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Easy Video Sales Letter – New tool create powerful video sales letter easily

The new Easy Video Sales Letter is designed to make creating high converting VSL easier and cheaper. Nike Air Huarache femme

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Why Easy VSL? Easy VSL is useful because it makes it easy to convert text into video and sync the voice audio recording. Once you have your sales page you are able to create these powerful video sales letters within a few minutes.

  • Ease of Use: It’s very straight forward, three step process that has minimal learning curve to use. Unlike more versatile or complex software tools, Easy VSL has lesser versatile-ity although it accomplishes its job well.
  • Audio Syncing: It allows you to sync your audio easily making it possible to create videos yourself even without having to get on the camera and making a perfectly acceptable video sales letter that can drive conversion, leads, and sales.
  • Value: With Easy Video Sales letter, there is no recurring fees and you can use it as you wish. New Balance 997 femme Maybe create video sales letter for others. coque huawei pas cher Vamp up your copywriting service into a video sales letter service and charge double your rate with this simple tool!

Adding to this Easy VSL lets you create video sales letter (1) using a variety of build template to choose, (2) option to change templates easily to test which works best for conversion – these things can matter surprisingly (3) effects transition – You can add slide transition effects with Easy VSL to make it seem more interesting to your viewer. New Balance 993 femme Simply point and click (4) Easy editing – Quickly change your slides with new fonts or text with a WYSIWYG editor (5) Simple script creation – You can easily create your script on EASYVSL, turn them into slides professionally looking automatically with the tool.   How to use Easy Video Sales Letter? In any blog post about internet marketing products on IMInfoHub, I think it’s important to highlight how you may use the tool (if it’s good) to make more money/profits online for yourself (or your business.) Here are the two KEY ways I think you may wish to use Easy Video Sales Letter for doing so. coque imprimé huawei pas cher

  • Increase conversions on your landing/sales pages: Use Easy VSL to create high engaging text video sales letter that forces your customers to pay attention to your message and story as you sell them. This can be used for your sales pages or for your lead capture pages. Asics Gel Kinsei 6 Homme When used on your sales page, many typically report higher conversion and EPC., When using on your lead page, you can stand out from the rest and present yourself as a quality marketer; many people already have standard lead pages and as you can go banner blind…
  • Promote affiliate products on Youtube: Next, use Easy VSL to create simple but useful affiliate reviews on Youtube. This can allow you to create these videos amass and use the benefit of Youtube search engine authority to gather search engine traffic to make some affiliate commission and ad revenue.

Easy VSL Bonus: With Easy VSL currently in its launch, there are some value added bonuses you can get with Easy Video Sales Letter while using it to create your high converting video sales letter. coque samsung pas cher EasyVSL Bonus #1: “Inside Mark’s Home Video Studio” How would you like to look inside Marks’ HVS? Well, how you can! Get an inside look of one of EasyVSL developers: “See inside of one of the creators of EasyVSL, Mark Thompson’s home video studio for how to crank out high quality audio and video content super quickly. Content / Product creation is the other secret to Internet success. The ones that produce content/products efficiently can truly scale from 6 to 7, then 7 to 8 figures.” Create your video sales letter with literally an inside look of how professionals are doing it. EasyVSL Bonus #2: “Video Affiliate Pro” This is a simple but yet versatile plug-in that has HUGE value when use correctly. Turn these lightbox pop ups into better conversion rates or more leads with your traffic! “Utilize this plugin with your EasyVSL videos to start building an email list. Lightbox Popups have been around for a WHILE…because they work. nike air max 97 homme Take 5 minutes to setup and configure.” EasyVSL Bonus #3: “WP Video Optin” Another bonus tool with your Easy VSL offer. This bonus allow you to create video optins which is a HUGE advantage. “Create powerful video background e-mail landing pages perfect for exciting offers.” EasyVSL Bonus #4: “Legally Use Other Peoples YouTube Videos” Wouldn’t you enjoy using other peoples’ work to make your own profit legally? Here’s how! The next bonus shows, “Learn how to legally utilize an ENDLESS number of YouTube videos for your own use. Perfect to use with the Tube Trackr software!” Easy VSL Bonus #5: “How to Generate 10,000 Views On YouTube” Onwards with the video bonuses because videos are a big thing (it’s like today’s Ezine Articles – if you know about EzineArticles it was a powerhouse back when article marketing was booming). Well now you can get a complete set of how to create these video sales letter, how to use other peoples’ video and here’s how to get traffic to these videos. Nike Cortez homme Traffic is important for sales and important as well for video metrics to determine how well your video performs on search engine and Youtube. Nike Air Max 90 Homme “Youtube Videos getting no views? This report reveals how to get 10,000 REAL views in a week”   Bonus #6: SEO Ultimate 2014 Here’s our own special bonus. Learn how to rank your website better and get REAL social traffic while backlinks that boost your page on search engines. New Balance 997.5 homme We show you the basics of optimizing your website then delve into some unique ways to promote websites to get two for one. (1) Natural floods of backlinks to improve search engine ranks (2) more web visibility and boatloads of views/traffic to your website, video, brand. Bonus #7: $150 Bing Ads coupon Tutorial Next, kick start your video sales letter created with this Bing Ads coupon. Learn how you can get $150-$200 in Bing Ads coupon free. chaussures louboutin soldes Having done this myself, I can say that Bing Ads network especially for their SSP (Syndicated Search Partners – this includes Yahoo Search) is a major source of quality, high converting traffic that can be use to test your newly created video sales letter. coque iphone sale Don’t miss out on this to get real TRAFFIC to your website’s sales-page. “Easy VSL is a video sales letter creator that helps you turn scripts into text video sales letter effortlessly. It is designed to make voice syncing to your VSL easier.

