine traffic. What’s cool about RentASERP is the ability to quickly release multiple search engine optimized web pages targeting different geographic locations and micro niches. These are the kind of sites that will really benefit from the SILO structure (having a lot of related and down level pages) which RENTaSERP automatically does with your site.

Putting these two together and you can easily develop a local authority site with RentASERP so to build your rental site asset. With this asset, you can flip things in a couple months (especially after you’ve accumulated some rental revenue – these passive revenue is what buyers like to see!) which will mean a pretty penny for your work! (If you call it work since it’s VERY simple and interesting building these using RentASERP because most of the tedious tasks are done for you)


Sell Leads – Lead Generation Sites:

Setting up a lead generation site to sell those leads is likely one of the most coverted ways to make money; you don’t need to worry about “selling” your clients on the value of the website. Leads are VERY easy to sell since you’re essentially directly offering the client a prospective client.

You can get traffic to these lead generation sites through paid ads, search engines, or offline promotions. Effectively you’re sifting the raw materials to find the GOLD.

The only problem is finding the right template that’s search engine optimization for your website so you can maximize the passive, low-cost search engine traffic. RentASERP helps you by providing you a proven lead capture on the convenience of WordPress, all the while making sure your website is search engine optimize with SILO internal link structure and balanced out-bounding links.




We truly believe RentASERP is a great tool for any internet marketer or offline consultant; to make things even better for you, we have decided to offer a few service RentaSERP Bonus which will help you with your off-page promotion.

This is likely the BEST RentASERP bonus in terms of complementing what you need! You don’t need more information to read about, you need to take action and we hope to help you do so with ImInfoHub’s bonus for Rent a SERP.

The best way to use these RentaSERP bonus is to set up your rent a SERP rental sites and then apply our services to give you the extra edge with your SEO friendly pages! As mentioned above you may want to consider the value of building these rental sites (and their simplicity with Rent a SERP) to flip it later after developing and ranking these pages.

Here’s the RentaSERP Bonus we’re offering:

–          Introductory SEO Solution ($47 Value): Introductory SEO Solution is SEOtProsperity’s signature search engine optimization package to help websites get the foundation they need for SEO today. It combines a variety of natural links with social promotion coupled with foundational contextual links which adds necessary variety to your backlink profile. This RentaSERP Bonus being offered is the same package which has been applied on 100s of sites successfully even post penguin!

–          Press Release Basic Solution ($30 Value): We’re going to help you write a simple 200-300 words press release and distribute it online for the link value. Press release links are great because they carry authority – as you may already know when reading a new site you tend to find it more creditable than reading a blog. With this RentASERP bonus, we hope to help establish some further value to your rental site!

Finally to further assist you with your offpage promotion of your RENTASERP websites, we’re going to send you a copy of SEO Ultimate 2013 ($17 Value) which is an extensive eBook on SEO which teaches the basic of onsite optimization along with creative ways to promote your website off-page.

We also show you some “hacks” to get loads of social signals and social traffic NATURALLY which is GOLD with SEO today – this is all included with your RentASERP Bonus! (The “hack” is actually part of another guide which will be provided alongside)

In conclusion we believe RENTASERP will be an excellent resource for internet marketers and offline consultants alike. We believe it will be a useful tool to help many people make some serious potential online if used correctly (reference once again our ideas on using RentaSERP especially idea #1). I hope the RentASERP Bonus will also help you take action swiftly and find some ROI.

Click here to Claim your RENTASERP Bonuses!

NeoTuts – Need to know about Allen Payne Neotuts Coaching

WATCH NeoTuts Video Here

NeoTuts is on [SALE!]

Allen Payne has recently launched NEOTuts and it’s making waves like his other internet marketing coaching program, IMPho.

NEOTuts 101:

NeoTuts Coaching program is a combination of actionable information coupled with a supportive community to help you propel the probability of making money online profitability.


NeoTuts is not like most coaching program,

(1) first off the price is a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere.

(2) Second, NeoTuts is more than an internet marketing course, Allen Payne’s Neotuts coaching program teaches how to make money making money online with effective, and proven techniques – many of which are time-tested, passive income streams. There is a need to work though with realistic results

NeoTuts Coaching program doesn’t only provide you one option, there are many effective methods you can choose from.

(3) NeoTuts doesn’t run like a traditional internet marketing coaching programs, it is designed to minimize your cost. NeoTuts Coaching offers direct support and lets you learn at your own pace.


Allen Payne from NeoTuts:

The man behind Neotuts Coaching program is Allen Payne, long time internet marketing veteran who started out with English as a second language – which makes it easier for you. Still, after several years of internet marketing, he’s making over six figures and has since then helped 100s of internet marketers make money online and improve their skills.

Allen Payne has made a reputation as someone who genuinely cares for his students and strives to share the latest techniques on his courses to help his students with a competitive edge. This has gotten him a lot of following from his previous internet marketing program, ImPho.

Perhaps what’s more notable is the numerous experience, and reputable WF members that have gone out of the way to vouch for Allen. Some have gone as far to say NEOTuts is the ONLY internet marketing coaching program you’ll need! (which likely it is – you don’t want to get information overload with too many programs. What you need is a creditable, proven internet marketing coaching program that covers the whole pizza)

Read this NEOTuts Review:



NeoTuts coaching program seems to be following the same route as IMPho – IMPho has helped a lot of people to make money online and NeoTuts seems to follow suite.


Who is NeoTuts for?

NeoTuts isn’t necessary best suited for everyone; it’s a great resource though some will benefit it more than others. Let’s find out.

Make Money online & People looking for Side Income: If you’re looking to make money online or are new to internet marketing, NEOTuts will walk you through MANY of the essentials you need.

It has quite a few content for the more advance marketers (Allen Payne likes to keep his courses up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques) although this said, I believe NEOTuts will benefit those looking to make money online and beginner internet marketers the most!

You will benefit from a course like NEOTuts that teaches you the basics you NEED to know, graphs out for you ACTIONABLE plan and help you execute with a proven method so you can start seeing results ASAP. Many experience internet marketers have already gone through SOS (shiny object syndrome) which is a lesson that costs a lot. I am hoping you can avoid this by using NeoTuts coaching program – to find an avenue you can WORK at. It would likely save you the hassle.

CPA marketers & Affiliate Marketers: Allen Payne made most of his online profits from CPA and Affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer or a CPA marketer, you will learn a lot from the NEOTuts course with emphasizes on CPA and Affiliate marketing. This has been known as one of the more better way to making money online (straight forward, no hassles, no product handling or development)

Email Marketers: Allen Payne Neotuts will also cover email marketing in detail as it goes hand in hand with the CPA marketing and Affiliate marketing strategies. As an email-marketer, it helps to know about the latest break through trends to boost your email strategy and your revenue! Neotuts will be an excellent course for email marketers to do so as Allen frequently updates the course with the latest information and trends on the market.


Overall, if you’re looking for a SOLID internet marketing coaching program, NeoTuts will be a great fit. Too many internet marketing courses online leave out the crucial bits of information or do not provide the necessary support for you to actually utilize the information.

NeoTuts coaching program is a program that will provide you with check list and roadmaps so you can take action as well as direct support helping you success!