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VasQ VideoPress – The MUST HAVE Video Theme for WordPress

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Vas Q Video Press is [ON SALE!]

VasQ VideoPress is the talk of the town currently on interest marketing forums. In this blog post, I hope to highlight three ways you can use this video theme WordPress to make profit in a variety of ways ideally.

There are many video themes for WordPress and so VasQ VideoPress is not the first of its kind. It’s also not the most established or well-known solution BUT it could possibly be the Best Video theme WordPress because of its price, value and functionality.

Effectively, it’s a video theme for WordPress that works, it does what it should and it does it cheaper. You also get developer license with it so it’s further flexibility to profit from.


VasQ VideoPress in review:

As underlined earlier, Vas Q Video Press is one of the many video themes for WordPress. It’s still worth considering if you do not already have an alternative because video sites are HOT right now and they can be very lucrative ventures.

Importantly during its launch you can snag a great value with Vas Q Video Press. Here’s some things that VasQ can do as a video theme for WordPress:

  • Easily add videos – Allows you to add videos to WordPress posts by their URL alone and the video theme does the work. This means you can more effectively profit from content that others have already created with their videos. You simply copy and paste the videos you want to share and it’ll have the interactive features and custom video skin integrated.
  • Easily monetize site – VasQVideoPress has a variety of monetization option including nicely placed ads for you to paste your ad code in or perhaps a light box you can add your promotional offer or lead capture form to.
  • Search Engine Friendly – Vas Q Video Press is uniquely search engine friendly in two ways. You can use your existing SEO plug-in if it’s preferable to you although the site itself is also integrated with proper title tags and alt to make it more SEO friendly for better results online.
  • Social Integration – one of the powerful elements to a successful WordPress video site is the organic traffic from social media sharing. This is why having an effective social media sharing is critical element that VasQ VideoPress have carefully considered and added.
  • Interactive Feature & Video skin – One important aspect to a sustainable website is the community and user interaction. If your users enjoy the layout and find it to be user-friendly then they can interact more efficiently which means they are more engaged you’re your content translating likely to more traffic or actions (leads or clicks?)

VasQVideoPress can turn your ordinary WordPress site into something that looks like Youtube with the like, dislike or comments on the videos. Now you simply copy and paste the video URL and your audience can interact with the video ON your website. We all know the comments are interesting at times.

These are some of the many features that you’ll find with Vas Q Video Press, some others worth to mention are (7) Fast Loading Optimized – This means your website can be more user friendly and reactive which also helps with your SEO rankings & user interaction (8) Translation Ready – TanTan has thought well into the product and made sure that VasQ VideoPress is translation ready which allows you to reach other markets such as French or Hebrew, or Chinese? Opens huge possibilities. (9) Fully customizable design (10) Mobile Friendly – which is REALLY important, the responsive feature allows the growing tablet and cellphone users to access your site so you can make use of more traffic & and they still see your ads properly.  (11) One Click Content Generator – Easily generate all the content you need from title to description and thumbnail in a click (12) Ready to Go – Vas Q Video Press is a Video WordPress theme that’s ready to go. You can install the professionally designed theme (that conveniently appears as a similar style to YouTube) and then get going with adding content for monetization. It’s a plug-and-play solution that will save you time.


Three creative & interesting ways to use Vas Q Video Press:

Here comes the interesting part where we share some ways you might wish to use Vas Q Video Press. These are ideas that I think personally have good potential for both lump-sum profit if you need to increase your capital for investment or longer-term income if you’re looking for something consistent and more passive-like.

I hope you enjoy these ideas for using the Vas Q Video Press WordPress theme. (as mentioned in our WF post here, using the term VideoPress makes sense but why VasQ – I have no idea! Comment if you know pls.)

Create VasQ Viral Sites for long income – One way you can use Vas Q Video Press is to create viral sites from vine videos. You’ve seen those vine compilations get millions of hits while many people on Facebook continually share links to Vine Videos or Youtube links with Vines. Viral videos can be highly profitable traffic magnet and they work! The problem is creating a Viral Video can require spontaneous and a creative mind (or sometimes massive staging), something that not many of us have the time. Now you can still profit from these viral videos that others make. This is your opportunity to cash in on this viral trend by simply copying and pasting the URL of these viral videos and then hosting them on your site for others to share! Once you get the initial traffic as the seed, it can exponentially increase in traffic with your VasQ WordPress video theme.

This is excellent if you’re looking for income that can be sustained and increasable over time. Imagine being able to run a few of these viral sites that get 100s of 1000s of hits per month? Week? Day? It’s plausible – many major websites like BuzzFeed and 9Gag focus on these viral traffic and rack in large profits. You can even get user generated content to profit from.

Create & Flip VideoPress for lump sum – Next, the amount of features and professional design of VasQ VideoPress can fetch a pretty penny on its own. You may consider setting up a simple VasQ video WordPress themed site around a specific niche and generate some content with the “one click content generator” then host the website for sale on sites like or where others may appreciate the functionality and website potential. If you can get some traffic and revenue to your niche site (which shouldn’t be too difficult with some ad traffic and a good niche) then you can fetch even more from your site. Imagine being able to rake in $100 per site with minimal effort or more if you have revenue stats.

This is an excellent solution if you would like to build some capital or quicker lump sum profit. Take the route as setting up with the developer’s license to flip quickly or maybe invest some time and resources to setting up the site with traffic for a larger turnover? You can already recgonize the value of Vas Q Video Press theme, I’m confident your buyer will notice that too.

