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ZoSocial – Revolutionary Facebook Contest Tool by Wilco De Kreij

I can honestly say we’re impressed with Wilco De Kreij’s new ZoSocial SAAS. Professional display, honest value! (ZoSocial Bonus will be unveiled in our comments section!)

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What is ZoSocial?

ZoSocial is quite possibly the hottest thing you’ll see in social media marketing for 2014 by Wilco de Kreij. It’s a service as a software offering that enables both business owners and social media marketers to take the best of both worlds from newsfeed social contest (virility & mobile compatibility factor) along with an app base social contest (data and email capture benefits).


It does this by providing a dashboard to run your contests which will be then posted on your news feed. You can set the type of social event you wish to run, view the statistics (# of likes acquired, shares) and manage the requirements (like, share, email submit?).

I honestly thing ZoSocial will benefit many business owners who are running contest by hand and many internet marketers who are trying increase sales, traffic or leads.

See a ZoSocial Demo here



How to Use ZoSocial (Best Practices Ideas):

Because of the versatility of contests on Facebook, there are numerous ways you can use ZoSocial base on your intended outcome. We’re going to go through a quick list of ways you can use Wilco De Kreij’s ZoSocial… a list by no means exhaustive.

Social Interactions & SEO: It’s no surprise that SEO today is largely integrated with Social Media. Google have mentioned they are able to browse the authority of each social page. Therefore, by increasing your social presence online, by building your fan page likes, you’re effectively investing to your search engine campaigns. Importantly, the more likes and shares you get the more links you can get for your website as well.

A creative way to use ZoSocial is to run a social campaign right while you’re doing your search engine strategy execution concurrently. Doing so you hit two birds with one stone to get a huge burst of social traffic while benefiting your search engine ranks.

Sales & Email Leads: Are you running a CPA offer? Perhaps you’re looking to build your email list? ZoSocial can help you set qualifying actions for your contests. This means you can easily verify whether people truly have submitted their email. Use ZoSocial to build a powerful and active email list in your niche with a relevant giveaway…harness the power of Facebook’s viral benefit by using ZoSocial to manage your Facebook Giveaway so you minimize the active work you need to do to acquire new subscribers (people can like, share, and opt-in at the same go!)

Basically ZoSocial is a great way to get email leads and even sales (more people seeing your product/offer)

ZoSocial for Data: Lastly you can use ZoSocial to analyze your contest and see what works most effectively for you to emphasize further on developing more of those kinds of promotions. You can use ZoSocial indirectly to find out what your customers and fans response to and what they like.

ZoSocial is a great way to get more facebook fans, likes, and shares while seeing what works best to maximize your effort with the data available.


These are some of the many ways you can use ZoSocial with your marketing campaigns. Zo Social goes beyond a social marketing tool, it can effectively be an ROI multiplier in itself if used correctly. What we’ve listed above are some broad ideas for using ZoSocial we’ve had that may work successfully although branching from those are almost limited applications.

Finally, here’s your back-end early bird access


Please share your suggestions of how you may use ZoSocial bellow!


P1 Traffic Machine –2.0 AutoBlog Software

In this blog post we’re going to take an overview of P1 Traffic Machine. We’ll answer some questions such as (1) What is it? (2) How do you use P1 Traffic Machine – WARNINGs (3) Who is P1 Traffic Machine for?

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First of all, it’s important to know the functionality of P1 Traffic Machine. Peter Garety P1 Traffic Machine is intended for the lazy webmaster to set up their website SILO structure populated with content and monetization option within minutes and a few clicks of a button.

The software curates content online and adds the appropriate page title base on your keywords. It structures your own website quickly and allows customization and adding further keyword pages. Basically Peter Garety P1 Traffic Machine is the 2.0 of AutoBlog Software. It doesn’t automatically post for you post on a regular basis although it helps you set up your site in a search engine friendly structure automatically.

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List of P1 Traffic Machine Functions


Now we’ll look at How do you use P1 Traffic Machine? Peter Garety has created P1 Traffic Machine as a WordPress plugin and another one of his instant set-up website tool. It allows you to quickly and easily set up website ready for you to market.

You should know however that Peter Garety P1 Traffic Machine is not necessary a set and forget system. You do get a structured website with content and monetization aid. You would however require to drive traffic to it. These sites may not fair long on Google although there are many ways you can use Peter Garety P1 Traffic Machine profitability:

–          Use it as a sub section of your website to get more content on your domain

–          Set it up and promote via Facebook (We have a Social guide in the bonus which will show you how to get 1000s of hits!)