VideoMaker FX – The Best video Editing Software

In this blog post on ImInfoHub, we’re going to look at the new “best” video editing software, VideoMaker FX. Jacob Parker Jersey

WATCH VideoMaker FX Video Here

VideoMaker FX is [ON Sale]

For those of you who haven’t heard of Video Maker FX yet, it’s the latest tool in internet marketing to help you make sales and story videos for your affiliate promotions, video sales letter, or landing page. VideoMaker FX boasts to be easy to use with no learning curve, allowing anyone to harness the value of videos to boost conversion rate and user engagement. coque iphone outlet store nike tanjun bambini Video Maker FX was released recently on May 5th by Peter Roszak; we’re going to take a look at how you can use VideoMaker FX. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir Et Rose   How does Video Maker FX works? If you want to know how VideoMaker FX works (the secret behind the tool that allows you to generate unique sales videos in minute) check out this video. The simple answer: Video Maker FX works a bit like “the Best Spinner” for videos. Nike Air Max 90 Homme nike air zoom pegasus 32 homme There are 100s of template animation available for you which you can then easily customize and add your own message + images. Air Jordan Retro 9 By putting together these animations with your own story, you get a unique sales video to tell your story. Coque huawei Jordan 13 enfants nike internationalist homme   How can I use VideoMaker FX? This is the unique aspect of VideoMaker FX software as an internet marketing tool; there are many applications you can use this for your business and to generate some income online. Especially since you can create unlimited videos on a single license with NO watermarks, we’ve come up with some ways you may use VideoMaker FX. nike tn homme noir Nike Femme (1) Make money online with Video Maker FX: There’s a huge demand and an unfulfilled need for video sales letter. coque huawei soldes With VideoMaker FX you can help client’s create customized videos in minutes; this means you’re able to compete in the market while still making a nice profit. coque pas cher samsung San Antonio Spurs Many video sales page providers currently charge $100s/minute for similar services. Once you see the quality of video Video Maker FX can generate, you’ll realize the potential. If you want you may even provide your services on fiverr ($5 for a 30 second video which may take 7 minutes to make) and scale it up with a virtual assistant. Air Jordan Aero Flight Femme For example setting a template; they tell you the story you plug it into Video Maker FX and they get their video – easy, happy customers (2) More So VideoMaker FX for Affiliate Marketers: There’s no denying that there are many faucets you can promote a product. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir Et Rose Though many seasoned affiliate marketers will tell you that video is one of the BEST way to promote a product on a conversion and SEO standpoint. Air Jordan 12 Uomo The problem with creating videos is they can take time (and a bad video is worse than no video) as well it may be costly. Vente Coque iPhone New Balance 533 femme One way, we currently do this is using Fiverr video blog services which has worked very well. Although with Video Maker FX you can quickly churn out, quality affiliate videos and product reviews with your own voice over in minutes. New Balance 373 homme nike air max 2016 hombre This can really power up your marketing efforts, sales, and profitability if done right! (3) Video Maker FX for Offline Business Consultants: Many businesses jumped for a website, and many understand the importance of a video to convey their business message. adidas riot 5 femme You can help your clients (and upsell them) with a business video made by VideoMaker FX. Since you own FULL ownership rights to the videos you create with Video Maker FX and there are no water marks, you can easily sell this service to businesses and they’ll likely thank you for it. It also now allows you another avenue to help them promote their service/business. (4) Website Owners: Create videos for your landing page on a shoe-string budget and do A/B testing to increase your conversion rate. Nike Flyknit Lunar 1 femme Get more uses to sign-up or respond to your call to action by engaging them with an “amazing” video (as VideoMaker FX describes on their page) (5) Video sales Letter: Video Sales Letter has been the trend recently in internet marketing because they work. Chaussures louboutin More and more guru sales letters will have a video on to display their story and their product benefits. Now you can take advantage of the power video delivers in terms of audience retention and conversion with VideoMaker FX. Air Jordan 9 Homme Create like videos to what you currently see on many sales page for a one-time fee with Video Maker FX. Nike Air Max Femme There are many other options you can use VideoMaker FX though these are likely some of the main suggestions you may find. adidas tubular shadow homme As VideoMaker FX, they are running a special discount at only $67 which is a great time to get VideoMaker FX. Click here to watch VideoMakerFX video and sample or get your copy. final fantasy 14 gil —– The content written here express the opinion of the editor.