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Get better RESULTs with your Bing Ads campaign

This email is intended to help you make better use of your Bing Ads campaign. I know you’ve already gotten $250+ in Bing Advertising coupons by now so I hope to help you get more results from your ads. This boils down to three key aspect (1) Your ad landing page (2) your ad click through rate (3) your keywords cost per click.

I think these are the #1 tip for each of these three aspect. I’m learning alongside all of you; I hope the following three emails will share more on each of these three elements to your ad’s success. I’ll try to get a few experts to speak their mind on it too.

(1) Your Ad landing page: Keep it simple! Make your landing page focused with a specific call to action and keep clutter away. I find what works is highlighting only THREE key benefits so to direct the focus on your CTA. Here are some tested landing page templates you can use.

(2) Your ad click through rate: Use your keyword early in your ad. This will bold your ad message on user searches. It means you typically have higher relevancy (higher position on Bing Ads) as well. This is a sure and easy way to improve your click through rate. See if you can integrate portions of your keywords at the end of the ad too.

For example, if my main keyword was “SEO Services Vancouver”, I would set my ad title as “SEO services Vancouver free advice” and my ad message might be “Get professional help with SEO in Vancouver. Affordable, results orientated SEO Services Vancouver BC”.

Note that I keep my keyword usage high with emphasis on the start and end (this will be bold the start and end of your ad). This ideally should mean better ad relevancy and better attention to viewers. I also try to keep my ad specific and conveying the benefit we provide (which is free advice in this instance.)

(3) Your keywords cost per click: Finally, picking the right keyword is critical to your ROI. You can however control your CPC bid and reduce your cost. By improving your click through rate and ad relevancy you can get higher ad position and a lower cost per click. As a general rule bid only for first page listing and then increase your bid for campaigns with good click through rate (and conversions).

Here’s a tool I would recommend to help you with keyword for PPC.

Bonus – As some of you know I’ve been doing SEO for over 5 years and recently gotten involved with PPC. SEO and SEM/PPC are very effective together. I’d like to give you a free copy of SEO Ultimate 2015 to get you started with SEO (I recently finished the updated version) which is a $17 value, completely free! It will be attached in the next email.

Thanks again for reading what I have to say. I’d like to hear from you if you have any questions or feedback regarding today’s email. As I am typically very busy, I only send one email bi-weekly on Tuesdays or Thursdays though when I do, I appreciate hearing feedback and helping where I can so send me an email!

Best regards,


Ps. Have a nice Tuesday 🙂 Also, here’s a funny thought by Warren Buffet, “Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.”

More profits – 3 simple tips for unbelievable conversion

I’m following up on our earlier email where I highlighted three aspects on how to nail better results, clicks, and profits with your Bing Ads campaign. If you missed out you can find it here:

You’ll find simple but effective guidelines on how to improve your ads and get more from your $200 of free Bing Ads. These are tips you can get apply immediately for better results with minimal changes.

In today’s email, I’d like to touch more about improving your landing page. This is critical to turn traffic into actual leads -> customers -> profits.

  • It applies whether you’re a small business owner looking to get more leads
  • It applies whether you’re an affiliate marketer hoping to make money online consistently (and maybe passively?)
  • It applies if you’re a webmaster wanting a bigger blog following.
  • It applies whether you’re trying to do eCommerce successfully.
  • It applies if you’re a offline consultant looking to gain more business.

In this value based email, I’m going to share with you two (2) KEY tips to improve your ad landing page conversions and send you three (3) examples you can copy successfully.


Two important tips to improve LP conversions:

Here are two important tips that you can do RIGHT now to improve your LP conversions and get more profits from your ads. (without over complicating things) Simple & effective techniques that work!

  • Highlight your value – Let’s face it, who actually reads through the whole page online? Your audience will likely browse through your page scouting for information they want! They will mentally calculate if the page is worth their time. This is your opportunity to understand what your audience is looking for and provide the value they want, keep it to the point.

As Hubspot puts it, “Use clear headers and sub-headers, use easy-to-scan bullet points to explain what they’ll get from the offer, emphasize key points using bolded text or italics, and keep things as brief as possible.”


