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Social Spy Agent – more profits with simple remarketing solutions

Social Spy Agent is a new remarketing solution introduced by Sam Bakker (Social media expert), Brad Spencer (Simplicity specialist), and Aravindh S. coque telephone pas cher (affiliate marketing expert).

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It allows you to run remarketing campaigns EASIER and even on websites you don’t own – This ideally should result in better conversion rate and cheaper traffic for more profits. This is useful whether you own your own product, lead capture, ecommerce marketing, or doing affiliate marketing. I am truly surprised at what Social Spy Agent accomplishes; it’s truly a powerful tool! In this blog post, we’re going to identify how you can use SocialSpyAgent to help increase your revenue AND offer some excellent Social Spy Agent bonus for readers. First off, we’ll start with highlighting what is SSA for those who may not be familiar with this new tool.   What is SocialSpyAgent? SocialSpyAgent is a new retargeting solution brought to you by a trio of respected internet marketers. coque imprimé huawei pas cher Sam Bakker, Aravindh S. and Brad Spencer released SSA on January 12, 2015 to provide a simple solution to create re-targeting ad for internet marketers. So SSA is a retargeting software that is hosted online. Why re-targeting? Retargeting ads have been used by many professional organizations already because it helps bring the user back to the website. People don’t usually divulge information or buy products within their first visit; having a retargeting campaign can mean drastically high earnings per click from warm traffic. Social Spy Agent was released to make re-targeting campaigns easy for internet marketers. Coque huawei It’s a solution that is easy to use since it’s hosted online. (1) SSA simplifies re-targeting campaign and makes it accessible (2) SSA allows you to do re-targeting on pages you don’t own which is important for many internet marketers who run profitable TeeSpring campaign, Amazon promotions or CPA offers. Basically when used correctly, Social Spy Agent should help you make a profitable campaign even more profitable or tip the scales to make your campaigns profitable.   How to use SocialSpyAgent? Here are some ideas as to how you might use Social Spy Agent, this is by no means exhaustive. Re-targeting with Amazon Affiliate: Amazon Affiliate program boasts high conversion rate. You get sales from ANY product that users buy within the 24 hours cookie period. etui samsung a8 2018 Problem is the cookie only last 24 hours. People who buy from Amazon are likely to return and buy again. Now, with SocialSpyAgent, you can use re-targeting to reach people who are interested in Amazon shopping. This is especially powerful if you decided to promote purchases that people have to make multiple times such as groceries or diapers. It makes it like a list of Amazon buyers. You also benefit from the higher Click through rate (and hence lower cost) typically associated with re-targeting ad solutions. Better efficiency too as people build trust for your website over time! Reach people who are more likely to make a purchase; people you know are already interested in Amazon are more likely to buy. Make Money online with less effort: Social Spy Agent may be able to help you to increase your profit with less marginal work. SSA makes it easy for anyone to do re-targeting in three steps. With no complex set-up and the flexibility to re-target offers you don’t own, it means you can now possibly boost leads and sales with your TeeSpring or CPA campaigns. Since re-targeting has been shown in many case studies as a proven concept to improve sales and leads, you can use SSA as a re-targeting solution to get more out of the work you have already exerted.   Social Spy Agent Bonus! We’re offering IMInfoHub readers some special SSA bonus that you won’t want to miss. Firstly, SocialSpyAgent is already currently discounted at 50% of its regular price and a one time payment here. SSA Bonus #1 – Tutorial for $150 Bing Ads: Start off your re-targeting solution with some SEM and PPC traffic that works VERY well in conjunction with Social Spy Agent re-targeting solution. SSA Bonus #2 – Social Explosion: Learn how you can get huge amounts of social signals and social traffic with our Social Explosion guide. This can be useful for re-targeting traffic too SSA Bonus #3 – SEO Ultimate 2015: Get a comprehensive A-Z guide on SEO. We share onsite optimization tips along with powerful offsite PROMOTION techniques intended to give you a lot of natural links and ideally traffic opportunities too! Quick action SSA Bonus: This is a special extra Social Spy Agent bonus we’re offering because I believe, you don’t only need more information but something VALUABLE as a service. Here’s THREE yahoo answers responses that will be penned for your niche. You get relevant niche backlink and possibly significant amount of traffic to your website or offer that you can use SSA for re-targeting. I’ll be using a Level 2+ account which means the link will be clickable. Hope you enjoyed our write up on Social Spy Agent.