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Easy Video Sales Letter – New tool create powerful video sales letter easily

The new Easy Video Sales Letter is designed to make creating high converting VSL easier and cheaper.

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Why Easy VSL?

Easy VSL is useful because it makes it easy to convert text into video and sync the voice audio recording. Once you have your sales page you are able to create these powerful video sales letters within a few minutes.

  • Ease of Use: It’s very straight forward, three step process that has minimal learning curve to use. Unlike more versatile or complex software tools, Easy VSL has lesser versatile-ity although it accomplishes its job well.
  • Audio Syncing: It allows you to sync your audio easily making it possible to create videos yourself even without having to get on the camera and making a perfectly acceptable video sales letter that can drive conversion, leads, and sales.
  • Value: With Easy Video Sales letter, there is no recurring fees and you can use it as you wish. Maybe create video sales letter for others. Vamp up your copywriting service into a video sales letter service and charge double your rate with this simple tool!

Adding to this Easy VSL lets you create video sales letter (1) using a variety of build template to choose, (2) option to change templates easily to test which works best for conversion – these things can matter surprisingly (3) effects transition – You can add slide transition effects with Easy VSL to make it seem more interesting to your viewer. Simply point and click (4) Easy editing – Quickly change your slides with new fonts or text with a WYSIWYG editor (5) Simple script creation – You can easily create your script on EASYVSL, turn them into slides professionally looking automatically with the tool.


How to use Easy Video Sales Letter?

In any blog post about internet marketing products on IMInfoHub, I think it’s important to highlight how you may use the tool (if it’s good) to make more money/profits online for yourself (or your business.) Here are the two KEY ways I think you may wish to use Easy Video Sales Letter for doing so.

  • Increase conversions on your landing/sales pages: Use Easy VSL to create high engaging text video sales letter that forces your customers to pay attention to your message and story as you sell them. This can be used for your sales pages or for your lead capture pages. When used on your sales page, many typically report higher conversion and EPC., When using on your lead page, you can stand out from the rest and present yourself as a quality marketer; many people already have standard lead pages and as you can go banner blind…
  • Promote affiliate products on Youtube: Next, use Easy VSL to create simple but useful affiliate reviews on Youtube. This can allow you to create these videos amass and use the benefit of Youtube search engine authority to gather search engine traffic to make some affiliate commission and ad revenue.

Easy VSL Bonus:

With Easy VSL currently in its launch, there are some value added bonuses you can get with Easy Video Sales Letter while using it to create your high converting video sales letter.

EasyVSL Bonus #1: “Inside Mark’s Home Video Studio”

How would you like to look inside Marks’ HVS? Well, how you can! Get an inside look of one of EasyVSL developers: “See inside of one of the creators of EasyVSL, Mark Thompson’s home video studio for how to crank out high quality audio and video content super quickly. Content / Product creation is the other secret to Internet success. The ones that produce content/products efficiently can truly scale from 6 to 7, then 7 to 8 figures.”

Create your video sales letter with literally an inside look of how professionals are doing it.

EasyVSL Bonus #2: “Video Affiliate Pro”

This is a simple but yet versatile plug-in that has HUGE value when use correctly. Turn these lightbox pop ups into better conversion rates or more leads with your traffic!

“Utilize this plugin with your EasyVSL videos to start building an email list. Lightbox Popups have been around for a WHILE…because they work. Take 5 minutes to setup and configure.”

EasyVSL Bonus #3: “WP Video Optin”

Another bonus tool with your Easy VSL offer. This bonus allow you to create video optins which is a HUGE advantage. “Create powerful video background e-mail landing pages perfect for exciting offers.”

EasyVSL Bonus #4: “Legally Use Other Peoples YouTube Videos”

Wouldn’t you enjoy using other peoples’ work to make your own profit legally? Here’s how! The next bonus shows, “Learn how to legally utilize an ENDLESS number of YouTube videos for your own use. Perfect to use with the Tube Trackr software!”

Easy VSL Bonus #5: “How to Generate 10,000 Views On YouTube”

Onwards with the video bonuses because videos are a big thing (it’s like today’s Ezine Articles – if you know about EzineArticles it was a powerhouse back when article marketing was booming). Well now you can get a complete set of how to create these video sales letter, how to use other peoples’ video and here’s how to get traffic to these videos. Traffic is important for sales and important as well for video metrics to determine how well your video performs on search engine and Youtube.

