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SyncLeads – What does it do?

SyncLeads is [ON SALE!]

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Welcome to IMInfoHub’s SyncLeads review. In this review, we’re going to answer the question what does SyncLeads do and take a look at how it works.

What does SyncLeads do?

How does SyncLeads work?

Who is SyncLeads for?


You can read more about SyncLeads here.

Smart Member 2.0 Bonus & Review

Smart Member 2.0 Bonus & Review

Information you need to know about Chris Record’s Smart Member.

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Dear IMInfoHub readers,

Smart Member 2.0 has recently launched. We’re going to feature a brief overview of what is Smart Member and add our value-added service bonuses to the Smart Member 2.0 package offer by Chris Record!

Read on if you’re interested in Smart Member 2.0 or making money online by creating content, building a personal brand, or even a real internet business with product development.

So what do you need to know about Smart Member 2.0?

Smart Member 2.0 seeks to be your Udemy alternative. Chris Record created Smart Member 2.0 as a simple solution to membership site creation and membership software sites options.

Membership Sites Software:

Chris made this Smart Member 2.0 membership sites software because he identified the value of membership sites for membership sites owners and users alike yet while the options were available, there wasn’t any determinant winner in the space. Being the product expert he is, Chris set forth to create a hope to be best membership sites software for his customers. It also happens to be a Udemy alternative in short.

Udemy Alternative:

Udemy is great but there’s always up and coming solutions that try to edge out their competitors. Competition is good because Chris and his team have given Udemy a run for their money with a solution that’s cheaper (as a one time fee) and equally functional making it an excellent alternative to Udemy.

Smart Member Version 2 Improvements:

The competition have also encouraged Chris Record and the team at Smart Member 2.0 to push out a significant update quickly hence version 2.0 of Smart Member which solves some customer inconvenience or shortfalls about version 1.0. It also features new improvements to the Smart Member membership sites software such as direct integration with JVZoo.

Udemy vs. Smart Member 2.0:

Now there are however some key differences between Udemy and Smart Member 2.0 however. Smart Member 2.0 isn’t a complete online platform; it is however a powerful tool that enables you to do what you would with Udemy and get a bigger share of the pie. It doesn’t (currently) take a royalty of any content you create like Udemy may with their marketplace although you also don’t have thousands of affiliates that you would with Udemy ready to promote your course. (and a course without sales or views doesn’t do you very much good – that means you have to do your own marketing and your own promotion or recruit affiliates).

There is however a simple solution to this and that’s JVZoo. What Smart Member 2.0 does instead of creating a community of affiliates and vendors is provide easy access to JVZoo’s marketplace where affiliates can find you. It also is a fairly easy process to recruit affiliates that will promote your content, your membership sites, and product for you once you have a track record of good content, conversion rates, and an executed JV recruitment program. (contacts always helps too – there are many sites such as MunchEye and that can help you get JVs to promote your product. Remember to provide an incentive for affiliates to choose your product over another membership site product and importantly communicate with the right affiliates. Many affiliates like specific promotion niches because that’s where their list assets are – unless the affiliate uses SEO traffic – so if you’re looking for Internet Marketing niche then Warrior Forum or Digital Point is an excellent target market. If you’re looking for fitness and health then go and reach out to the folks at Six Pack Shortcuts or check out the BodyBuilding community for experts in the field, to field your product – pun intended.)

Smart Member 2 Basically

So in essence with Smart Member 2.0, you get more features and you get some lesser community network although it’s a highly competitive Udemy alternative for those who are simply looking for the technology and platform to host their course and membership sites. If you don’t need help with the marketing then Smart Member 2.0 is an excellent alternative to Udemy but if you want to leverage a community of affiliates, course buyers, and publicity, you should consider the pros and cons – you can easily link your course to JVZoo as mentioned.

It should also be clarified however that Udemy affiliates don’t typically pick up products to promote unless they are doing some searching in the niche. Either ways you still have to recruit the affiliates unless your course becomes a top-hit then you can do really well with Udemy.

So when it comes down to it, if you believe your course will naturally be a top-hit (and be real with yourself) then you want to leverage Udemy. If you’re building a membership site or online course and want to use it for a normal sale (or perhaps capture leads and get more of the profits which Smart Member 2.0 allows though Udemy currently doesn’t provide this) then Smart Member 2.0 is a great alternative for you.

Solution – Smart Member 2 JV Bonus:

One more thing is, we’ve also help you solved this shortfall to Smart Member 2.0 in our SM2 bonus! (check it out at the bottom of this post)

Click here to visit Smart Member 2.0 to get your SM 2.0 bonus. <


How does Smart Member 2.0 work?

  1. Create your course: Go ahead and make the content using the membership site software on Smart Member 2.0: You can give review access to joint venture partners. You can also easily add your course to JVZoo network of affiliates.
  2. Build your list: Smart Member 2.0 integrates a few of Chris Record’s other tools that allow you to build micro lists in your niche on auto pilot. This gives you some promotional power without affiliates. You can also create affiliate bonus sites which you should use as a incentive for affiliates to promote your product (when creating an affiliate bonus sites or a customize lead/sales page, you can typically get higher conversion rate as an affiliate so affiliates like this feature. With Smart Member 2.0, you can create these affiliate bonus sites and lead capture pages for your affiliates)
  3. Generate leads: You can create different lead capture pages to promote your Smart Member 2.0 membership site or online course. It’s a dynamic landing page so you can keep your lead capture links the same (especially useful for ad campaigns) and then it’ll automatically divert the traffic base on the identified demographic. I haven’t quite tested this and not too sure how well this would work although if it does work then it’ll be an excellent time saver and convenience tool to get better conversion rate by being able to specifically address your customer’s pain point individually. A female stay at home mom looking to make extra money compared to a 20s male college student hoping to find a full time job is quite different manner for approaching. You can also then utilize this leads (into Sales Force) to sell your target audience easier. People would more willingly sign up than send a payment immediately to someone they didn’t know. For that matter Chris Record is quite a serial software maker so Smart Member 2.0 is only to the list of other useful products he’s created in the internet marketing space. This is why Smart Member 2.0 is such a great contender as an alternative to Udemy. With version 2.0, you already see that Chris is interested in continuing to improve and update the Smart Member membership sites software product. An important factor to product quality and relevance is consistent and continual updates and improvements which we’ve seen so far with SM. “there are two types of software – software you update, and those you don’t use”

Overall, the fact that Smart Member 2.0 is releasing with updates and more features makes it assuring Udemy alternative. How to use Smart Member 2 and how it works is underlined in 3 points for simplicity though there are actually more steps that should be taken in using this membership sites software such as the process of content or course creation alone.


Incredible Smart Member 2.0 Bonus. 

We’re adding some incredible Smart Member 2.0 bonus that you won’t find anywhere else! Many individuals will provide you with product bonuses that simply take up space on your hard drive, we’ll help you get sales to your product.

