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Publish Vault is a new content marketing tool by Mark Thompson released on July 30, 2015. It’s purpose to help individuals who manage multiple WordPress blogs to do it more efficiently. Mark hopes this tool will help drive more traffic, leads, and sales while making your sites 10x more profitable. This is done by making content easy to manage by allowing you to schedule blog post across several sites and create content right within the system. coque samsung galaxy Publish Vault is also connected to two key content writing sites for easy content ordering. One of the key benefits to PublishVault is the ability to use Publish Vault on unlimited number of websites for a one time fee. This added with the simple web platform makes Publish Vault a valuable tool for niche marketers and private blog network owners.

Publish Vault bonus:

(1) SEO Ultimate 2015 ($17 Value): SEO Ultimate 2015 is the ultimate complement to Publish Vault. It is intended to give you the basics of onsite optimization (which is easy with WordPress) and help you with some creative ideas for offsite marketing. To claim your bonus, email after your purchase. (2) Social Signals ($17 Value): We’ll give you social signals to two of your WordPress pages. This is very effective for new pages as well to get some traction before you send contextual backlinks.We have done case studies on several campaigns and this has significantly aid with SERPs especially when combined with some contextual links. You can contact for more information on a complete package to get the most out of your social signals. coque iphone soldes However if you’re looking for something to get your site started then this Publish Vault bonus will do the trick! It will wow you in all likeyhood. Each URL will receive at least 300 social votes (mixed through various social sites) (3) Brief guide to WordPress SEO: As it’s name imply this Publish Vault bonus gives you a brief guide to WordPress SEO so you can make the most of your websites. (4) Social Signals for SEO Guide: Find out why social signals are great for SEO and how to do it effectively in this bonus. (5) 50+ Niche Packs: Publish Vault is useful for niche marketers. If you’re a niche marketer, get this 50+ Niche Pack, a $7 value, that shows you excellent niches you can target and master. (6) Membership Income course: Membership sites are valuable and profitable. There are many ways you can use Publish Vault to manage a membership site. Learn how to create Membership income sites with this course and you can use Publish Vault to create niche sites to promote your membership sites AND use PV to manage your membership site content as well; it’s a perfect PV bonus! (7) WP Video Opt in: WP Video Opt in is a useful tool that lets you add opt in to your videos. If you’re using video in your niche site which you certainly should then this Publish Vault bonus will help you get more from your videos. Consider integrating videos to your SEO plan or as content for your website. Samsung coque a8 (8) How to Generate 10,000 views on Youtube: Generate views to your videos. If you’re going to use Youtube videos for your websites then you should make more use of your video. This PV Bonus will teach you how to generate views to your video which is good for video SEO as well to get traffic to your niche sites. You can then continue to manage content with PV tool for your niche sites. (9) Use other people Youtube Videos guide: Sometimes you want to use video for SEO or for website content because it’s effective but you don’t have the time or want the hassle of creating your own videos. This brief guide will show you how to legally use other people’s video for profit. Excellent PV bonus because you can use these videos legally to do SEO for your niche sites (now you can distribute content en mass and also do link building at low costs). coque iphone sale Excellent guide on Youtube profiting. (10) Youtube Squeeze Page: Youtube Squeeze page is an extra bonus if you wish to carry more results from your video marketing. This will help you go the extra mile and get more from your videos that you’re already using with Publish Vault to promote your website. Now use videos to get more traffic to your website, do SEO, and capture leads. This PV bonus can help you make the most out of your niche sites and videos too! (11) Video Affiliate Pro: Video Affiliate Pro is plugin that allows you to use with Easy VSL (another of Mark Thompson product) to generate leads. It’s a great way to get more leads from your niche sites so helping you use your sites more effectively again like PV. The sum value of these bonuses go well beyond the price you’re paying for Publish Vault during it’s launch special. The first two bonuses are exclusive to ImInfoHub readers. I suggest you jump on to Publish Vault now and see if it can help your business; if it does then you don’t want to delay and lose out on the bonuses. These bonuses unfortunately are only available for a limited time until the launch special (where the discount ends as well). Select Publish Vault bonuses will be available still after the launch. The of Publish Vault bonuses is impressive and well exceeds the price value of the product during it’s launch by several folds. Many of these Publish Vault bonuses were sold by themselves at a time priced in parity to the current PV price or slightly less/more! Hence you’re getting tangible value here with the Publish Vault; remember as well that this is a one time payment and you’re licensed to use it. – IMInfoHub Ps. “Publish Vault is an internet marketing tool to help webmasters manage multiple WordPress websites. PV allows easy content scheduling and content writing or assigning.

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