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YouZign – The ULTIMATE Online graphic design tool

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The long awaited online graphic design tool has finally been released by Martin Crumlish and the crew at YMB properties. You zign as it’s call is an all-in-one graphic design tool built to help you make professional graphics quickly, easily, and without compromising on quality. It helps you save money on hiring a graphic designer and it puts further convenience (with better accessibility) than tools like Photoshop.

With Youzign you can pick from a large set of templates for (1) Facebook Covers (2) Youtube Covers (3) Twitter Covers (4) Business cards (5) Infographics and more. It can even be use to create flyers as well as phone app icons or any other graphic needs you require with it’s whiteboard canvas.

The online graphic design tool was built with accessibility and userability in mind. Accessible as it’s available online and usable because you can easily get started with designing graphics using a simple drag and drop editor. This tool is the ultimate resource for any offline consultant or small business owner although it can also be very useful for affiliate marketers (looking for good graphics to add to their promotion) or individuals interested in making money online re-selling these easy to make graphics.

The graphics that you make with Youzign isn’t usually easy to make; it isn’t accessible to everyone. No, rather you’d typically have to pay very high fees for these kind of graphics either on Freelancer, ELance, or Fiverr. Although Youzign has made these graphics accessible and serve as a substitute to expensive software like photoshop.

You also have many of the similar functions you may find such as background removal although they’ve kept it simple enough so you can get running when you hit the ground. You don’t need to go through any lengthy tutorial to make Youzign work. Actually you don’t even need any technical experience at all. You simply require to know what you want for your business and go about creating it with Youzign.

I am very excited about the potential and value that this tool is delivering to anyone who choose to increase their graphics potential and create professional graphics without the high costs. Actually within 5 days of it’s released it has already sold 9000 copies which means that Youzign really struck a nerve and really sticks to what it says it delivers. This is something that people (internet marketers and business owners) need and this online graphic design tool meets the need with convenience, professionalism, and simplicity/easy.

If you’re considering getting Youzign, I recommend you avoid waiting to take advantage of their current special offer for YouZign.  We really believe this is a product that will help.

Awesome Cool Youzign Bonus!

To add further value to an already over stacked product package with Youzign, we’re offering some special bonuses for Youzign if you purchase through our link. Here’s the list of bonuses you’ll receive. (These can be very useful for offline consultants, business owners, or if you’re hoping to get more publicity for your graphic design services/website)

We’re going to emphasize on SEO services since I think as a Youzign bonus you’d do well with actual value in a service rather than another book. It also fits well if you’re looking to promote anything.

1) Social Bookmarks – We’re going to do social bookmarking manually; maybe promote the page your Youzign graphic is hosted on? We’ll manually submit your site to over 200 social bookmarking sites we’ve been using for a long time and effective. Not all social bookmarks are the same.

2) Social Promotion – We’re then going to promote your link with a brief social promotion campaign getting you quite a few twitter tweets, facebook likes, and pinterest pins. This is excellent for a link to your page through your graphic created with Youzign.

3) SEO Ultimate 2015 – We’re going to end off our Youzign bonus with something special which is your SEO Ultimate 2015. While a book bonus itself wouldn’t deliver much value, I think you would like to know more about SEO and how you can use Youzign to do so for your business. Read our detailed guide on SEO for information on onsite and offsite SEO.

We hope you enjoy your brief look at Youzign and if you have any questions or comments about this online graphic design tool please share bellow! Thanks for reading 🙂

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Youzign is quite the hit.


VSM Bonus – Start your Video Production company with Video Sales Machine

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Many of you would have heard about Video Sales Machine (VSM) by now. In this blog post, we’re going to explore ways you can use Video Sales Machine to generate both long term and short term profit. You’re not going to want to miss this.

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VideoSalesMachine draws from Matt Bush’s extensive experience with video marketing/video sales to offline consultants and his experience with offline consulting. It provides a done for you option to creating your own video production company. This opens wide possibility for profitability easily in a variety of areas.


How to use Video Sales Machine?

Sell Website Video for Quick Profits:

One of the easiest way to use Video Sales Machine is setting it up simply as a funnel to sell video services to small and medium businesses. Use VSM as an automated way to convert traffic to leads and get profit from selling these easy to create website videos for businesses. Matt shows you in the VSM training how you can easily create your own business videos or outsource it for pennies on the dollar. This alone is an incredible value if you can sell the videos for $300 and your cost is $25 netting $275 for a simple job. (rinse and repeat)

Create a Video Production Agency:

Next, if you already have some video production experience and VSM can help you set up a professional business website to sell your services. Matt has made the VideoSalesMachine website to be easily installable which includes all the plug ins you need for making your site SEO friendly, secure, and even an auto responder sequence. What this means is you get a professional video production company website in minutes all fully written with a professional ad copy.

Build & Flip Video Production Agency:

Finally, use VideoSalesMachine to set up an asset you can flip! This is a powerfully profitable idea. The concept is creating a simple site using VSM then getting the clients through SEO or a PPC ad campaign.

Matt has designed VSM with lead capture, compelling follow-up emails, and sales videos to turn cold leads to warm prospects. This means it’s all done for you and you only need to send the traffic, close the leads, and deliver the service. Which is made simpler comprehensive training program designed by Matt and included in VSM. This alone is a valuable asset with the opportunity to draw from someone with 5.5 years experience in internet marketing.

Then once you have made some sales sell the service business and the funnel on Flippa. Many service business have fetched thousands on Flippa which is a great added benefit for you!


Video Sales Machine Bonus:

  • $250 Free Bing Ads tutorial: Find out how you can get $250 in Bing Ads coupon to promote your VideoSalesMachine website. With this bonus offer you get a simple and easy to follow 3 page tutorial that works!
  • Social Bookmarks: With this Video Sales Machine bonus, we’re going to help you SEO your website with social bookmarks. This will get you off to a good start.
  • Social Promotion/Votes: Next, we’re going to help you add some social proof with this VSM Bonus! Show prospective customers that others have supported/like your page with some social votes. This is an excellent service to get you better results with your traffic.

If you’re looking to start a video production company, these bonuses with VSM will be something you should be interested in getting.

We hope you enjoyed our Video Sales Machine bonuses, to claim these bonuses email

Please leave your comments and VSM reviews bellow!


What else you should know about VideoSalesMachine?

Video Sales Machine composes of (1) 5 Sales videos – these sales videos are designed to tell business owners why they need videos for your website or business. They are carefully crafted to convert your viewers to eager leads (2) Auto responder sequence – VideoSalesMachine also comes with a few follow up messages that will be sent to your leads once again serving as your “virtual sales assistant” (3) Complete ready to go website – The biggest value with is the complete ready-to-go video production website with professionally crafted ad copy and lead capture form to impress your visitors (4) Training Program – Finally VSM includes a training program by Matt Bush to help you make the most of the opportunity. You learn how to sell to clients and how to deliver the service cheap and easy.

Collectively, the value presented in Video Sales Machine is well justified of the HUGE buzz.