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OptimizePress – What is it? OptimizePress 2.0

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  What is OptimizePress? OptimizePress is initially purposed as a WordPress sales theme; it was designed to be SIMPLE & FLEXIBLE so users can get the website look they envisioned WITHOUT the technical or designing skills typically needed to make high converting sales page. In reality OptimizePress actually does more than that; it’s more than a WordPress sales theme. First of all, you should know a little about how OptimizePress works. It’s a premium WordPress template which allows full customization by simply dragging and dropping what you want. OptimizePress uses a what you see is what you get presentation for designing sales theme without the use of messy short-codes (which is a relieve – I personally remember having to set up some sites and using a bunch of various short-codes to get the layout I wanted was very tedious and hard to manage.) With this settled, you can now understand why OptimizePress 2.0 can be used for (1) authority blogs, (2) Product launch funnels (3) Secure membership sites. It is more than a WordPress sales theme. New Balance 009 femme Effectively, if you need a well-designed, user friendly website that looks professional and converts your users then OptimizePress is an ideal WordPress template (even if you have no clue about web development or design) Adding to this, OptimizePress can be used as a replacement solution for many necessary internet marketing features such as an optimized opt-in form or perhaps membership portal. Check out the video here to see how it works. You can effectively take advantage of blog marketing (which is a trending importance with internet marketing today for products) with OptimizePress. You’ll be able to simply integrate a lead capture for your sales funnel within your blog posts. The best part is they are all cohesive between your lead capture, sales page, and blog – this means OptimizePress serves as three in one template beyond a traditional WordPress sales theme.   OptimizePress 2.0 Benefits: An OptimizePress review wouldn’t be complete without a highlight of the features and benefits; we hope this will help save you time from having to read a sales page. We’re going to point out the key features and benefits for your convenience. nike air jordan 4 donna Before we get into the benefits that OptimizePress holds, here’s a quick overview of how you might wish to use OptimizePress WordPress sales theme: (1) Landing Page: Need a well designed landing page for your product/service? Thankfully, you can design one uniquely to suite your business needs! You can get higher opt-in conversion rate. (2) Sales and Marketing Pages: Create professional sales and marketing pages that are user friendly (both your readers and you as you create it) (3) Webinar Registration Page: Webinars are becoming a new trend with internet marketing for good reason. Create your webinar page to convert for sign-ups with OptimizePress (4) Product Launch Funnels: Use OptimizePress for a complete product launch funnel from your front end, OTO, to delivery (5) Training and Course: Create an online training and course platform with OptimizePress Here are benefits: – Easily access mobile traffic with Fully Response “Mobile Ready” Pages Instantly: OptimizePress designs all their sales page themes as fully responsive both on desktop browsers and mobile. asics gel nimbus uomo So regardless if your users are visiting your sales page from their phone, tablet, or laptop, you can be assured that they are viewing a well designed and readable sales page. This is important as 1 in 3 people refer to mobile usage during their online purchase. – Flexibility to use with your current theme: Perhaps you want a WordPress sales page without having to change your current WordPress theme. OptimizePress understands you may want a separate sales page and use your current blog theme you may have already set up. It comes in both theme and plug-in option for this flexibility. OptimizePress Features   Who is OptimizePress for? OptimizePress is really suited for anyone who wants a well functional premium theme that’s easy to use and customize yet highly flexible and optimized for conversion rates! Although here are some specific segment of people who may find Optimize Press to be more effective: – Product Launch/JV Managers: If you’re looking to find an effective WordPress sales theme for your product launch or your JV then Optimize Press may be what you need. It can save you some money from having to custom design your sales page. Many top internet marketers are using Optimize Press as their WordPress sales theme of choice including Easy Video Suite. You are able to create a fitting design optimized for conversions with Optimize Press minus the costly designer fees. You might like to know as well that you can even use OptimizePress for your product delivery pages along with a secure membership feature to host your members’ only content information. adidas hamburg hommeBusinesses (online or offline): Whether you’re an online or offline business needing a clean and flexible theme then Optimize Press might be a good fit for you. You can use OptimizePress as a blog platform build ready for landing pages and sales page too. Fit it the way you want it with simple drag and drop features from bullet points to opt-in form. Effectively this theme serves three in one purpose on one WordPress sales theme. – Internet Marketers Usages: OptimizePress is truly a highly versatile theme that you can use for a variety of purposes although internet marketers may find OptimizePress an effective solution for their list building needs. Canada Goose Langford Parka You can optimize your page for opt-in conversion and design a unique landing page easily with OptimizePress. coque huawei nova nike air max 90 uomo scontate Therefore, whether