Now let’s get to the Smart Member 2.0 bonus! This bonus will be what you need if you’re serious. Don’t even consider any other junk Smart Member 2.0

Smart Member 2.0 Bonus #1: $997 in course sales – We’ll help you to promote your product once you have your Smart Member 2.0 membership site or online course through either/and (1) SEO – what we do best, finding niche keywords and promoting your course which can get passive traffic to your membership site (2) PPC – We’ve been fine tuning our experience with pay per click campaigns to do split testing and run a profitable campaign. We can do the same for you to promote your Smart Member product or membership site. Ad costs are paid by us (3) Our list – we may utilize our list of 2000 if it fits with your niche and your product is higher quality.

The more probable approach is setting up a full lead capture campaign and using SEO traffic with PPC to promote your product.

There are a few conditions to this Smart Member 2.0 bonus which includes:

  • We require 50% commission on all promotional campaign
  • The product must be good quality. We reserve the right to decline promotion of product. You will be provided service credits instead. We can also review your product and help you as necessary
  • We reserve the right to decline niches and to change our offer rules. I will not promote any product that’s unscrupulous or in a niche that is socially controversial.

Some other things to note about this Smart Member 2.0 bonus is that you need this bonus. To have someone promote your product (and in the process review your membership sites or online course) will be very useful.

We also will likely run the campaigns beyond the minimum guaranteed sale value. (if you’re going to run a campaign, you want to make it worth your effort by getting the most returns from it. So we will likely identify some SEO keywords, set up the content and lead capture pages to promote your membership sites or online course from Smart Member and then rank those keywords and keep it up and keep the content updated if it’s profitable).

It’s also important to ensure you have high conversion rates to get the most out of our promotional efforts. If your sales page doesn’t convert, we cannot promote your product. (there’ll be better use for the traffic)


Smart Member 2.0 Bonus #2: SEO Ultimate 2016 – SEO Ultimate 2016 will be delivered in a print (shipping included) and digital copy which will teach you the ins and outs of SEO so you can use this high quality traffic to promote your Smart Member 2.0 membership sites.

This will really allow you to get the most from your membership sites software by being able to set up relatively passive traffic to your membership sites. (a small tip, do not send the traffic direct to your sales page – it’s harder to optimize and share a sales page but create a lead capture site or a niche community to then optimize and rank which in turn promote your actual membership sites. Or create a free content segment on your membership site and give out the best info you can there which will allow you to leverage on the organic and sharing traffic…and up the content quality a little more on your paid segment much like you would with an upsell process.)

Smart Member 2.0 Bonus #3: EMD Victory & Passive Profits – Next, we have two simple PDF guides for you. EMD victory that walks you through setting up niche sites for promoting products online.

EMD Victory is excellent complement to promoting your newly created membership sites that you made with SmartMember. It’ll also help you learn more about WordPress and what plugins you need if you’re unfamiliar with the tech aspect. We also walk through some topics about keyword finding. Then we also talk about content creation to help you with making good content for your niche sites. Finally you learn a little about some SEO strategies. It’s actually a guide intended to teach people about affiliate marketing with niche websites though it’ll be excellent Smart Member 2 bonus to apply for promoting your own products as well.

Passive Profits guide is a brief guide about ranking videos on Youtube and making affiliate commissions through Youtube videos even if you don’t like to record yourself. It’s what we did with affiliate marketing that generated VERY passive profits for about a full year on one campaign run. It’s useful for you to learn how you can set up these sales assets to drive traffic to your lead capture pages on Smart Member 2.0 with the Bridge Pages option. It’s also an excellent bonus that makes Smart Member 2 an even better Udemy alternative by providing the knowledge you need.


Smart Member 2.0 Conclusion – Udemy Alternative?

With Smart Member 2.0 and our Smart Member 2.0 bonus package, you have both the platform to create a membership site with the membership sites software AND the knowledge to use this platform to get traffic, leads, and sales to your website and pages. You also even get a done for you promotion campaign as an affiliate. To have an affiliate campaign for your product will let you get the data and track record as well as being found easier on affiliate marketplaces like JVZoo (Few people choose to promote an un-tested product that doesn’t have any sales on the JVZoo marketplace unless you know the person directly or have an agreement some how). It’s a kick start to getting more affiliates.

Effectively, with IMInfoHub you get the perfect Udemy alternative with Smart Member 2.0 and the bonuses included!


Ps. I forgot to mention that Chris Record is also providing his own list of bonuses to Smart Member 2.0 during the first 7 days it’s open:

  • 2 tickets to 3C Conference ($997 Value): Get 2 VIP tickets to the 3C Conference in Vegas where you can learn from other internet marketing experts and learn about sales conversion. It’s an excellent Smart Member 2.0 bonus for those who may wish to attend the conference in person since the tickets themselves are sold for $447 each. You also do get an event recording if you cannot make it there in person. The reality with internet marketing conferences is the networking and in-person experience so honestly, if you’re not going there in person then the actual value of this bonus is much lower in actuality. Although you still get something if you cannot make it there in person. The people there will also gauge the value of tickets to an internet marketing conference; if a conference is filled with internet marketing experts, then the ticket would certainly be worth more since we measure a conference value by the networking and in-person experience/opportunities hence the ticket value can be really subjective. You can price something whatever you want, but if people don’t see the value in it and buy it then it can basically be ink on paper (which is what a lot of other Smart Member 2 bonuses are in actuality. We like to measure things and costs in VALUE!)
  • Dark Post Profits 3.0 ($997 Value): Dark Post Profits 3.0 is coming out shortly and is another Smart Member 2.0 bonus provided by Chris during the first 7 days of version 2.0 release. The membership sites software would greatly benefit from the knowledge in Dark Post Profits 3; it’ll also help you learn more about membership sites by seeing a first hand example of the recent one that Chris made being Dark Post Profits 3.0. You also get useful information about how to promote your product and internet marketing in general. Making it another reason that Smart Member 2.0 is a better Udemy alternative.
  • Dark Post Profits 2.0 (N/A): Dark Post Profits 2.0 is the previous version that is no longer being sold. It packs knowledge and content about product sales and conversion rate. Useful information for people like you to learn about how to increase your conversion rate, capture leads, and get more sales (ideally). It’s a good Smart Member 2.0 bonus to have built on version 1.0
  • Dark Post Profits 1.0 (N/A): Dark Post Profits can help you learn about eCommerce and affiliate marketing for promoting your membership sites much like how our EMD Victory and Passive Profits will help you to learn about affiliate marketing to get sales to your page and teach your affiliates. Version 1.0 is not for sale any more currently.
  • EXTRAS: Extra Smart Member 2.0 bonuses

SEO Gear for Webmaster

Watch SEO Gear video here.

Dear Webmasters,

Your website is more than a blip on the map; it’s a representation of your brand and your work. You’ve put effort into building your website and creating content, it’d be a shame if few people came to learn about your brand and your work. You’ve already placed the hardest part of the work, creating your content, now you need people to find your content so you can benefit from it.

SEO Gear is a tool designed to help you get traffic from search engines automatically by doing the hard work of link creation for you. It differs from other software because it’s completely web base (no hassle of installation or keeping your computer running) and it also uses a network of account they manage (so you don’t need to go through the hassle of managing your own web 2.0 accounts), it basically helps you do everything to link building without the hassle so you can get the traffic for your website to profit from.

