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Rent A SERP – What you should know

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  What is RentaSERP? RentASERP is the latest product by Devin Zander and Mario Cimmino. basket adidas homme yeezy It’s effectively a search engine optimized, lead-capture WordPress theme that allows for easy management and set up of these SILO structured, authority (potential) rental and lead generation websites. AIR MAX 2016

Lead Generation and Rental Websites have long been famed for its effective use as a long-running, passive income websites (much better than traditional EMD). Setting these sites up can deliver multiple revenue sources and much easier to sell to offline businesses than traditional search engine optimization or website development services since you’re already providing the value; this also means you’re able to put a premium on the price you charge! (When you got the RESULTS they’re willing to pay) Effectively, lead generation sites and rental websites are an effective way to make money online. Parajumper Femme Alaska Till now, there has been loads of lead generation themes (famously, as you know Sean Lowery as some great lead generation themes – sold by niches) although to find one customizable, search engine optimized, and easy to manage/set-up can be a difficult task. This is where Rent a SERP comes in. Washington Wizards


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RentaSERP boast to help you with the following:Helps you set up lead optimize call to action: RentASERP WordPress set-up effectively displays a clear call to action to maximize your conversion rate (opt-in/lead). nike air max thea rosa donna This saves you a lot of time trying to figure things out. ugg classic mini You can get straight to driving the traffic and getting the lead sales/rental revenue. Rent a SERP WordPress template Makes things SIMPLE. – Makes your website search engine optimize: Rent a SERP uniquely integrates a well balance internal link structure and outbound link structure for better search engine performance. It uses SILO website structure as well. coque samsung s8 Now you can easily develop and manage your rental site into a local authority niche site with RentASERP. Makes things EFFECTIVE. – Easy management and integration of different company pages: RentASERP by Devin Zander runs on WordPress so there’s no learning curve. Everything can easily be managed in the WordPress back-end with easy page by page edit of social profiles, iframe and the works. No technical skills required. Air Foamposite One