Multi-purpose niche-based video site for authority asset – Finally, the quality of Vas Q Video Press itself makes it a good candidate for an authority niche-based video themed WordPress site (that’s quite a mouthful). Although in all seriousness, these kind of video WordPress sites can build backlinks on itself. With the sharing feature of videos, you can easily build social signals and backlinks naturally to your pages and increase its authority over time. You can even make use of the SEO features added with some backlinks to get good organic SEO traffic. Then you can use the website authority as a powerful link to your niche money site or maybe use it as a lead capture. Either way, it’s worth investing into and chalk full of value as an authority site that you can more easily build because of its video sharing nature.

This is an excellent option if you currently focusing upon a specific niche like dog or golfing. Build an authority niche site that generates ad revenue and leads with link back to your main niche site.

I hope this gives you some good ideas as to how you might be able to use VasQVideoPress. If you have any other suggestions on ways you can use it please comment bellow. There are many ways to monetize Vas Q Video Press which leaves it huge opportunity to turn a profit. With the VasQ Plugin you already have an integrated ad feature to the theme.


VasQVideoPress bonus:

Here are some value added bonuses that WILL help you with your Vas Q VideoPress WordPress site. These are designed to be bonuses that deliver more than PLR content but bonus that are UNIQUE and blended of information & service. (VasQVideoPress bonus that can help you use the video WordPress plugin better)

Social Votes ($39 Value) – Lets’ help you get started with your social campaign by giving you a good mix of 400 social signals composing of LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter! This is very effective and I have used it on a variety of sites previously.

Not all social votes are the same, having a differing in account authority or age can matter. The big mistake many people think is that all social bookmarks or social votes are the same, that’s like saying all links are the same or all pies taste the same because it’s a pie.

200 Social Bookmarks ($15 Value) – You can’t miss this bonus, it’s great for any video WordPress site. Next, we’ll help you further with your SEO campaign by giving you 200 manually submitted social bookmarks. Once again, these are not standard social bookmarks but what we’ve used and tested to be working well for our sites because they deliver results.

Social Explosion ($9) – How about a unique way to get 1000s of views for your niche based content? This can be a very good venue to gather social traffic. It’s call social explosion and it explores how we’ve gotten good amount of traffic previously through a blend of social activities coupled with other platforms. I believe you’ll appreciate this VasQVideoPress bonus because it complements the social aspect of the theme very well and can be used in a variety of niches.

SEO Ultimate 2015 ($17) – Get a comprehensive guide that emphasizes on tips for offsite promotion. This is an excellent complement to Vas Q Video Press because Vas Q Video Press WordPress theme is already very SEO friendly although you need to be able to promote it. This guide is full of ideas for ways to promote your site to attain traffic & backlinks.


Thanks for reading, if you have any comments or questions please list them bellow

What is TrustMongul and why do you need it!

Click here to Watch Trust Mongul in action.

TrustMongul Trust Seals is [ON SALE!]

Peter Garety has launched TrustMongul on April 16, 2015 and it’s being very well received by webmasters across the web. Trust Mongul is a simplified solution to Trust Seals that allows you to increase conversions through a simple plugin.

In this blog post we’re going to take a look at what does TrustMongul do and why you should use trust seals.

Why you should use trust seals:

Trust Seals are the badges you see on authority websites which assure you your privacy is protected or the website is secure.

Many times, we are already using tools that are fully securing transactions but users don’t necessary know that and they need a visual representation like Trust Mongul’s Trust Seals to help them feel assured. Trust Seals allow you to remind users that their purchase is secure or that their privacy is protected which should ideally lead to better conversion rates.

The idea is to build trust with your users so they are more confident in taking the next step to give you their email, purchase your product, click through to your promotion, or continue using your website.

What does TrustMongul Do?

The problem with privacy seals is they can be a hassle to integrate throughout your site. Occasionally, they can also be expensive with solutions like “Trust Guard”.

While Trust Mongul does not actively secure your website it provides a simple and quick solution to integrate fully designed and interactive trust seals including verification seals, security seals, and privacy seals within your website with flexibility.

You can even add your own seals to the Trust Mongul plugin so it would appear in your widget with the rest of your activated seals. Perhaps, most user orientated is the interactive feature which allows your readers to click on these seals and see a page pop-up with more information; this adds further creditability to these trust seals.

Effectively Trust Mongul is the cheap and easy solution to building website trust and increasing conversions through Trust Seals like privacy seals and security seals. It makes things easy to integrate as a simple WordPress plugin you can install and integrate to your widget or use as a short-code wherever you wish. (For example, think putting a privacy seal besides your email submit form to increase user trusts and conversions).


Effectively, Trust Seals are used to help you differentiate your site from readers by perception. It helps users to trust your site easier and is a visualization of what is already there. (For example, your Privacy Policy would clarify your stance although users don’t typically take the time to read your privacy policy, this is where a privacy seal would come in handy). Trust Mongul is a WordPress plugin designed to make it easy for you to integrate these without the hassle and provide flexibility for quicker integration. (easy usage into any post, page, or HTML page within your website). It’s interactive too if the user chooses to clicks on them.

Thanks for reading our Trust Mongul blog post. If you have any questions or comments, please share them bellow. With full disclosure, I’m not really liking the simple function of the tool itself.