There are two major ways you can get traffic efficiently (1) Pay per click – this requires you to pay for each click or visit you get. Typically around $0.50 per person visiting your website. Not bad still as you get traffic instantly. Although Pay per click requires quite a bit of time to optimize your ads and really understand your target market; it also can get quite expensive quickly. (2) Search engine optimization – this allows you to get traffic month after month if you’re ranked on the first page. Search engine optimization is typically a cheaper option though it takes a lot of work without the right tools. Still if you build the foundations and use the right resource it can be very successful.

In effect, if you want to get more from your website then SEO is what you need.

  • It’ll help you get more traffic to your website
  • It’ll help you get more leads for your website (email submits, followers, and regular readers)
  • It’ll help you get more sales or opportunities.

SEO also helps you to build your brand. Any website on the top 10 of Google naturally gets recognized more than an unknown website. Users trust you more and you seem more of an authority by merely being on the top 10 of Google out of millions of other web pages. It’s as if their knowledgeable friend recommended you.

That’s why ranking on Google is important for you as a webmaster. If you want to get the most out of your website and make the most of the effort you put in creating content for others, you need to be considering how you’re doing search engine optimization.

How you do SEO:

To ensure you do search engine optimization for your website, you should stick to some basics for your website (1) consider your desired keywords when creating your content (2) making use of meta title and description (3) creating good content. That pretty much simplifies your onsite Optimization.

The next major side of SEO is your website promotion and link building. This is arguably the biggest part once you’ve settled your onsite optimization. It is also time consuming and tedious if you don’t know how to do it. This is where SEO Gear comes in. SEO Gear combines the expertise of Chris Doughit (who has a dual degree in business and computer science) to rank you better on Google with less the hassle.

Chris has been doing search engine optimization for several years and understood how many of the processes were very repetitive but to do it right, you still had to do it manually. This is why Chris Doughit created SEO Gear to recreate the process of creating links to your website as you would manually. The exception that this software does it automatically for you, it manages the account for you, it generates the content for you, it adds the link for you and it even creates the supporting links for you. It’s like creating citations automatically.

SEO Gear is the all in one solution for those looking to automate their SEO. It’s intended to serve as a set and forget tool to get you more traffic, leads, and sales. More readers, followers and fans to your website. What SEO Gear does is to help you create links back to your website so it appears like people are sharing your content with their fans. It handles the link diversity, it handles the social links, and it handles the contextual links. It handles the support links to make your link more valuable for you. The best part is the hassle free management of accounts that SEO gear does for you.

In essence, Chris Doughit, combined his expertise with computer science with his business experience to create a hassle free solution to create links that appear naturally to get more traffic to your website automatically. It does the hassle of search engine optimization for you in effect.

I encourage you to give SEO Gear a trial and see how it works easily to generate more traffic for you. Many webmasters like yourself have used SEO Gear for their website. It has worked for others and likewise it will do so for you. It effect allows you to benefit from the value of search engine traffic without the hassle and time costs.

The software does everything passively for you month by month to build your ranks above your competitors gradually for less than $2 per day. Imagine, a cup of coffee to get more traffic and sales, less than $2 per day to save hours of hassle.

Click this link and try it out for less than $1 per day. A special SEO Gear promotion.

ECom Experts Academy – Does it work?

eCom Experts Academy 2 is [ON SALE!]

Click here to watch eCom Experts Academy 2 video.

The team at eCom Experts Academy is bringing eCom Academy back again with a new, improved version of eCom Experts Academy, known as eCom Premier Academy (or eCom Experts academy 2).

Version 2 is more than a change of name, it features (1) more tools to help you make money with eCommerce easier (2) monthly webinars to help you get more tips to increase profits and answer your questions (3) Facebook Mastermind group to connect you with like-minded individuals. This is very valuable as you know people you associate with can motivate or demotivate you. Being able to connect with others interested in building an eCommerce business or generate extra income can help propel your progress. You also get direct access to eCommerce/Shopify experts Justin Taylor and Robert Nava. (4) more case studies to show you it works and how you can do it (5) 2 tickets to eCom Experts LIVE.

Is eCom Experts Academy worth the price tag?

It depends, would you use it or do you plan on putting it to your digital book shelves? eCom Experts Academy is run by four passionate guys interested in helping others to build a legitimate eCommerce/Shopify business and make money online. It certainly enables you with the know-how and resource/tools to be able to take action. It’s minimal in barriers as the eCommere business can be taken part time. This could easily mean to generate $300 in a week hence you get your return of investment and profits onwards. In actuality, eCommerce is so highly scalable and simple once you get a formula (think the earning reports of TeeSpring sellers) that Justin Taylor runs an $80k/month eCommerce business on shopify. You get to learn from Justin Taylor and Robert Nava, both who are the mastermind behind eCommerce Experts Academy. (both who have ran successful eCommerce business online at extravagant scale).

Ask yourself how much would you pay for a business franchise? eCom Premier Academy can be thought as a franchise of online business world. You’re provided the same tools (landing page creator and application) and resource (finding products to sell) to get you started, you’re provided the training material (the personal Facebook Ads Strategy Justin uses who runs the 80k per month eCommerce business), you’re even provided with almost personal training (two weeks of boot camp as they call it at eCom Premier Academy to work with you and help you get started learning what you need to know). It’s really a powerful course that almost has a hand-holding approach to help you apply a proven business model which has been used by countless individuals to build a successful, even large, eCommerce business for generous profits.

In effect, we really like eCom Premier academy because we think it’ll help its members. eCom Experts Academy already has dozens of success stories, and proofs. The version 2 of eCom Experts Academy known as eCom Premier academy is even better.

Who is eCom Academy 2 (eCom Premier Academy) for?

PPC advertisers – PPC advertisers will appreciate eCom academy to learn the same personal ad strategy that Justin uses in generating his 80k per month eCommerce business. It’s replicable and he has done again with other eCommerce business. It’s a system and marketers love system. PPC advertisers may also wish to benefit from eCom Academy’s landing page creator or Facebook re-targeting system in place. It’s effectively a great resource to reduce your monthly cost and increase your performance.

If Justin can use Facebook Ads to sell products on Facebook, you can use these same techniques to sell your products and generate leads on Facebook or other ad platform. Facebook is where your audience is and you can learn how to effectively sell them there. Though if you prefer to use search engine PPC, you can use these techniques to improve your performance on other platforms. (social media to search engines is like selling a diamond at a bar or at a jewelry store)

TeeSpring sellers – TeeSpring sellers will appreciate the similarity of Shopify. Increase your profits and possibilities by learning how to use Shopify effectively and the intricacies to get a successful campaign with Shopify. If you make money with TeeSpring you know how easy profits can be with eCommerce, you can expand your reach with eCom Academy and Shopify. Imagine being able to reach new products that TeeSpring can’t with the same techniques and similar results. You may also learn how to improve your TeeSpring campaign with the same techniques Justin uses with Shopify.