  • Color your page – It’s not about coloring in our out of the lines but the colors you use. Use contrasting color to make your CTA button stand out! This will get you more of the results you want.

It also helps to clearly format so readers can easily identify the information they want such as using jot notes, bolded text, headers, and especially pictures. You may already notice the two points are relevant TOGHETER.

There you have it, two simple points for you to implement right now for better landing page conversions and resulting in better ROI (typically). There are of course more improvements that can be made but I suggest you avoid overwhelming yourself and focus on the proven keys that works like these.


Three successful landing pages:

Success mimics success, take these proven landing pages as ideas or templates for your successful landing page.

(1) Wistia

Example – Simple is good. A quick call to action highlighting the key benefit. You can easily make one of these in any HTML editor like

(2) Counter Landing Page

Template – For something time-sensitive this might be a useful and simple template that works.

(3) WebDam

Example – Color complementing with a stand-out “Submit” button gets WebDam some excellent results with their landing page. Consider implementing a page like this when you want to fashionably present some key information. This is a good example to consider when building your landing page.


BONUS – Download and use this landing page that balances simplicity with elegance. Maybe replace the social buttons with an email capture form?

If you prefer to design your own landing page uniquely without the technical hassle, I recommend checking out a tool like InstaBuilder 2.0

Thanks again for your time and attention. I appreciate the opportunity to help you get better results and more profits with your Bing Ads campaign (Hope you enjoyed the $200 Bing Ads coupon – If you have any difficulties getting it, do send me an email!).

Until next time,


Benjamin Ng

PS. Here’s another quote from Thomas Edison, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”

WP Dollar 3.0 – The BEST amazon affiliate WordPress plugin?

Click here to watch WP Dollar 3.0 Video

WP Dollar 3.0 is [ON SALE!]

WP Dollar 3.0 recently released by Martin Crumlish 3.0 is getting HUGE acceptance by the internet marketing forums. It is designed to (1) help you build Amazon Affiliate WordPress sites automatically – sites that are SEO optimized and content curated for you so you save the time and costs (2) monetize your website with Amazon affiliate – the amazon WordPress plugin helps you build in-text ads and review posts done for you (3) make money online – the plugin has helped many others. You can build these sites for selling or you can build these sites to profit with Amazon affiliate program.


How to use WP Dollar 3.0?

Create your empire of Amazon Affiliate websites: It’s no surprise you can use the “Best amazon WordPress plugin” to build loads of Amazon Affiliate WordPress sites for profit. Imagine if you could set each site to make a simple $50 per month (which works to about $1.5 a day) then scaling it up you can build an empire of amazon affiliate WordPress site. WP Dollar 3.0 helps you build these sites ready monetize and optimized easily without any significant manual labour to set up.

Shells/Funnel for generated traffic: Use WP Dollar 3.0 to create monetized websites which are already optimized for profit and then send the traffic there. Once you systemize a way to get traffic it’ll be fairly automated and consistent process to set up the site and then send the traffic. We’ll cover ways to get traffic from WP Dollar 3.0 sites bellow although a few to mention is Yahoo Answers (simple and easy to outsource), SEO (the traditional technique though a little harder and a little more work but great quality traffic), or perhaps PPC and media buys (very profitable if you can get every $1 to covert to $2 it’s a simple in and out).

Build and Flip sites easily: Use WP Dollar 3.0 to create fully finished WordPress Amazon Affilaites websites that many people are looking for online. Take a look at a few of these listings on which has sold for some pretty profit.

You can use WP Dollar to create these sites in minutes and then customize it a little for a flip/sale on Flippa or Freemarket as an opportunity to generate quicker bulk profit.


WP Dollar 3.0 bonuses:

We’re going to up the ante and provide some huge bonuses to your WP Dollar 3.0 purchase. These are practical bonuses that will help you make better use of WP Dollar unlike some others you see out there. (it’s like buying a back massager and they throw in a nose hair picker). Nah nah, we’re going to give you the cherry on top of your Sunday so you don’t want to miss this!