–          Use on dormant domains for your promotion

We highly suggest you check out the video demo of P1 Traffic Machine here if you’re interested see how it works.



Lastly Who is P1 Traffic Machine for? This question relates largely back to #2 answer; it’s a great tool for lazy marketers who want a push button solution. While it does what it says it does and there isn’t quite a software like that, there are also some trade off you get from having a completely automated system.

Do note P1 Traffic Machine by Peter Garety is highly customizaable in that you can add extra pages base on keywords.

(1)    Domain Parking Service = Stop paying your domain parking service a cut of your ad revenue. If you have a domain that is getting traffic (such as expired domains) then you should use Peter Garety P1 Traffic Machine to park your own domain. You can even then use it to flip your website

(2)    Website Filler & Flip = Peter Garety P1 Traffic Machine can help you utilize unused domains populating it with content and organized pages which you can then set up and monetize or flip.

(3)    Content Adder = We suggest if you use P1 Traffic Machine, you use it as a supplement to the extra content on your website. Make sure you display user friendly content and use P1 Traffic Machine to ride on the authority and value of your authority content (so you can still get some search engine traffic with minimal effort using Peter Garety P1 Traffic Machine).

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CB Passive Income – What you Need to Know

CB Passive Income License Program – What you need to know?

Watch the CB Passive Income Video here

Who’s behind CB Passive Income?

CB Passive Income is written by veteran internet marketer Patric Chen. He has been doing internet marketing for over 10 years and have worked with some of the industry’s best including New York Times best sellers.

Patric Chen is a guy who truly cares about the quality of material he’s putting out and the brand. CB Passive Income as already proven is not a course that is launched and forgotten. Rather CB Passive Income has been a steady course to help various people. Patric has been running CB Passive Income already for over a year; this relaunch is the start of something better at CB Passive Income though many have already proven it to be a legitimate, quality course unlike many other you’ll find online.

Combine Patric’s experience and reputation along with the CB Passive Income track-record and you get a fairly reputable internet marketing course to help.

Why CB Passive Income?

CB Passive Income is a comprehensive course for anyone new to internet marketing. It provides the materials and the information needed so anyone can start up. Importantly, the concept is easy and proven. (though application is another issue)

Patric walks you through the whole process to help with the application of these list building passive income technique. This makes the course very straight forward and manageable.

CB Passive Income Bonus:

We truly believe in the quality of Patric Chen’s CB Passive Income and hence would like to provide a little extra help to get you on your way.

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We’re offering the following CB Passive Income bonus as part of your purchase of Patric’s course for passive clickbank income.

–          Traffic Campaign ($35 Value) = We’ll help you out getting some quality, targeted traffic by using Yahoo answers (community traffic, and good link juice) as well as social promotions to get you some good traffic to your squeeze page. This will be a little extra to what you learn in the course. As you may have read in our WF Blog the only part we think Patric should have emphasize on was the value of search engine traffic.

–          Press Release ($57 Value) = Get the news out about your lead capture gift. We’ll write you a professional PR as part of your CB Passive Income Bonus package and do an online distribution. This will get your press release distributed to niche related and authority websites to get you more link juice to your squeeze page.

–          Onsite Consultation ($35 Value) = Finally we’re offering onsite consultation with our CB Passive Income Bonus. Search engine optimization today first starts on your site. We want to ensure you have your site properly optimized for search engines and for users.

To learn more about CB Passive Income please click here.

TShirtAdBuilder – Tool to Make Money on TeeSpring

Click here to see how TShirtAdBuilder Works

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If you’re doing TeeSpring Campaigns are trying to Make money with TeeSpring then TShirtAdBuilder is likely something you want to get your hands on.

What is TShirtAdBuilder?

TShirtAdBuilder is a new online tool to give TeeSpring Campaigns and people looking to make money with TeeSpring a competitive advantage by being able to create professional ads for their campaigns without any graphic skills.

It’s a tool specialized for those wondering how to make money with TeeSpring. The biggest issue many marketers face when using TeeSpring is creating a high converting ad so to reduce their cost. This has a lot to do with the image you use and TShirtAdBuilder by Jon and Stephen is designed to help you create these high quality ads quickly to improve your CTR.

What’s really cool about TShirtAdBuilder is the intuitive design and easy usage. By this I mean you simply enter your campaign name and your campaign URL then it gets your shirt design for you. Once you select which template you want, you can select which shirt design to put. After doing this you customize it however you wish with different background or stamps and you have your ad ready.

How can it help you?