Shopify users – Shopify Users who have their eCommerce store can learn how to increase leads and sales with eCom academy. You already have the foundations set so at fuel to the fire with the promotional techniques and strategy that eCom academy reveals. This can be very easy return on investment for those who already have Shopify stores.

Make Money Online – eCom Premier Academy is one of the most reputable course you may find about making money online. The course author have been featured by Shopify and Tim Ferris (the four hour work week author – which means you know it’s very manageable with your time). It’s a time-tested technique and a proven strategy to make money online. eCom Premier academy also provides more than instruction but the hand-holding, resource, and tools to get you going and making money online. It’s importantly replicable so you can work more to increase your profits and eCommerce business. Lastly we also like that there are numerous case studies you can learn from; it’s many times more motivating and easier to replicate/apply a case study than simply theory instructions that many courses online today are founded on.

We forgot to mention as well that eCom Premier Academy or eCom Experts Academy 2 is actually 1/10th the price of another popular eCommerce course with a comparable course. You get a similar value at 10% the price of what others are paying in essence.


eCom Academy 2 Bonus (eCom Premier Academy Bonus):

At IMInfoHub, we like to help internet marketers and readers to get going. By being an affiliate of eCom Experts Academy, we get a 50% commission from each purchase. We effectively, translate this into a eCom Experts Academy bonus for you!

I believe this I one of the BEST eCom Academy bonus you may find. Many will provide useless PLR but this bonus combines service and products to get you the most value.

(1) $50 Done for you Ads Promotion ($100 Value): We’ve been using Facebook to promote local businesses and online offers. We’l help you run $50 in Facebook Ads through our account. We’ll optimize your ads for you to get you more results and traffic. (there’s no payment on your part – we’ll be paying the $50 in Ads). If you like the results we can continue running the ads up to $300 for you; you’d be responsible for paying strictly the ad costs. Ads optimization and testing will continue to be managed by us.

(2) The Humble SEO Book ($39 Value): We’ll mail you a copy of the Humble SEO book. Learn how to rank your website on search engines. You can sell a ring to your customers at a bar (Facebook) or at a jewelry store (Google). Search Engine traffic converts better in most cases. Learn how you can generate search engine traffic to your product pages and get sales (most often recurring once you’ve invested initially.)

Includes shipping and handling for US and Canada. (Other countries will be provided a digital copy)

(3) Done for you SEO ($138): We’ll help you promote your shopify page online. This includes a press release written for your product with a SEO distribution ($49 Value). We’ll also help you with a unique social bookmarking strategy ($37 Value), supported with a social promotion strategy ($37 Value). We’ll close things off with five contextual links from niche related pages; these backlinks will be manually procured through blog comments, forum interaction, or blog posts ($15 Value). Services are provided by SEOtProsperity and quoted base on reseller prices.

Total Value of eCom Academy Bonuses = $277

To claim your eCom Academy bonus, purchase from the link above from November 10 to 13 and send an email to

We’ll contact you within 24 hours on details of claiming your bonus.

eCom Premier Academy: eCom Premier Academy is version 2 of eCom Experts Academy by Devin Zander Robert Nava, and Justin Taylor. The eCommerce course is intended to help members with Shopify and Facebook

Vlydo review & bonus – Why Vlydo Video Player?

Click here to Watch Vlydo in Action

Vlydo is [ON SALE!]

Vlydo is a newly launched video player alternative for video marketers, business owners, and internet marketers as yourself! It’s design to make video marketing more effective for you and more profitable. This is done by providing you with split-testing and statistics on your video so that you can improve your video optimization. Vlydo also permits you to create playlist and a variety of “smart options” intended to boost your video performance.

Keep reading to learn more about Vlydo and check IMInfoHub’s exclusive Vlydo Bonus!

In essence, Vlydo is an alternative to Vimeo that’s cheaper and more internet marketer friendly. It’s an excellent product for a variety of purposes including lead generation with video and creating content playlist for your website (without the Youtube ads distraction and recommended videos). This is also an excellent way to generate content viewable on your website and subsequently use it to generate more traffic to your website.

Click here to claim your Vlydo discount now.


What is Vlydo?

Vlydo is a video marketing tool for internet marketers and business owners. It gives you more control over your video and provides simplified storage solution for your video.

Vlydo is the perfect complement to any video marketers wanting to make more with their video and take their video marketing strategy to the next level. It provides stats and in-video features that can help you split-test and optimize your video performance. This is critical as with any sales copy or website conversion, by simply increasing your conversion rate X% can mean recurring returns with increasing traffic.

In effect, Vlydo gives you control over your video to increase your results, lead conversions, traffic, and video marketing in general. It’s a smart video marketing tool that will help any video marketer tremendously even if only for the optimization feature (to be able to split test your video and add a video playlist allows you to streamline your content delivery and increase your performance). We genuinely think that Vlydo is over-delivering for what they’ve priced; it’s certainly one of the best value options for video players.


Who is Vlydo for?

Business owners – Business owners can use Vlydo for their marketing efforts since video content is on a rising trend. Video is an important in staying competitive with your market. Many business owners may elect to use Youtube but Youtube doesn’t allow you the flexibility or customization that you have with Vlydo. You’d be in control of your video with Vlydo and you can choose what content goes, not Youtube or another third party site. It also provides you the valuable statistics necessary to optimize for performance. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll be able to integrate an opt-in form to capture leads, turning your audience into leads. Furthermore, you can also add your own ads to your video instead if letting users be distracted with recommended video and competitor’s ads on the side bar…you can now add your own business’ banner ads directly into the video which allows you to make better use of content/information marketing (this is what builds good will – to provide valuable information to your customers in a non-salesly video with branding through your in-video ad banner while on pause.) Vlydo also has a variety of “smart controls” that allow you to customize your user experience.

Internet marketers – Internet Marketers will appreciate using Vlydo for a variety of purposes to host videos on their website or perhaps simply use it as a means of content delivery. Internet marketers will appreciate the playlist feature as well as the opt in form integration. You may also wish to use it for traffic generation by locking your videos until a share for “premium content” which gets you more social media traffic. In effect, an internet marketers will appreciate the mult-facet use of Vlydo especially when it comes to lead generation.

You may actually wish to use Vlydo for building a complete video lead generation site, enabling you to use the content slightly altered (with some text content) to build various web pages to rank and optimize for search engine key terms. This is an interesting strategy for effective lead generation that’s low effort because you’re recylcing the same content with an edited video and some base text content.

Video marketers – Video Marketers will appreciate the split testing feature and the advanced statistics on Vlydo (much like Youtube style) yet in their control to win in the optimization game. They can easily optimize their video and do case studies to see what brings the best performance and results by hosting their videos on Vlydo. There are many ways to easily split test your videos and check the statistics to learn what content and features your customers respond to. This is invaluable information that can help you make increasing more money with your traffic, giving you an added edge over your competitors.


How does Vlydo work?