SEO Ultimate 2015 ($17 Value) – This is a unique guide to how you can generate traffic and promote your website. We wrote this guide to bring you from A-Z with SEO so you can make your WP Dollar 3.0 websites more visible online. The guide emphasizes website promotion which is a great complement as your WP Dollar plugin already has onsite optimization options for you done.

Social Bookmarks ($17 Value) – This is a great way to get your WP Dollar website off the ground easily. We’re going to provide you with 50 manually done social bookmarks and then boost your site online with some social signals from established accounts on social bookmarking site. This has worked for many sites to get some good link juice and start the ranking process while getting you more traffic to your site already at the get go. It’s a huge value you don’t want to miss!

$200 Bing Ads tutorial (PRICELESS) – We’re going to walk you through how you can get $200 in Bing Ads coupon which you can use to promote your WP dollar 3.0 website and turn those traffic into revenue/commissions ideally! Adding to this you’ll get $50 Facebook Ads in the process and the typical $100 Adwords you can find online. Although this $200 in Bing Ads will be VERY useful as most of the traffic from Bing Ads is from US for your Amazon Affiliate website.

This sums up the bonus package we have for WP Dollar 3.0. I’m sure you’ll agree these bonuses will help you to use WP Dollar 3.0 more effectively and possibly help you generate an income with WP Dollar.

High Income Society – What you need to know!

Click here to High Income Society video

High Income Society is [ON SALE!]

After a lengthy WF blog post earlier on High Income Society, I’ll keep this brief for our readers on IMInfoHub.

What is High Income Society?

High Income Society is an internet marketing training program that acts very much like what you might want with an internet marketing coaching program at a fraction of the investment.

Internet Marketing concepts and skills – It is designed to teach you the basic skills about internet marketing that can be transferrable (meaning it’s likely an asset for you in future jobs).

Making money online methods – It then goes on to teach you about proven techniques you can use with blueprints to generate income online. These emphasize on sustainable practices and methods which are thought to be stable (where others have used for years).

So effectively, High Income society is a comprehensive training program from A-Z that serves two folds to teach and to help you make money online. It’s delivered uniquely to increase the value to you which I’ll cover later.


Who is High Income Society for?

High Income Society is primarily catered towards new internet marketers because it covers even the raw basics although it can even help experienced internet marketers.

If you’re experienced with internet marketing, you’ll likely learn a thing or two because High Income Society draws from Adeel’s experience with these techniques as well. Therefore, beyond concepts you’re getting experiential advice.

It’s designed to cater to both individuals looking to make money online with no experience in internet marketing and new internet marketers who may be looking for a complete internet marketing course to follow or an internet marketing coaching option (which may not be a direct match).


What’s different about Adeel’s Income Society?

Content delivery method – the content delivery method for High Income Society is designed to be an online classroom. You have access the video lessons, blue prints, and notes for your learning. It caters to whatever learning techniques works better for you (whether video, text, or audio) which is unique that an internet marketing course has been so well thought through.

Completeness of course – As earlier discussed, High Income Society teaches beyond theory and uses Adeel’s experience and his team. The course goes through 24 modules which we highlighted from A-Z. You learn the most basic instruction to information about product creation and joint ventures. It’s very worthwhile in terms of the quantity and quality of content.

Souvenir and Application – High-Income society is different in that Adeel Chowdry and his team have put together tests on their platform for each module you have to complete to progress. This sets a level of accountability and application of the knowledge you gain. This prepares you to apply what you learn to make money online ideally more effective. You get a souvenir upon completing High Income Society training “coaching” program in the form of a certificate acknowledging your completion through the modules and finishing those “tests”. This is a nice sweet to your effort I suppose though don’t expect to show it in an interview haha.

In conclusion, I have the opinion that Adeel Chowdry has invested significant thought into how he might differientate High Income Society to deliver more for you. I think it has done an effective job of doing so. You have to be the judge of that yourself so feel free to check it out here.

High Income Society Bonus!

We’ve decided to add some bonuses to the High Income Society program that I believe will benefit you.