SEO for Webmasters

Welcome to our SEO for Webmasters mini-series. In this mini-series we cater to both webmasters and offline businesses to cover the essential of SEO. These articles were graciously sponsored by SEOtProsperity.

We hope to help you get the competitive advantage in your niche and field of business by having your site more noticeable on the web. This mini-series isn’t intended to teach you how to “cheat” the search engine but we will share some highly effective methods and techniques we have been using to make our own sites more search engine friendly (which is likely how you found us)

Additionally in our promotion section we will show you some sites and simple methods you can use for promoting your own website. The idea we approach is to use actual promotion (Social Promotion, Blog mentions, and Social bookmarks) to get word of your website out to the masses while helping your search engine rankings.

Finally, we would be cheating you if we did not cover the basics of link profiling and the importance of what to look for in sites you want to promote on. We will cover slightly on how to select which sites are best worth your value to invest in (whether time to contribute content or money with a social media manager). We will also cover your backlink profile in this section of the mini-series.

We hope to end things off with giving you some practical examples of what to do. Our desire is to provide you with a one-stop free solution to finding everything you need to know about how to SEO your site and rank competively. Let’s get you the much needed attention your business/site needs and deserves.

Here is a quick summary of the topics we will cover:

– Quality content: Find some tips on how to generate high quality content in a reasonable amount of time. We will cover three different types of content including pre-sell articles, info  base articles, and curated content. This is by no means extensive but will give you a solid idea of what you might want to use. We will also describe how to integrate videos and social media feed to your content.

– Optimizing your Content: Learn how to get your content more SEO friendly. Having quality content is half the battle (we’ll explain why in the section). We show you how to make your content more valuable to search engines and show search engines that your content cater to their audience.

– Onsite Search engine Optimization Basics: Find the basics to optimizing your content. Learn what to do with meta-information and URL set up.

Part 1 & Part 2

– Onsite Search Engine Optimization Advance: learn the important nature of user experience with search engine optimization. Find out some ways search engine gauge the value and quality of your content including LSI and importantly bounce rate. Finally discover what you can do about your bounce rate

– Offsite Optimization Promotion tactics: Find out sites you can use to promote your website. Learn how to effectively use these sites for SEO benefit and traffic matters. you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket and rely solely on search engine traffic. Find out how we use social promotion and actual website promotion to diversify our traffic while helping get us higher on the search engines

– Offsite Optimization Backlink choices: Learn what types of sites to look for and what type of sites to avoid (For example when doing social bookmarking, learn how to maximize your results) Why spend 10X more time when you can get the same results just by selecting the RIGHT sites.

– Offsite Optimization Backlink profile: Summing things up, learn how to combine the advice provided above with the details in this section to get you an advantage over your competitors. Search engines look also at your backlink profile meaning the type of backlinks you have and whether the links are do follow or no follow. We share with you how you can use this to your advantage and what you should look out for when considering your backlink profile.

– Examples and Resources: We want to make your work easier and more applicable. Here are some effective resources to make your search engine optimization work easier. (Rank trackers, Search tools, and more!)

Part 1 – Examples

Part 2- Resources

Conclusion: In our conclusion we leave you with some final tips and additional resources you can use.