Vlydo Bonus:

We’ve prepared an incredible Vlydo bonus package available for you exclusively on

This is as we dare say it the BEST Vlydo bonus we can offer you because we genuinely believe in the product that Sam Bakker is releasing. We know it will help you and want to make it as easy as possible to take that step and jump in to get Vlydo. We’re combining a series of services and product bonuses with more surprise bonuses to come

1) Social SEO ($97 Value) – Let us help you with your video or website and apply the social SEO that you need to improve your website or video performance. This includes 300 manually applied social bookmarks (not the usual social bookmarks you find, we’re doing things differently to get you better results – much like not every car is made equal). Following that well send a batch of 500 social signals from real accounts (that have authority built). Finally, we complete your social SEO campaign with some authority social signals (social signals, boosted with shares) and a few properly placed contextual links (about 10 textual links). You won’t find this package anywhere else.

2)  SEO Ultimate 2015 ($17 Value) – Learn some SEO strategies that will get your website or video found on Google to get the traffic you deserve.

3) List Magic ($17 Value) – This is a product bonus for Vldyo. Learn how to add 1000 subscribers to your list in the next 30 days. This is excellent for those wanting to do lead generation with your video.

Thanks for reading our Vlydo article and checking out these Vlydo bonuses. Click the link above to get Vlydo on discount and claim these bonuses.

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Bonus & Review

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Easy Sketch Pro 3 is [ON SALE!]

Easy Sketch Pro is coming up with version 3 as a collaboration between Andrew Fox, Paul Lynch, and Mirza Com. This combination brings you the BEST version of Easy Sketch Pro you’ve seen with EVEN more features than it already had. We’re so excited about ESP 3 that we’re offering our BEST bonus offer possible in collaboration with SEOtProsperity Services Inc.

If you’re on this page, you quality for the Easy Sketch Pro 3 bonus by using this link to Get Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

(This bonus is primarily offered to loyal members of our Bing Ads list and existing SEOtProsperity customers but it will be extended publicly through ImInfoHub till September 23)

Easy Sketch Pro Review:

Here’s an honest Easy Sketch Pro 3 review. Please note, we’re provided with a review copy and we’re promoting Easy Sketch Pro with the bonuses available bellow although opinions have been attempted to be kept as neutral as possible. (Thanks,

Easy Sketch Pro features:

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 features a few features to highlight first before we get into a review of Easy Sketch Pro:

(1) Add autoresponder – right in your video for better results

(2) Add webinar registration – simplify registration and get your viewers right to your sign up page without scrolling off your video

(3) URL redirects with call to action – powerful to increase click through rate so you can sell more. If you more an offer by EPC then the more clicks you get through equates to more money you get

(4) Follow on Facebook – Build a community with your audience which means better profits (5) Twitter too. Excellent feature on Easy Sketch Pro

(6) Add & display Youtube videos in videos – This is useful to have cross channel content so you don’t need to edit it into your video. Many video marketers are doing this now and it allows your viewers to check your other content and follow up on more from you (7) Vimeo as well

(8) Soundcloud – this is more useful if you were in some niche selling audio or featuring your music work. Get great audio with sound cloud

(9) Tap to Call – Tap to call leads are on the rise and this is useful if you’re selling phone leads. As more businesses are doing this, you know it matters and you know it’s on the edge and people can follow up better with a phone call than an email or text sales page. If you read Mark Burnett’s book, “Jump in” you’ll understand. BTW highly recommend that book. “Great guy” (Donald Trump refernece in case you haven’t been watching US politics)

In effect Easy Sketch Pro 3 is a video marketing software that makes videos more interactive for your customers (I wish Youtube built these features in but unfortunately they don’t – for good reason with their target market in mind however). Thankfully smart marketers like Andrew Fox and Paul Lynch have identified the need, the value, and created Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

Furthermore, to these functions, you’ll find that Easy Sketch Pro has a simple user interface that allows you to add a variety of customization to how ESP 3 works such as force capture, text edit, position, colour options, icon size, icon options, and timing release. It’s simple options that make an impact and are still yet easy to use hence Easy Sketch Pro.

You would especially like the force capture and time release feature if you want to make sure your lead is captured. The force capture feature allows you to set the video to only continue after the user have completed the list opt in (useful when you want to release high content to subscribers only). The time release makes sure the hotspot is featured only after a set time which is useful when displaying Facebook icons or click through links after your pitch/video.


My opinion? 

Easy Sketch Pro 3 is a powerful software that is useful for any serious video marketers. I would whole heartily recommend a video marketing software like this for those using video as a means of communication (let’s face it videos are more effective means of communication than most other mediums under most circumstances. You need that face to face connection or that demonstration. It is composed of many pictures and pictures do tell a lot.)

So in effect, if you use something like Dynamic VSL, OptimizePress 2, or video opt in pages then you need a tool like Easy Sketch Pro to get better results. There are actually countless ways you can use something like Easy Sketch Pro (we may update with some ideas later – after seeing it’s viability).

Where video tools go, Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 is great because:

(1) they update the tool as indicated – having a software with a lot of uses and honest developers who care to update the tool is important to ensure continued usage and security

(2) they do it well – Easy Sketch Pro 3 has sorted out the bugs so it’s test and it works. The team is great too, you have Com Mirza as a partner who has a net worth of 500 million. I think he would care about anything he puts his name on. It could hurt his reputation otherwise. Not only that but you think someone who amass 500 million net worth would know a thing or two about running a sustainable SAAS or what is worth investing to? If Com Mirza invested into Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 stating that he has noted the value in a tool like this; you know that it will be done properly in version 3.

(3) It’s easy – It’s easy really! Easy Sketch Pro has made it as simplified as possible to use Easy Sketch Pro. I like it’s user-friendly approach and the ability to add any videos to Easy Sketch Pro in a few clicks then customize your hot-spots with behaviors as you like. Apple won the iPhone with the concept of simplicity and user-interface; Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 is trying to do the same where video marketing tools go.

There you have it, three key points as to why we like EasySketchPro 3.0 and I think you will too.

It should be noted that Easy Sketch pro is not the first of it’s kind although it’s probably the best option now…especially with the bonuses we’re providing bellow during their product release of ESP 3!


Easy Sketch Pro Bonus:

ESP Bonus 1 – Video Promotion ($47 Value): We’re going to promote your Youtube video to get the snowball rolling. This is excellent if you want to use a simple Youtube video to lead to your ESP 3.0 video.

It’s been known that audiences watching one video are more receptive to watch another video than text content. Therefore it’s an excellent manner to get traffic from Youtube community, search engines, and Google search engines. With this Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 bonus we’ll help you get the initial views and promotion going to make your video more visible online.