you’re an internet marketer looking to build a list to promote affiliate products adding them into a sales funnel, a product owner looking to keep your prospective buyers informed about new and current products or looking to build an internet marketing community – OptimizePress WordPress Sales theme can help you design a high converting opt-in page and lead capture page along with a professional looking website! Effectively, if you need a good premium WordPress theme 2014 then OptimizePress might be the right fit for you. Coque pour Huawei pas cher There are quite a few option for flexibility although what you need is a theme that will also suite for your sales and marketing effort which is the unique feature of OptimizePress. adidas nmd enfants While OptimizePress was created to be a sales theme it has then be adapted to fit for other purposes meaning you have a highly flexible theme that is still optimized for sales. This is better than finding a flexible theme though not being able to effectively create a sales or landing page which are important elements with internet marketing. Nike Free Rn Flyknit Femme   How does OptimizePress work? Glad you asked! I suggest you watch this demo video here to see Optimize Press in action although we’ll try to give a quick overview of how OptimizePress works! OptimizePress: How it Works 1) You are able to select your layout option whether one column or two column or three column and a variety of other options 2) You drag and drop different elements you want for your theme without any short codes. The cool thing about this is you get your changes in real time so you can really see how your WordPress sales theme is turning up. 3) You add your content and images as you want once again being able to drag and drop pre-created features such as lists, jot box, quote boxes, testimonial boxes, or buy now buttons as you would like without the messy techy stuff so you can zoom in on how you want to present information to your buyer and convert readers to buyers OptimizePress Choices It’s really that simple and that flexible. You are essentially given the opportunity to create your own customized WordPress theme by dragging and dropping without any technical or designer skills needed per say (though having a good taste for what your audience would want is helpful – yet even then OptimizePress has already designed and developed a platform to help you optimize for a fancy, professional sales page or sales theme to convert)   IMInfoHub OptimizePress Bonus! We’re going to finish off this blog post with an OptimizePress Bonus. offre coque huawei This is available to anyone who chooses to get OptimizePress through our website link. OptimizePress has three different options for you depending on whether you’re looking to create a few sites, a lot of sites, or a load of sites…likewise we will accommodate our bonuses to fit your situation and request Bonus for Core Package: This is essentially the OptimizePress package for those with one or two sites that need an OptimizePress theme. – Authority Social Bookmarks for 1 site ($17 Value): We manually submit your website to 10 popular social bookmarking sites. We also continue to promote your link with more votes so you can get traffic and more search engine value. This is important because search engines today consider your traffic with your promotional techniques as well it’s not enough to simply submit to social bookmarks today – 3 Yahoo Answers ($17 Value): Another way we help get the word out about your new product page is to respond to yahoo answers w/ a relevant, informative response. Our answers are typically well voted and can very well end up as “best answer” meaning more visability for your link. The account used will be a Level 2+ account which means you get a clickable link! We do this for three questions and our responses very detailed and intended to provide helpful information. Your link is included in the source or response with a clickable link. It helps with Traffic and SEO value; as we emphasize typically when doing SEO, look more than how you can get a link but look at how you can get traffic and real online visibility. – SEO Ultimate 2014 ($17 Value): Learn more about how you can take advantage of search engine traffic. Search Engine traffic can be cheaper and better ROI than paid traffic if you know what you’re doing. We walk you through the basics of onsite optimization and share some CREATIVE ways you can approach with your offsite SEO promotion and link building. This is an extensive guide with a lot of case studies shared. OptimizePress bonus for Publisher Package: This is OptimizePress for the average user who might have a few product they want to use OptimizePress WordPress sales theme for. You have up to 10 licenses to use on your personal sites. Achat Coque iPhoneAuthority Social Bookmarks for 3 sites ($51 Value): Effectively we will provide these authority social bookmarks for three sites you want with our OptimizePress Bonus for Publisher Package. – 3 Yahoo Answers for 3 sites ($51 Value): Likewise, we will apply this service for three sites you choose; each answer typically averages 100-300 words in response. – SEO Ultimate 2014 ($17 Value): – Press Release written ($25 Value): We will help you create an optimized Press release you can then distribute to get more traffic to your website or sales page. As mentioned, it’s good always to look for ways you can SEO your site to get links AND traffic. New Balance 997 femme Press releases are great for OptimizePress bonus for Pro Package: This is OP for those pro users who perhaps might have multiple lead capture sites or manage a variety of product sales page. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme Grise Perhaps you’re using a whole lot of sites to promote your product in different manners and serve as a large network of sales sites. We have matched our bonus to suite your needs here as well.