“Youtube Videos getting no views? This report reveals how to get 10,000 REAL views in a week”


Bonus #6: SEO Ultimate 2014

Here’s our own special bonus. Learn how to rank your website better and get REAL social traffic while backlinks that boost your page on search engines. We show you the basics of optimizing your website then delve into some unique ways to promote websites to get two for one. (1) Natural floods of backlinks to improve search engine ranks (2) more web visibility and boatloads of views/traffic to your website, video, brand.

Bonus #7: $150 Bing Ads coupon Tutorial

Next, kick start your video sales letter created with this Bing Ads coupon. Learn how you can get $150-$200 in Bing Ads coupon free.

Having done this myself, I can say that Bing Ads network especially for their SSP (Syndicated Search Partners – this includes Yahoo Search) is a major source of quality, high converting traffic that can be use to test your newly created video sales letter. Don’t miss out on this to get real TRAFFIC to your website’s sales-page.

“Easy VSL is a video sales letter creator that helps you turn scripts into text video sales letter effortlessly. It is designed to make voice syncing to your VSL easier. EasyVSL is created by Mark Thompson and Matt Callen”

Social Spy Agent – more profits with simple remarketing solutions

Social Spy Agent is a new remarketing solution introduced by Sam Bakker (Social media expert), Brad Spencer (Simplicity specialist), and Aravindh S. (affiliate marketing expert).

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It allows you to run remarketing campaigns EASIER and even on websites you don’t own – This ideally should result in better conversion rate and cheaper traffic for more profits. This is useful whether you own your own product, lead capture, ecommerce marketing, or doing affiliate marketing.

I am truly surprised at what Social Spy Agent accomplishes; it’s truly a powerful tool! In this blog post, we’re going to identify how you can use SocialSpyAgent to help increase your revenue AND offer some excellent Social Spy Agent bonus for readers. First off, we’ll start with highlighting what is SSA for those who may not be familiar with this new tool.


What is SocialSpyAgent?

SocialSpyAgent is a new retargeting solution brought to you by a trio of respected internet marketers. Sam Bakker, Aravindh S. and Brad Spencer released SSA on January 12, 2015 to provide a simple solution to create re-targeting ad for internet marketers.

So SSA is a retargeting software that is hosted online. Why re-targeting? Retargeting ads have been used by many professional organizations already because it helps bring the user back to the website. People don’t usually divulge information or buy products within their first visit; having a retargeting campaign can mean drastically high earnings per click from warm traffic.

Social Spy Agent was released to make re-targeting campaigns easy for internet marketers. It’s a solution that is easy to use since it’s hosted online.

(1) SSA simplifies re-targeting campaign and makes it accessible

(2) SSA allows you to do re-targeting on pages you don’t own which is important for many internet marketers who run profitable TeeSpring campaign, Amazon promotions or CPA offers.

Basically when used correctly, Social Spy Agent should help you make a profitable campaign even more profitable or tip the scales to make your campaigns profitable.


How to use SocialSpyAgent?

Here are some ideas as to how you might use Social Spy Agent, this is by no means exhaustive.

Re-targeting with Amazon Affiliate: Amazon Affiliate program boasts high conversion rate. You get sales from ANY product that users buy within the 24 hours cookie period. Problem is the cookie only last 24 hours. People who buy from Amazon are likely to return and buy again. Now, with SocialSpyAgent, you can use re-targeting to reach people who are interested in Amazon shopping. This is especially powerful if you decided to promote purchases that people have to make multiple times such as groceries or diapers. It makes it like a list of Amazon buyers. You also benefit from the higher Click through rate (and hence lower cost) typically associated with re-targeting ad solutions. Better efficiency too as people build trust for your website over time! Reach people who are more likely to make a purchase; people you know are already interested in Amazon are more likely to buy.