We’ll do what we can to get you targeted views although we’ll also fix the social signals and view stats for you to get you more real views to your video. If your video is active it performs better in Youtube and Google searches. (simplified explaination)

Precisely what you get with this Easy Sketch Pro 3 bonus is the following (1) Views getting – we’ll help you run ads to your videos to get you 100 real views (2) Video stats – we’ll send you a few [about 20] genuine Youtube likes and shares (3) Video social – we’ll have your video shared across several populated Facebook pages and a mixture of social signals [varies by video. collective about 30 shares on Facebook, 20 shares on Google+, 15 shares on Twitter, and undisclosed bonus]

ESP Bonus 2 – Youtube Video Backlink ($79 Value): We’re going to help you get some backlinks to your video to have you rank higher on Google search engines with your video. This include links from wiki-type sites, file-sharing sites, and web 2.0 sites. We also support these links with 2nd-tier links for better effect, carefully applied. Lastly you’ll get 10 high PR blog links from blog posting [link will not be shared but results should be seen – if not we’ll add more]. This Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 bonus will help you make better use of your video to generate traffic to your lead capture or ESP video.

ESP Bonus 3 – $150 Bing Ads Coupon: We’re going to give you $150 in Bing Advertising credits valid for new accounts.

We’re confident this is the absolute BEST Easy Sketch Pro bonus you’ll find online. The combination provides not only informational bonuses but real services you can use.

Internet marketers and video marketers understand that a service saves you time, and time is more valuable than data dust (a whole bunch of eBooks and outdated software that you won’t use – which others are dumping across 1000s of individuals. Pretty much you won’t be effective because those are barely updated. We learn you have two kinds of programs, ones you update and ones people don’t use…CPSC 110 FTW).

Claiming your Easy Sketch Pro Bonus:

If you’d like to claim these bonuses please purchase through the link listed above. Proceed to emailing with your receipt payment and you’ll receive a response within 24 hours to claim your Easy Sketch Pro offer. Services will be provided by SEOtProsperity Services Inc.



Ps. Some final words about Easy Sketch Pro 3.0: If you’re looking for a video marketing tool that does what Easy Sketch Pro does to increase your conversions and make better use of your audience (to generate more revenue) then take advantage of Easy Sketch Pro, version 3 release.

This will give you a significant discount than the regular pricing after their new release. Currently with their release discount, you can be assured ESP 3 is the BEST option for such functions.


Finally here’s a few more useful resource:

Amazo-X by Todd Gross – Make Money with Amazon

Click here to get Amazo-X Today

Amazo-X is [ON SALE!]

Amazo-X was recently released by Todd Gross and Dan Hollings (“Mr.X” in the promo video). It’s a new course teaching it’s members how to make money with Amazon without any up-front investment and minimized risks because you’ll be promoting other people’s product or consulting in other words.

The product owner will provide the product samples and and management. Amazo-X will teach you how to optimize their listing and rank them higher on Amazon for accomplishing this passively.


What is Amazo-X

Amazo-X is a video course teaching a unique technique to making money with Amazon by providing consulting services. The product owners provide the capital and product while you assist with selling their product through the training provided in Amazo-X.

It’s a five part video tutorial that’s very easy to go through. There’s also quite a few sales proof to validate the technique.


Who is AmazoX for?

Amazo-X is ideal for individuals looking to make money online and have a proven SYSTEM. It’s also well suited for people looking to sell more on Amazon and already using Amazon; supposedly 95% of Amazon sellers are failing so there’s a lot to improve. Lastly Amazo-X would be good for individuals looking to get their product online and are currently offline business owners who may want to sell more products online through Amazon.

Amazo-X will teach you how to get your product online and sell more successfully through Amazon. Dan Hollings or Mr.X has a proven track record of product sales.


What do you need to know about Amazo-X?

Amazo-X is a very basic course that consist of five minimal length videos so don’t expect very long hours of training yet it’s effective in conveying the product concept. Effectively you’ll be able to get to action and implementing the technique ASAP. There aren’t a lot of tutorial or information you need to know before you can try things out which allows you to get started sooner – the quicker you start the easier to get results and more likely to follow through.

It consists of five videos that go through the intro to the application of the technique and then a PDF guide to help you along. So this is a good combination of information and action steps (basically Dan highlights the key points in the instructional video).


Amazo-X is a useful course for certain individuals looking to make money online with Amazon or get their products selling online. It’s a simple video tutorial course though it communicates the approach and techniques.

This concludes the product review blog post of Amazo-X by Todd Gross. The product was released on August 30, 2015 and will be opened during their launch till September 2, 2015. (It may be reopened at a later time with a higher price so it’s worth while to get it now.)

Please note that we received a review copy of Amazo-X however was not able to obtain a review access to their software/upsells.

I would rate this a 3.5/5 course. Dan Hollings sounds like the typical sales pitch man although it’s good to motivate the audience, it should come across a little more genuine.

Publish Vault Review & Bonus – Content Marketing Tool

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Publish Vault is [ON SALE!]

Publish Vault is a new content marketing tool by Mark Thompson released on July 30, 2015. It’s purpose to help individuals who manage multiple WordPress blogs to do it more efficiently. Mark hopes this tool will help drive more traffic, leads, and sales while making your sites 10x more profitable. This is done by making content easy to manage by allowing you to schedule blog post across several sites and create content right within the system. Publish Vault is also connected to two key content writing sites for easy content ordering.

One of the key benefits to PublishVault is the ability to use Publish Vault on unlimited number of websites for a one time fee. This added with the simple web platform makes Publish Vault a valuable tool for niche marketers and private blog network owners.

Publish Vault bonus:

(1) SEO Ultimate 2015 ($17 Value): SEO Ultimate 2015 is the ultimate complement to Publish Vault. It is intended to give you the basics of onsite optimization (which is easy with WordPress) and help you with some creative ideas for offsite marketing. To claim your bonus, email after your purchase.

(2) Social Signals ($17 Value): We’ll give you social signals to two of your WordPress pages. This is very effective for new pages as well to get some traction before you send contextual backlinks.We have done case studies on several campaigns and this has significantly aid with SERPs especially when combined with some contextual links. You can contact for more information on a complete package to get the most out of your social signals. However if you’re looking for something to get your site started then this Publish Vault bonus will do the trick! It will wow you in all likeyhood. Each URL will receive at least 300 social votes (mixed through various social sites)

(3) Brief guide to WordPress SEO: As it’s name imply this Publish Vault bonus gives you a brief guide to WordPress SEO so you can make the most of your websites.

(4) Social Signals for SEO Guide: Find out why social signals are great for SEO and how to do it effectively in this bonus.

(5) 50+ Niche Packs: Publish Vault is useful for niche marketers. If you’re a niche marketer, get this 50+ Niche Pack, a $7 value, that shows you excellent niches you can target and master.

(6) Membership Income course: Membership sites are valuable and profitable. There are many ways you can use Publish Vault to manage a membership site. Learn how to create Membership income sites with this course and you can use Publish Vault to create niche sites to promote your membership sites AND use PV to manage your membership site content as well; it’s a perfect PV bonus!

(7) WP Video Opt in: WP Video Opt in is a useful tool that lets you add opt in to your videos. If you’re using video in your niche site which you certainly should then this Publish Vault bonus will help you get more from your videos. Consider integrating videos to your SEO plan or as content for your website.

(8) How to Generate 10,000 views on Youtube: Generate views to your videos. If you’re going to use Youtube videos for your websites then you should make more use of your video. This PV Bonus will teach you how to generate views to your video which is good for video SEO as well to get traffic to your niche sites. You can then continue to manage content with PV tool for your niche sites.