TShirtAdBuilder is mainly designed for those planning to make money with TeeSpring although you can also easily apply it to any other clothing and apparel affiliate program or products you wish to promote.

TshirtAdBuilder is a simple, intuitive, and high functioning online ad generator that has a very professional feel to it.

–          It helps to make ads for your TeeSpring campaigns without any graphics editing skills

–          TshirtAdBuilder helps save you time by being able to duplicate your campaigns and easily generate ads for your campaigns (this will give you a heads start over others)

–          One of the biggest question with How to make money with TeeSpring is how to handle the ads and find a suitable image; TShirtAdBuilder resolves this issue by having pre-developed professionally designed ad templates for your TeeSpring campaigns.

If you’re hoping to make money with TeeSpring then we highly suggest you consider checking out TShirtAdbuilder; this is an online tool that has not previously existed and will help provide you a significant advantage over other Teespring campaigns.

TShirtAdBuilder Discount?

TShirtAdBuilder is currently on sale at only $7.

VideoMaker FX – The Best video Editing Software

In this blog post on ImInfoHub, we’re going to look at the new “best” video editing software, VideoMaker FX.

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VideoMaker FX is [ON Sale]

For those of you who haven’t heard of Video Maker FX yet, it’s the latest tool in internet marketing to help you make sales and story videos for your affiliate promotions, video sales letter, or landing page. VideoMaker FX boasts to be easy to use with no learning curve, allowing anyone to harness the value of videos to boost conversion rate and user engagement.

Video Maker FX was released recently on May 5th by Peter Roszak; we’re going to take a look at how you can use VideoMaker FX.


How does Video Maker FX works?

If you want to know how VideoMaker FX works (the secret behind the tool that allows you to generate unique sales videos in minute) check out this video.

The simple answer: Video Maker FX works a bit like “the Best Spinner” for videos. There are 100s of template animation available for you which you can then easily customize and add your own message + images. By putting together these animations with your own story, you get a unique sales video to tell your story.


How can I use VideoMaker FX?

This is the unique aspect of VideoMaker FX software as an internet marketing tool; there are many applications you can use this for your business and to generate some income online. Especially since you can create unlimited videos on a single license with NO watermarks, we’ve come up with some ways you may use VideoMaker FX.

(1)    Make money online with Video Maker FX: There’s a huge demand and an unfulfilled need for video sales letter. With VideoMaker FX you can help client’s create customized videos in minutes; this means you’re able to compete in the market while still making a nice profit. Many video sales page providers currently charge $100s/minute for similar services.

Once you see the quality of video Video Maker FX can generate, you’ll realize the potential. If you want you may even provide your services on fiverr ($5 for a 30 second video which may take 7 minutes to make) and scale it up with a virtual assistant. For example setting a template; they tell you the story you plug it into Video Maker FX and they get their video – easy, happy customers

(2)    More So VideoMaker FX for Affiliate Marketers: There’s no denying that there are many faucets you can promote a product. Though many seasoned affiliate marketers will tell you that video is one of the BEST way to promote a product on a conversion and SEO standpoint. The problem with creating videos is they can take time (and a bad video is worse than no video) as well it may be costly.

One way, we currently do this is using Fiverr video blog services which has worked very well. Although with Video Maker FX you can quickly churn out, quality affiliate videos and product reviews with your own voice over in minutes. This can really power up your marketing efforts, sales, and profitability if done right!

(3)    Video Maker FX for Offline Business Consultants: Many businesses jumped for a website, and many understand the importance of a video to convey their business message. You can help your clients (and upsell them) with a business video made by VideoMaker FX. Since you own FULL ownership rights to the videos you create with Video Maker FX and there are no water marks, you can easily sell this service to businesses and they’ll likely thank you for it. It also now allows you another avenue to help them promote their service/business.

(4)    Website Owners: Create videos for your landing page on a shoe-string budget and do A/B testing to increase your conversion rate. Get more uses to sign-up or respond to your call to action by engaging them with an “amazing” video (as VideoMaker FX describes on their page)

(5)    Video sales Letter: Video Sales Letter has been the trend recently in internet marketing because they work. More and more guru sales letters will have a video on to display their story and their product benefits. Now you can take advantage of the power video delivers in terms of audience retention and conversion with VideoMaker FX. Create like videos to what you currently see on many sales page for a one-time fee with Video Maker FX.

There are many other options you can use VideoMaker FX though these are likely some of the main suggestions you may find. As VideoMaker FX, they are running a special discount at only $67 which is a great time to get VideoMaker FX.

Click here to watch VideoMakerFX video and sample or get your copy.


The content written here express the opinion of the editor.


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