Make Money online with less effort: Social Spy Agent may be able to help you to increase your profit with less marginal work. SSA makes it easy for anyone to do re-targeting in three steps. With no complex set-up and the flexibility to re-target offers you don’t own, it means you can now possibly boost leads and sales with your TeeSpring or CPA campaigns. Since re-targeting has been shown in many case studies as a proven concept to improve sales and leads, you can use SSA as a re-targeting solution to get more out of the work you have already exerted.


Social Spy Agent Bonus!

We’re offering IMInfoHub readers some special SSA bonus that you won’t want to miss. Firstly, SocialSpyAgent is already currently discounted at 50% of its regular price and a one time payment here.

SSA Bonus #1 – Tutorial for $150 Bing Ads: Start off your re-targeting solution with some SEM and PPC traffic that works VERY well in conjunction with Social Spy Agent re-targeting solution.

SSA Bonus #2 – Social Explosion: Learn how you can get huge amounts of social signals and social traffic with our Social Explosion guide. This can be useful for re-targeting traffic too

SSA Bonus #3 – SEO Ultimate 2015: Get a comprehensive A-Z guide on SEO. We share onsite optimization tips along with powerful offsite PROMOTION techniques intended to give you a lot of natural links and ideally traffic opportunities too!

Quick action SSA Bonus: This is a special extra Social Spy Agent bonus we’re offering because I believe, you don’t only need more information but something VALUABLE as a service. Here’s THREE yahoo answers responses that will be penned for your niche. You get relevant niche backlink and possibly significant amount of traffic to your website or offer that you can use SSA for re-targeting. I’ll be using a Level 2+ account which means the link will be clickable.

Hope you enjoyed our write up on Social Spy Agent. If you have any questions or comments please stop by the comment section bellow!

VideoMakerFX – The MUST HAVE video marketing tool of 2015

So, VideoMaker FX has been around for several months and have gained a fair share of recommendations.

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I recommend you jump on VideoMakerFX ASAP because they closed their doors earlier after their launched. The product also comes with FULL developer rights to all the videos you create, no restrictions on how you can use it. In review, this is a significant value for VideoMakerFX owners.

VideoMakerFX allows you to create unlimited number of customized, professional, and even high converting videos within minutes by simple drag and drop editing of videos.

VideoMakerFX bonus:

To make things a little sweeter, we’re providing some bonuses for VideoMakerFX and readers of IMInfoHub.

SEO Ultimate 2014 ($17 Value) – Learn how to rank your website on Google. Get the attention you need to your videos with search engine traffic!

$150 Bing Ads Coupon tutorial ($7 Value) – Find out how to get $150 in Bing advertising coupon within our brief tutorial. This is excellent for search engine traffic instantly to your sales page; maybe create a video sales letter with VMFX then use these PPC traffic to test your offer conversion (and see if it really improves your conversion rate as it should)

Video Promotion Package ($75 Value): This is the REAL VideoMakerFX Bonus. For this VideoMakerFX bonus, we’re going to promote your video on Youtube; this will likely result in you ranking for your term. Here is a little more information about what will be done to get your video visible:

(2) Video Social Proof – Get people more incline to watch your video with likes and favourites

(4) Social bookmarks – Get the foundational links for your videos with these quality, MANUAL social bookmarks. Manually submit your video to over 200 social bookmarking sites

(5) High Authority links – Get the 100 high PR links (on page PR) to your video which increase the amount of link juice to your VideoMakerFX video and ranks your video.

This VideoMakerFX bonus will likely leave you impressed! We left some details out to avoid sharing complete how we get you these important RESULTs; we do this for our own promo videos with excellent turnout results.


How to use VideoMakerFX?

Affiliate Marketing: Use VideoMakerFX to create product review videos that will engage your audience and get the sales you want! An idea would be going on websites like Clickbank and JVZoo to browse through the most popular products; then do a brief product review video for each of those (make it honest and ask for a review copy from the product owner). Upload these videos onto Youtube and send some backlinks to get these videos ranked. Sit back and let those passive rankings earn commissions (and if you’re a Youtube Partner you can get some good Adsense revenue too!)

Sell Video Creation service: Don’t forget that with VideoMakerFX you get FULL, UNRESTRICTED permission to use the videos you created however you wish! This means that with the one-time acquisition of the Video Maker FX software, you can create as many videos as you want. It makes it an ideal solution to sell video development services online. The typical rate I see for VSL is $199+ per minute of videos. Say with a starting rate you give a discount, you can still make quite a good profit. Next, consider sending your services on Fiverr; with the ease of creating these videos and how simple it is for you to make it quickly, you might be able to be very profitable even there from the volume of traffic.