(9) Use other people Youtube Videos guide: Sometimes you want to use video for SEO or for website content because it’s effective but you don’t have the time or want the hassle of creating your own videos. This brief guide will show you how to legally use other people’s video for profit. Excellent PV bonus because you can use these videos legally to do SEO for your niche sites (now you can distribute content en mass and also do link building at low costs). Excellent guide on Youtube profiting.

(10) Youtube Squeeze Page: Youtube Squeeze page is an extra bonus if you wish to carry more results from your video marketing. This will help you go the extra mile and get more from your videos that you’re already using with Publish Vault to promote your website. Now use videos to get more traffic to your website, do SEO, and capture leads. This PV bonus can help you make the most out of your niche sites and videos too!

(11) Video Affiliate Pro: Video Affiliate Pro is plugin that allows you to use with Easy VSL (another of Mark Thompson product) to generate leads. It’s a great way to get more leads from your niche sites so helping you use your sites more effectively again like PV.

The sum value of these bonuses go well beyond the price you’re paying for Publish Vault during it’s launch special. The first two bonuses are exclusive to ImInfoHub readers. I suggest you jump on to Publish Vault now and see if it can help your business; if it does then you don’t want to delay and lose out on the bonuses. These bonuses unfortunately are only available for a limited time until the launch special (where the discount ends as well). Select Publish Vault bonuses will be available still after the launch.

The of Publish Vault bonuses is impressive and well exceeds the price value of the product during it’s launch by several folds. Many of these Publish Vault bonuses were sold by themselves at a time priced in parity to the current PV price or slightly less/more! Hence you’re getting tangible value here with the Publish Vault; remember as well that this is a one time payment and you’re licensed to use it.

– IMInfoHub

Ps. “Publish Vault is an internet marketing tool to help webmasters manage multiple WordPress websites. PV allows easy content scheduling and content writing or assigning. It’s an all in one platform for content management making it an ideal content marketing tool for niche website marketers or private blog network owners.”


Explaindio Pro 2.0 – Your LAST Explainer video Software

Click here to watch Explaindio Pro 2.0 in Action

Explaindio Pro 2.0 is [ON SALE!]

Explaindio Video Creator version 2 is here and it comes accompanied with a Pro version or a Standard version. The difference is night and day really. The Standard version represents the version 1 of Explaindio with bug fixes and some fancy fixings but the Pro version features a whole new software with green screen production and more. It brings Explaindio to one of the most powerful, accessible, video creator software available to the average consumer today. It’s so good even a professional video service firm may profit from using Explaindio Pro 2.


Explaindio Video Software 2: Here’s an overall look at the updates made with Explaindio 2.0 and the basic features you need to know about:

  1. Video Intros & Outros: Explaindio 2.0 can create video intros and outros like it’s version one predecessor. It’s excellent to brand your videos uniquely or create a call to action for more responses and leads to your videos (Maybe for example if you’re creating a Youtube video, get viewers to like your video for more visibility or subscribe to your channel with a distinct attention drawing outro!)
  2. Promotional and Sales Videos: The Explaindio video software can be use for longer videos as well. You may wish to use Explaindio to create video sales letters and informational video (there are many options for this with Explaindio 2 including the newly released green screen). You can effectively produce a professional video without the technical know-how so long as you have an idea for what you want. Explaindio video software makes it easy to create professional videos that are engaging and communicative boosting your audience retention and response. (Maybe perhaps you may wish to create a video sales letter for your product to convey your product information, your product benefits and features along with your story, testimonial, or a call to action – this you can easily structure and produce with Explaindio. You’re able to do it cheaper without the studio hiring and you’re able to do it quicker with your own time management, you’re even able to do it better with simple but effective tools and platforms produced by Explaindio 2)
  3. Green Screen: A new update with Explaindio version 2 is the Green Screen feature which brings it to be more than a video software. There are tools out there for this purpose alone which you get included with your Explaindio 2 video software. Now you can create unique backgrounds that further emphasize your points or captivate our viewers (maybe you would like to use it simply as a filler to keep them filled while keeping the attention on your message. Even something subtle to emphasize the consistency principle such as a video of a golfing vacation in the background in your video about making money for your dream vacation)
  4. Sketch to Video: Sketch to video helps you seamlessly transition from a whiteboard sketch to a video using Explaindio 2.0.
  5. Fully Animated: Now you can animated any graphic or video object you wish with Explaindio 2.0. This unique feature of Explaindio version two point O is the possibilities of many video ideas. You can push and animated any object you wish from your whiteboard scribes to your video screen objects (Think possibly of sketching a fish on your whiteboard screen and then having it move around to emphasize the message)
  6. Font Import & International Characters: Another cool feature of version 2 is the supporting of international characters such as the Chinese characters. You can also import your own fonts and the Explaindio 2 software can sketch them on your video scribe video.
  7. Dynamic Zoom: Dynamic zoom is something you find on many simple but effective videos. You can choose where to zoom your video in which makes it seem interactive alone while further communicating your point (Consider using this when doing a voice over on a specific object/point and then zooming in on the object being addressed in the video. This will lend you more seconds to share about your product/service benefit)
  8. Sketch to Animation: Sketch to animation is much like Sketch to video feature of Explaindio 2 which allows you to transition easily from a whiteboard sketch into your video animation. This cross functional features provide more dynamic aspects to your videos, far more than what you might get with an animated video software alone.
  9. Filled Line Text Drawing: Filled line text drawing is yet another interesting addition to Explaindio 2.0 where you’re able to get a different style of whiteboard sketching. In a video scene where many people are using videos already, having something that differentiate yourself and keep you fresh in your viewer’s eyes can make a positive impact and aid sales. (your prospective clients or buyers will have a better opinion of you too).
  10. Dynamic Rotation: Dynamic Rotation is those interesting features you see to once again add further attention to a specific point, object, or benefit. This is very commonly used also in food videos. You may see it to draw a rotation around a picture of your trip to the Bahamas or your golfing score or even your payment screenshot while doing a voice over about its relevancy (such as sharing about the product helping with improving golfing scores). It also adds a distinct remembrance to your audience’s memory from the rest of the video so use it wisely. This is also available with Explaindio 2.0 Pro.
  11. Explainer Videos: As its name suggest allows you to make explainer videos. Explainer videos are very useful for sales or for instruction. You can quickly and fairly easily graph an animated or whiteboard scribe explainer video with the Explaindio video software
  12. Short Clips: Not only is Explaindio video software good for longer videos such as an Explainer video but it is also effective for shorter video clips that you might need. Maybe you want to make social media content with brief 5 second videos; Explaindio can do that (very quickly too if I might had).

If you need a simple 1 minute run down video of your product for Youtube – Explaindio 2 can do that. Now even if you need a long 5 minute presentation video to share about your services…Explaindio 2.0 can help. Finally should you require the 15 minutes to 20 minutes video sales letter or explainer video to communicate your points or instructions in an interesting manner then Explaindio 2 would also be able to cater for your needs.