RentASERP WordPress theme Makes things EASY. We’ve taken a look at Rent A SERP and find it’s a VERY unique and useful tool which will likely help MANY internet marketers ramp up their site rental business or make money online with lead generation and rental websites. RentASERP makes setting up a rental site EASY! There are many things to consider when setting up these kind of sites, especially when you want to make it an authority site. Achat coque huawei You need to look at your search engine optimization (internal and external), your website structure, and your content pages, your lead capture form…all these are already pre-developed and set up by RentASERP theme which takes a lot of hassle and TIME out of the set-up. This means you can get to making money with your rental website quicker and easier to save on the learning curve…and the cost associated with it!   Rent a SERP Special features? Here’s a quick over-view of some features RENTASERP has. louboutin en ligne We’re not going to cover all although some key RENTASERP features I think is REALLY Cool. New Balance 1400 femmeSILO Structure: Yes…Rent a SERP uses SILO Structure so you can save time with your internal linking work. – IFRAME: RentASERP has quite an interesting feature (a little black-hat which I wouldn’t recommend though it may be useful for some of you) where you can overlay a website page. This means if you want to display your client’s pages while having the search engine benefit of your optimized RentASERP page, you can enter the URL into the back-end IFRAME Field (see image bellow) it will ensure that your client’s page is displayed while in the background you get the value of your search engine optimized page. adidas ultra boost homme Air Jordan Retro 13 Youtube and Social Integration: RentASERP allows you to easily integrate social profiles to different pages so you can add the company social profile on each individual page. This is done without any hassle in the back-end page management. (see image bellow) – Page Duplication: RentASERP allows quick development of pages by having a pre-set, search engine optimized template you can use to create multiple professional website pages. This allows you to grow your site and your site authority more easily and with less effort which you can invest into promoting your website. new balance pas cher ROSHE LD-1000 QS These are also pages that are engaging to the user and search engine friendly so it’s two for two! Click here to Watch RENTASERP in Action.   Who is RentaSERP for? Business Owners: RENTASERP is an excellent fit for businesses looking to take advantage of search engine traffic for lead generation. nike air zoom pegasus 31 donna It allows business owners to capitalize on multiple search engines with an easy management for non-technies to use! A great website along-side your official business page. Internet Marketers & Make Money Online: Internet marketers and individuals looking to make money online can use the proven business model of rental sites and lead generation sites to make money online. RENTASERP takes away a lot of guess work and tweaks typically required to set-up these passive income generators. It’s a simple and straight forward way to make money online. Offline Business Marketers/Consultants: Offline business marketers can use RentASERP as another passive revenue stream. AIR FOOTSCAPE Site rentals are a lucrative business much like real estate rentals without the hassle. Once you set up these rental sites with RentaSERP, you can (1) use these rental sites for their leads as foot in the door of business & then upsell them on your other services (2) use these rental sites for more passive revenue! Because these are very easy to set up with RentASERP, offline business consultants can easily whip these up and outsource the off-page SEO work. Effectively it’s another way to get more business and another way to find more passive revenue!   MUST READ ways to use RentASERP? Set up authority Rental Sites: Authority sites are the way to go with search engine traffic. What’s cool about RentASERP is the ability to quickly release multiple search engine optimized web pages targeting different geographic locations and micro niches. adidas bounce femme These are the kind of sites that will really benefit from the SILO structure (having a lot of related and down level pages) which RENTaSERP automatically does with your site. coque huawei pas cher Putting these two together and you can easily develop a local authority site with RentASERP so to build your rental site asset. With this asset, you can flip things in a couple months (especially after you’ve accumulated some rental revenue – these passive revenue is what buyers like to see!) which will mean a pretty penny for your work! (If you call it work since it’s VERY simple and interesting building these using RentASERP because most of the tedious tasks are done for you)   Sell Leads – Lead Generation Sites: Setting up a lead generation site to sell those leads is likely one of the most coverted ways to make money; you don’t need to worry about “selling” your clients on the value of the website. Leads are VERY easy to sell since you’re essentially directly offering the client a prospective client. You can get traffic to these lead generation sites through paid ads, search engines, or offline promotions. coque iphone outlet shop Effectively you’re sifting the raw materials to find the GOLD. New Balance Homme Nike Air Max Goedkoop The only problem is finding the right template that’s search engine optimization for your website so you can maximize the passive, low-cost search engine traffic. RentASERP helps you by providing you a proven lead capture on the convenience of WordPress, all the while making sure your website is search engine optimize with SILO internal link structure and balanced out-bounding links. rentaserp-backend   RENTASERP Bonus: We truly believe RentASERP is a great tool for any internet marketer or offline consultant; to make things even better for you, we have decided to offer a few service RentaSERP Bonus which will help you with your off-page promotion. asics homme This is likely the BEST RentASERP bonus in terms of complementing what you need! You don’t need more information to read about, you need to take action and we hope to help you do so with ImInfoHub’s bonus for Rent a SERP. The best way to use these RentaSERP bonus is to set up your rent a SERP rental sites and then apply our services to give you the extra edge with your SEO friendly pages! As mentioned above you may want to consider the value of building these rental sites (and their simplicity with Rent a SERP) to flip it later after developing and ranking these pages. Here’s the RentaSERP Bonus we’re offering: – Introductory SEO Solution ($47 Value): Introductory SEO Solution is SEOtProsperity’s signature search engine optimization package to help websites get the foundation they need for SEO today. It combines a variety of natural links with social promotion coupled with foundational contextual links which adds necessary variety to your backlink profile. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir Et Rose This RentaSERP Bonus being offered is the same package which has been applied on 100s of sites successfully even post penguin! – Press Release Basic Solution ($30 Value): We’re going to help you write a simple 200-300 words press release and distribute it online for the link value. Press release links are great because they carry authority – as you may already know when reading a new site you tend to find it more creditable than reading a blog. With this RentASERP bonus, we hope to help establish some further value to your rental site! Finally to further assist you with your offpage promotion of your RENTASERP websites, we’re going to send you a copy of SEO Ultimate 2013 ($17 Value) which is an extensive eBook on SEO which teaches the basic of onsite optimization along with creative ways to promote your website off-page. We also show you some “hacks” to get loads of social signals and social traffic NATURALLY which is GOLD with SEO today – this is all included with your RentASERP Bonus! (The “hack” is actually part of another guide which will be provided alongside) In conclusion we believe RENTASERP will be an excellent resource for internet marketers and offline consultants alike. We believe it will be a useful tool to help many people make some serious potential online if used correctly (reference once again our ideas on using RentaSERP especially idea #1). I hope the RentASERP Bonus will also help you take action swiftly and find some ROI.