Offline Consultants: If you’re an offline consultant or considering about getting into the space (which is very lucrative). Video Maker FX might be able to help! Many businesses are starting the realize the value of video for their business, everyone knows Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine today. Next to that many offline businesses can SEE the value in video and won’t need much selling. You can either choose to create business videos for them through VideoMakerFX and sell it for a high fee to upsell your other services (which I would presume many may be glad to pay for the value they get) or you can choose to take the other route to sell it for a lower cost and get some new clients in the door to sell them your other service. Maybe $50 per video (for something that takes you 1 hour to make? Maybe even less) and then once you got their business, deliver a spectacular job then sell them Video promotion services; maybe choose as well to sell them monthly SEO or consulting services. You can easily recoop your investment into VideoMakerFX here.


Crowd Search – Is CrowdSearch the future of Dwell Time SEO?

Crowd Search is intended to help you automatically improve your search engine rankings focusing on Dwell Time SEO.

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 CrowdSearch is a new tool that has been making waves online. It’s probably also one of the simplest SEO software to use; enter your URL and keyword for the cloud-based software to run on an algorithm designed to help you with your SERPs.

It is based on dwell time which means the bounce rate and how long visitors stay on your site. If visitors leave your site as soon as they visit, it hurts your search engine ranks. It can even mean that all the backlink work you done might be put to waste!

How to use CrowdSearch?

Enter your Keyword & URL: To use CrowdSearch you log into their online platform and place your URL and keyword. Then you monitor your ranks because CrowdSearch tool will do any changes needed to the # of visitors and how long people visit your site automatically.

Combine with Backlinks/Promotion: CrowdSearch should not be served as a replacement to good website promotion or backlink building. CrowdSearch helps improve with dwell time SEO though you should consider your backlink profile and your domain authority still. Using CrowdSearch may actually help with your backlink campaign for an even more amplified effect than a backlink campaign itself (or CrowdSearch itself). The combination of the two, good online promotion to show websites are recommending you and CrowdSearch to show people like your site can really boost your search engine rankings if your website IS actually good for users.

Start your site online: You should first have an excellent quality site before using CrowdSearch. CrowdSearch should serve as a kick-start to your website and not the lifeblood of your search engine ranks. While the dwell time SEO is important, CrowdSearch alone cannot improve your dwell time indefinitely. You may be able to get some improvement while using CrowdSearch although if your site information isn’t up to par, it’ll be a matter of time before Google catches your game (trying to tell them that people like your site). So Crowd Search SEO is good to use if you have a good quality site and need to get it up there so that REAL users can give you a good dwell time.


Crowd Search Review:

Crowd Search isn’t the first we’ve seen review although it’s probably the BETTER option available today. The price is affordable and the software runs without all the messy management and proxies you need. Importantly, Crowd Search uses REAL visitors.

Dan Anton have invested a lot into studying about dwell time SEO and also built an algorithm to make it all work to deliver results. This is something that should be commendable as Dan clearly seeks to help their clients get results with Crowd Search.

In our Crowd Search review, I would rate Crowd Search a 10/10 for their work and quality of product; I should however note as well that this may be a little cautioned in using ethics wise if your website isn’t really that great ~ you’re gaming search engines to thinking people like your website otherwise. (Although it’s better than other software out there because you’re not using proxies to visit your website but you’re using real visitors).

If you think you have a stellar website that needs some exposure before it can pick itself up then CrowdSearch may be able to help tell search engines that users want your website information. I think CrowdSearch can be a very powerful tool when used on a high quality website coupled with a good offsite promotion plan to get you both traffic and backlinks.


Crowd Search Bonus:

Here’s our Crowd Search bonuses available to you. CrowdSearch is already priced to deliver high value although we hope to make it even better by offering some bonuses that will help you use CrowdSearch even better. (These are the type of backlinks and promotions we’re talking about that can help improve your ranks and get better results with CrowdSearch!) Actually I like to emphasize that combining CrowdSearch with your backlink and promotional SEO campaign plans can make your work more effective (and natural). Get it here with these CrowdSearch bonuses!