Explainer Video Software:

Explaindio Video Software version 2 is an Explainer video software. (try saying that a few times). It also does what it does well. (haha)

If you’re looking for an Explainer video software, Explaindio would be an ideal fit IF (1) you’re looking for something easy to use (2) you’re looking for something that is flexible enough to express your ideas (3) you’re looking for something that allows both the option of an animated explainer video or a whiteboard explainer video.

There are some limitations to Explaindio Pro 2.0 and some areas where you might need to compromise your plans or ideas for the software to work but it’s very minimal compared to the amount of time and costs you might save without the tool or outsourcing to an agency. There are also many available alternatives to expressing your concepts in your explainer video with Explaindio video software.

Animated Video Software:

Animated videos are quite the craze at the moment and you can jump on the band waggon with its effective presentation of a message and entertainment. You see, animations are often tied to comedy and comics. People like to laugh and people like to read a nice comic. You can now share your message as an animated video with Explaindio Pro 2.0 or you can create a real animation with Explaindio as your choice animated video software.

While Explaindio may not have the full flexibility of a professional animated video software, you are provided with the opportunity to do so with very minimal skills and work. You can switch animated slides and tell your story (putting the emphasis on your message or jokes) OR you can create your own characters and briefly animate them along the page.

Regardless of your choice Explaindio 2 is an excellent animated video software for the non-technical internet marketer and affiliate marketer to convey their message and get the attention they desire.

Whiteboard Video Software:

Finally, or not so finally (because Explaindio actually does more but it’s too far to cover in one blog post. The next thing you should know is the green screen feature which was specifically released in Explaindio 2) Explaindio video software is also a whiteboard video software.

A whiteboard video software is very effective for video sales letter and business videos. Something about whiteboard videos that the viewer sees you painting the picture before their eyes which captivates the audience yet removes some of the boring (professional) barriers in some business videos.

You can now be more approachable to your audience while sharing your message in a story like manner and we all enjoy a good story. If you’re a good story teller, you’re a good sales man and Explaindio video creator as a whiteboard video software can help you tell your story better by keeping your viewers engaged to your videos with actions on the screen affording you more time to share your story and even make occasional mistakes. It also has targeted visuals to actually further bring across your story. That’s why Explaindio is a HUGE benefit to business owners and product owners or anyone who needs a good whiteboard video scribe software.

Taking into consideration especially that whiteboard animations these days are obnoxiously expensive ranging $500 per minute of whiteboard video, having a tool like Explaindio where you can create your own whiteboard animation with the software will save you a lot of money. It also allows you to control the video creation process to line up with the story you may have in mind.

You can easily get the results of a professional whiteboard video production with Explaindio since a whiteboard video software is simply drawing the pictures in order you place them, the key emphasis is how the software draws the pictures and Explaindio 2 can do a great job with even more graphics. You simply set and choose your order and see the software do the work for you! This can be useful not only for saving you money with what you might spend on a whiteboard video but helping you increase your conversion rates and communicate your business better.


Explaindio 2.0 in review:

Overall Explaindio 2.0 pro is a powerful piece of software. It serves more as a five in one video software allowing you to use Explaindio 2 as a whiteboard video software, an animation video software, a green screen video software. Beyond being an explainer video software, you can use it for outros and intros as well as short meme clips on social media. There are numerous possibilities with Explaindio 2 video software.

Explaindio Pro 2.0 makes video creation accessible without the technical complications but yet producing videos on professional levels.  Adding to this, Explaindio unlike many other video software for consumers allow huge flexibility to how you wish to create your video. While there are minimal limitations to being able to simplify the video creation process, they are very minimal in comparison to what you CAN do and the possibilities and options available to you!


Effectively with Explaindio 2.0 you can get better conversion rates and better interest from website visitors by using the power and benefits of videos. You are now able to create videos on demand and video content is quickly rising in today’s fast past internet environment (video is a huge component in web 2.0/3.0). Furthermore with Explaindio Pro 2.0 you can create many videos you might need without having to learn the technical complications and expensive tools. You can also save money without having to hire an expensive video agency to express what you need for your business, website, brand, or product.

It’s more than video software, Explaindio Pro 2.0 is a video suite that provides you quite possibly most functions you might need in creating professional videos. This is so that you may save money from paying video creators, get better conversions with the benefit of videos, and communicate or engage your audience better with videos! Explaindio Pro 2.0 is one of those revolutionary software that any internet marketer could benefit largely from whether you’re managing a website, selling a product, or branding your business – from outros to explainer videos…Explaindio Pro 2.0 does it!


What’s So Special about Marketing Inc 2?

Click here to Watch Marketing Inc 2 Content Video

Marketing Inc 2 is [ON SALE!]

There’s a lot of hype about Marketing Inc 2 online, and there are also quite a few mentions of a Marketing Inc 2 Bonus. It’s annoying, however, that for some reason the typical Marketing Inc 2 review doesn’t seem to say much about this particular deal.

It’s like reading those typical movie reviews that say It’s great! and You have to see it! There’s no doubting their sincerity, but it would have been nice if they actually explained why they think it’s great and why you need to see it.

So in this particular Marketing Inc 2 review, we’re going to point out why we say Marketing Inc 2 is fantastic.

  • This video series was created by Greg Allsopp, the guy who found great success with Internet marketing in his 20s. He’s one of the most respected Internet marketers around, and his advice is considered gold in the industry.
  • Marketing Inc 2 is all about SEO and Internet marketing. So if you’re running a website, you’ll be able to figure out how to market your site with cost-effective measures. You can reach more people and boost the traffic of your website, and that in turn can lead to more sales and greater profits.

In addition, if you’re already familiar with SEO then with Marketing Inc 2 you can actually start an agency from scratch.

  • The knowledge you get here is quite comprehensive and detailed. You have videos and hundreds of blog articles that cover just about every step of the way.
  • Not only do you get detailed info from videos and literature, but you actually get tips and advice from an entire community of members. The support can be very invaluable, because you can just post a question and you will get answers from different perspectives. Each member can tell you what works and what doesn’t, based on what they themselves experienced.

And you also get some 1-on-1 coaching with the instructors. It’s like having your own consultants and advisers at your beck and call. You have a question, you get answers. You have problems, they have solutions. IMO, that’s the real Marketing Inc 2 Bonus in this deal.

You’ll have to do all the work (it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme at all), but then again at least you now have a working idea of how to go about it. Some people do a lot of work and fail because they did the wrong thing. Others fail because they didn’t realize that they actually have to work at it. With Marketing Inc 2, you can avoid being a failure.

  • And they’re not all about giving some generic advice either. They also offer invaluable tools and programs you can really use for your website. You can get landing pages and capture pages that actually work in getting you more leads and customers. You get an automated sales funnel that helps you find leads and turns them into paying customers. You also get an autoresponder that can help you send more effective emails in a more efficient manner.

So what’s the real difference with Marketing Inc 2? In a nutshell, it works! Read more about Marketing Inc 2 here or watch the Marketing Inc video here.