Bonus for 500 CrowdSearch credits:

Original Price $12, Discounted to $7 + 100 BONUS credits.

(1) SEO Ultimate 2014 ($17 Value) – Get our comprehensive SEO guide teaching you both the onsite optimization basics and unique/creative ways you can promote your website online. Three case studies revealing three techniques we use that will rocket your SERPs and boost your social signals. Promote naturally.

Claim your CrowdSearch bonus here.

Bonus for 2000 CrowdSearch credits:

Original Price $43, Discounted to $27 + 400 BONUS credits

(1) SEO Ultimate 2014 ($17 Value)

(2) Social Signals ($17 Value): Get social bookmarks done manually to your website. We also add a good mixture of social signals. You want this for your websites

Bonus for 5500 CrowdSearch credits:

Original Price $105, Discounted to $67 + 1100 BONUS credits

(1) SEO Ultimate 2014 ($17 Value):

(2) Social Bookmarks ($17 Value):

(3) Contextual link campaign ($17 Value): Get a comprehensive contextual link campaign consisting of web 2.0 links, social bookmarks, wiki links. Excellent diversity of backlinks properly built.

Bonus for 10,000 CrowdSearch credits:

Original Price $167, Discounted $97 + 2000 BONUS credits.

(1) SEO Ultimate 2014 ($17 Value):

(2) Social Bookmarks ($17 Value):

(3) Contextual link campaign ($17 Value):

(4) 500 Words content ($17 Value): For this Crowd Search bonus, we’ll pen up a quality 500 words article for promoting your website. This will not be any ordinary content but carefully researched piece of content specially optimized to be search engine friendly while compelling your audience to naturally reduce bounce rate & get users through to your website.

(5) Distribution of Article ($17 Value): We’ll help you maximize the usage of your article by helping you add it to a quality web 2.0 site such as,, or a high PR tumblr blog! I’ll make sure that it’s search engine friendly AND that it includes two PAID royalty free pictures for better user experience. You don’t want to miss this.

Get CrowdSearch bonuses.

Bonus for 25,000 CrowdSearch credits:

Original price $350, Discounted $197 + 2500 BONUS credits.

(1) SEO Ultimate 2014 ($17 Value):

(2) TWO Social Bookmarks ($17 Value x TWO):

(3) TWO Contextual links campaign ($17 Value x TWO):

(4) 500 Words content ($17 Value):

(5) Distribution of Article ($17 Value):

We doubled the social bookmarks campaign and contextual links campaign so you can now promote the web 2.0 article and boost the link juice to your website. You should already expect what HUGE value this will be for your SERPs when you have a powerful tier 1 link from the 500 words content on the web 2.0 site. Having one powerful link may be better than 100s moderate quality links. These bonuses will help you improve your SERPs ideally.

We hope you’ll see the value with these practical Crowd Search me offer. The last thing you need is more software to clog up your hard drive that you likely won’t use anyways (and even if you do use it, remember these are the same files that are likely distributed again and again which dilute’s its effectiveness and value)

To claim these bonuses:

(1) Purchase your desired CrowdSearchMe package from the link here.

(2) Email

(3) Get your bonuses! We’ll discuss with you the URL and Keywords and get things rolling ASAP.

Thanks for reading our CrowdSearch Me blog post. Please leave your comments and questions bellow.

Free Email Marketing trial – iContact

Get started with your email marketing campaign today. 

Claim your FREE iContact trial Account.

iContact is one of the leading auto responder services online and they are offering a special free trial account for a limited time (one might assume).

An auto responder can help you run a more efficient email marketing campaign. There are several benefits to iContact:

(1) Opt in Form Designer – iContact can be used to create high converting forms that will impress your traffic and get leads

(2) High email delivery – iContact email delivery service is very well received. Very rarely will your email bounce to spam unlike some other email services

(3) Time Saver – Perhaps the biggest advantage of using iContact auto responder is the ability to schedule your own funnel automatically. Meaning set-up to ensure that every lead gets a set series of emails so you can save your time and collect the results.

iContact Free Trial